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Cheney Denies There Is Any Foreign Oil:
Calls Arabs Dogs, Including Ahmed Chalabi & Ralph Nader:
PNAC Calls For Total Extermination Of Muslims:

The Assassinated Press 8/6/04

Vice President Dick Cheney recently addressed the faithful at a gathering of the members of PNAC. He spoke on the issues of Muslims and oil.

Cheney warned of Islam's "black heart", which he said should be the focus of our hatred, rather than its "black face". He also claimed that "all Muslims are dogs. He claimed that all Americans share certain characteristics" - among which is the desire to eradicate, one way or another, all those who do not share the American Dream of endless consumption. Cheney broke new Islamophobic ground last week in his PNAC Tirade under the cover line: 'The Muslims are Coming'.

"The Nazi's justified the persecution and mass murder of Jews in the last century because they had a plot to take over the world. Muslims really do now have a plot to conquer the west. Therefore the United States is justified in doing anything it wants to Muslims, who are an infestation of vermin," he claimed.

"Muslims everywhere behave with equal savagery . . . they throw acid in the face of women who refuse to wear the chador, mutilate the genitals of young girls and ritually abuse animals. The fewer Muslims, the better for Halliburton. It's just an accident of geography that Muslims have so much oil -- the oil doesn't belong to them, it belongs to the world," Cheney roared. He then led the PNACiks in a group sing of "We Are The World!"

Cheney stated that the world cannot afford to leave something as important as oil "to a load of thieving Arabs." He warned of the dangers of having fanatical Muslim terrorists lurking in our midst: "They are already here in their tens of thousands. And they are not going to respect weakness any more than Lenin did. But the communists were at least predictable, they weren't a pack of wild dogs. And we can't leave the responsibility of all that oil to a pack of dogs! "The Arabs are a cancer, cancer, cancer in the midst of us, and must exorcised! Islamic fundamentalism is a greater threat to the west as communism ever was."

Cheney went on to contrast barbaric Islam with "the basic principles of consumerism that bind North America and western Europe".

He told the wildly cheering audience that "Muslims are retrogressive, retrograde, backward, archaic, primeval, medieval, uncivilized, hostile, violent, terrorist, alien, fanatical, barbaric, militant, oppressive, harsh, threatening, confrontational, extremist, authoritarian, totalitarian, patriarchal, misogynist, negatively exotic, and bent on imposing on the whole world a rigid theocratic system of government which would radically overturn every principle of consumerism and pseudo-liberal demagoguery cherished by the Western world."

He promised that Halliburton would replace the C.I.A., and work to "get rid of Muslims wherever there is oil in the ground.

He concluded by saying that "a monolithic and aggressive Islam is the greatest threat to world profits that capitalism has ever known."

Cheney was interrupted 1243 times during his 42 minute speech.