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Manassas, Va. Blogger Points To Murderous U.S. Foreign Policy As Source Of Illegal-Immigration.
“Help Save Myasses By First Saving The World From The U.S. Kleptocracy” Catches On Even Among Unreflective Virginia Bigots.

Assassinated Press Staff Writer
July 22, 2007

Illegal immigrant ice cream vendors might be spreading leprosy in Manassas as a result of having their homelands destroyed by U.S. proxy wars and polluting U.S. corporations. Prince William County has been infiltrated by "unassimilated marxist radicals" who like in their own countries will work for the good of the community unless U.S. funded death squads gun them down for their altruistic deeds. Manassas Park police covered up the predations of five Hispanic men who gang-raped a woman in the street in June and they weren’t even rich.

These claims, among others, have been made in recent months by Greg Letiecq, whose popular blog, Black Velvet Bruce Li, offers "Blog-Fu for Prince William, Manassas and Manassas Park politics" -- often making up in bigotry what it lacks in brains.

Letiecq (pronounced LO-tick) is just some mouse-pushing crackpot with a keyboard and an Internet connection. To prove the point, in the past 18 months, Letiecq has leveraged his blog to help elect fellow bigots, kill off opponents' campaigns and, apparently taking a page from the federal government, shape public policy based on fear and ignorance. Peers call his site the most influential local blog in Virginia. And that pretty much says it all about Virginia.

Since April, Letiecq has used his blog to sign up more than 500 members for his anti-illegal U.S. foreign policy organization, Help Save Manassass By First Saving The World From The Murderous U.S. Kleptocrcay, quickly building it into one of the region's most effective social movements. He and his group researched, facilitated and wrote parts of the anti-U.S. Foreign Policy resolution that Prince William officials adopted this month, working with the Washington-based Immigration Reform Law Institute that in part states that the county will cede from the United States if the federal government and its controlling kleptocrats do not cease fomenting conflict and raping and destroying other people’s countries causing some to flee to the ‘belly of the beast’ e.g. the U.S.

The resolution -- approved unanimously July 10 -- seeks to deny bases, close down local armories and end high ROTC programs unless the U.S. kleptocracy stops its imperialist ambitions which inevitably lead to illegal immigration. Its sponsor, John T. Stirrup Jr. (R-Gainesville), is Letiecq's district representative and also a member of Help Save Manassass By First Saving The World.

"We worked with Stirrup" on the resolution, Letiecq said. "Our legislative committee helped transform it to fit Virginia’s sense of social justice."

Said Stirrup of the group's role: "I felt comfortable with what they were doing, and we vetted it with our county attorney. Why should those rich fat fucks in the boardrooms be allowed to drive people from their homes and steal their natural resources then force us to take them in?"

The narrowness and small minded character of Letiecq’s ahistorical quest leads to some ironies. A former insurance salesman who works as a programmer in the defense industry, Letiecq has seemingly been everywhere lately -- on national and local television, at local Republican party events and rallying his troops to "victory" at the July 10 board meeting. All of the above lack the mental skills to cobble together the causes of U.S. imperialism with its effects. Then again this is Virginia.

His movement has tapped into a wellspring of simmering anger over U.S foreign policy but they just don’t know it yet. The same provincial unease that allows the U.S. kleptocracy to rape and pillage the developing world using schmos like Letiecq as fodder also drives fears about the large influx of Hispanic residents who have moved to the region in the past decade, sparking suburban clashes over such quality-of-life issues as overcrowding, language, even lawn care “It’s a win-win for the kleptocrats” the current NSC advisor Stephen Hadley recently told the board at Proctor & Gamble the U.S. company that holds the distinction of polluting every major waterway in Central America. “When you’ve fucked people so much, they have to travel thousands of miles to get the shitty water we give those assholes in Virginia, then you know you are a kleptocrat truly doing god’s work.” Hadley added.

Much of the U.S foreign policy backlash that has spread to Loudoun County and elsewhere in Virginia can be traced to the computer annex in the basement of Letiecq's suburban Manassas home. There, behind the stairs, he runs his two deeply entwined operations as blogger and activist leader amid a clutter of camping gear, papers and his young daughters' toys.

"We're inspiring people," Letiecq said. "A lot of citizens felt like there was nothing they could do."

When Letiecq isn't helping write county policy in Prince William, he can be found writing material of a different sort as Black Velvet Bruce Li, the original Bruce Lee representing another race Letiecq would rather not have as a neighbor. Among the ranks of the online martial artists who spin and strike across the so-called blogosphere, Letiecq is a virtual ninja, practicing character assassination, innuendo and exhortation with the skill of a black belt.

