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Is the NRA the American Taliban?
After Connecticut Slaughter of Innocence, NRA Issues a Statement, “Watch out! Obama’s Coming For Your Guns.”
Until September of this year, according to the US State Department, the Taliban was not a terrorist group. Neither was the NRA.
Robber Baron Jay Gould’s slogan “I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.” is playing itself out all over America every day in our places of worship and work and in our schoolyards as the Koch Brother, organized crime and others finance Gun Anarchy.
“Gee, I hope the Koch brothers and their family are safe from gun violence now that there’s a bounty on them.”

The Assassinated Press

Both have been involved in the cold-blooded murder of its own citizens as well as NATO forces and other imperialists. While both had declared that the majority their member ship is not involved in violent activity, their role in mass violence, especially gun violence, is beyond dispute.

They both display a fanaticism which clearly lies out side the mainstream of their respective cultures. The Taliban which calls itself the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan supports certain radical religious and cultural beliefs as well as the preservation of their national sovereignty.

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The NRA worships a quasi-mystical, cult interpretation of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. They have repeatedly stated that they will defend their radical interpretion of the Second Amendment by killing anyone they see as a threat to its preservation. They create rationals about guns in schools saving lives even though the mass killings at Fort Hood, where guns are de rigeur, were exacerbated when potential victims shot each other. The NRA’s logic would be merely clownish if it weren’t the Bozo slips on the banana quality of cops shooting victims thinking that they are the shooters and victims shooting each other. Funny stuff. Max Sennett with guns. And those NRA pronouncements. What a hoot.

Recently, with the election of an African-American president, many members of the NRA have thrust gun ownership into the fore in what they see as a war against minorities to maintain white national sovereignty much like their buds, the Taliban in its fight against western mathematical sciences and technology.

The American press especially FOX News likes to portray the Taliban as a loose organization of backward thinking goons. They are often described as untra-conservative. Much of the NRA also prides itself on presenting themselves as backward non-thinking goons who describe themselves as ultraconservatives e.g. bigots and xenophobes. Between the NRA and the Taliban clearly we have a natch.

If your not going to deal with the autocrats behind the killing of your children, the best thing to do is keep a sense of humor about it.

At least, there's the side of the Taliban that's dealing with its autocrats. Its properly identified its enemies and its killing them.

"We have met the enenmy and he is us."--- Pogo

Not so with the NRA. A popular joke at the last several NRA conventions went, “If you hate him, shoot him, even the president!". This is what passes for funny at the NRA which is why they only have Dennis Miller and Larry the Cable Guy in their comedic court unless you find Bill O’Reilly’s whining bully routine funny like I do.

A bunch of elementary school kids and their teachers were gunned down today in Connecticut. Like all of the previous shootings the NRA will disavow any realtinship to the assassin even when one exists. In other words they, the NRA, will take no responsibility or present a cartoon version of self-defense where all of the teachers, and perhaps the toddlers, should be armed so that can shoot each other or be shot by law enforcement in the chaos.

Koch brothers and NRA move to boost killings and torment the American people.

Let’s face it with the Koch brothers in their camp the kind of murder that occurred in Connecticut and all over the country is what the NRA intends. The NRA is a tool of wealthy interests lie the Koch brothers. NRA members are tools of wealthy interests. And the mantra of the wealthy interests is jay Gould’s pronouncement, “I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.” With the sadistic Koch Brothers and other rich excrement on board these murders are the stated intent of their stooges at the NRA.

The University of Colorado announced in August that it would ban firearms in dorms, but would also create a segregated residential area for students who are concealed-carry permit holders. But months later after the rule change no students have asked to live in the segregated residential area that allows guns on the Boulder or Colorado Springs campuses.

Why the fuck is this? One do you think the gun toting sociopaths want to go on record. I think the psych department at the Univeristy of Colorado knew this and told the administration to go along with the cockamamey proposa; because sociopaths not in powerful positions don’t care to be identified and non-sociopaths sure as shit don’t want to live among the sociopaths.

In a regular dorm you may not know who the sociopath is, but at least, he may not be carrying a gun. In a dorm, like a barracks, you do know that all the sociopaths have guns and that guns, while they may draw ‘enthusiasts’ also draw more than the national average of psychos. Best leave the psychos among the general population where your odds of being at another address fast asleep with your Glock under your pillow are better.

Oh and did I mention that gun owners are cowards at heart and are afraid to live among themselves in dorms for instance because they can’t trust in their cowardice or their gun toting others not to manifest itself in sociopathic ways.

Dorms are not like barracks. In a barracks everyone has a gun. But if your in one of hundreds of American foreign bases there’s the indigenous foreign ‘sand nigger’, ‘rag head’ population for the rogue NRA member to gun down like Staff Sgt. Robert bales. No need much less a chance to gun down ag students from Kansas or 19 year old psych majors from Colorado until you get back home and get shafted by a defunded VA..

Robert Bales and dozens of other American imperialist gun enthusiats and their private security company confreres in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somolia, Yemen, Mali, Colombia, Sudan, Congo, Uganda, Liberia etc. etc. ad nauseam chose to kill tens of thousands in country where the conviction rates are about fucking zero.

The NRA does breed its cowards. After a msas shooting like the one today, the NRA will not man up. It will deny any responsibility like a young child lying about breaking a window or stealing from mommy’s purse.

And all the sociopaths will hear the NRA’s whimpers and excuses and witness them get away with their perfidy and think that’s a bunch of asshole psychopaths I should join.

Christ even given its patina of females and blacks, the NRA is primarily made of of porly socialized white males, the same folks that do most of the mass killings.

Great cover. And who knows maybe in an act of supreme comedy, a sociopath with a sense of humor will go to the NRA headquarters and blow a gaggle of them away before taking his own life either by return fire or his own hand.

NRA 11250 Waples Mill Road  Fairfax, VA 22030.

Remember kids. The world would be a far better place without the Koch brothers in it..