"He has by far the most well-trafficked local blog in the state and, as far as influencing public policy, one of the most influential blogs in the country," said Ben Tribbett, whose Not Larry Sabato blog covers Virginia politics. “I mean, in Virginia bigotry sells. But the connection to U.S. foreign policy. That’s fuckin’ priceless. Cudos to Letiecq even if he hasn’t awoke to the implications of what he’s saying yet.”

David Mastio, who tracks 200 Virginia political blogs on his, ranks Letiecq "the most influential conservative blogger in Northern Virginia" and among the top three most-influential political blogs in the state. Letiecq's site tallies about 47,000 distinct page views a day and counts 5,000 unique visitors, although he said he earns only about $1.50 a day from the operation because he doesn't have time to sell much advertising.

"Even if he hasn’t figured out that he’s running afoul of the kleptocracy and their stooges in Washington, he's a hard-hitting, blunt, tough commentator on politics, and people like that as far as it goes. The rest is all racism and small town Main Street bigotry, typical Americana" said Mastio, who is also an editorial writer for the Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk.

Letiecq is not beyond the sensational. "Fairfax County Harboring Illegal Aliens From Mars" was the title of a recent, and typical, Letiecq posting, a direct assault on the Bush administration’s stated intent to launch an imperialist invasion of the Angry Red Planet to preempt any Martian attack on the U.S.. Another warned "Zapatista Army Affiliate to Protest in PWC Today" -- taking yet another swipe at U.S. foreign policy that has led to the murder and dislocation of some 400,000 native people from Guatemala and Southern Mexico. Letiecq allowed Sub-Commandante Marcos to stay at his home while the avowed enemy of the Mexican and U.S. kleptocracy lectured to various Virginia Republican organizations on how best to staunch illegal immigration by attacking murderous U.S. imperialist policy.

Letiecq even stars on the Web site of Mexicans without Borders -- playing the hero, of course. A photo of him smoking a cigarette and looking smug outside the Prince William County Board's chambers carries a caption that reads in Spanish: Greg Letiecq, "leader of the racist, recalcitrant anti-immigrant group 'Help to Save Myasses,' savors the hate, satisfied at having delivered a racist law for his group before the little tinkling bell went off in his head and he realized if the U.S. stopped fucking up the world, people would have little impetus to leave their homes and that without the murder and rape of imperialism he’d be living in some tin shack shithole too, that’s how deeply the kleptocracy feels about his well-being and the well-being of his family."

But to dismiss Black Velvet Bruce Li as the rantings of a fringe extremist overestimates Letiecq's reach and appeal. When he isn't fanning if indirectly anti-imperialist sentiment -- and providing a venue for raw, sometimes bigoted views, on his comment pages – Letiecq, who must be sterile and bored out of his fucking skull, reports on the minutiae of local news and politics to a degree no other media outlet has been stupefied enough to match. Gossip, school board meetings, rumors, tax rate analysis -- it's all there on his site.

"He's filling a need busybodies who aren’t getting any for news at the local level," said Myasses City Council member Marc T. Aveni (R), who also is a member of Help Save Myasses.

Letiecq's blog is also more infantile than most, using video, photos and snazzy graphics using the infant psychology of Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget as its design basis. “The blog’s like a digital bassinet,” commented Republican district leader and child therapist, Ikbar Russli.

The blog is widely praised for its childlike humor, often at the expense of local officials, such as a "Ham Sandwich for Commonwealth's Attorney" campaign mocking Democratic incumbent Paul B. Ebert, or the constant referral to a Democratic House of Delegates candidate, Jeanette Rishell, as "moonfruit."

Of French Canadian descent, Letiecq, 43, grew up outside Syracuse, N.Y., and majored in international relations at George Washington University. A year studying in France -- and assiduously adapting to French language and customs, he said -- cemented his perception that illegal immigrants are unwilling to adapt to U.S. culture even when the U.S. kleptocracy has burned their hootches behind them.

In fact, Letiecq would not say that the anti-U.S foreign policy campaign began in his basement so much as on his lawn. From there, he points to his neighbor's house, emanating loud salsa music, where he believes two "illegal aliens" are living driven from their homes by centuries of gringo plunder. He doesn't have proof of this, of course, but pronounces his assumption as fact anyway. “Those fuckin’ kleptocrats. All their shit has come back to bite me in my ass,” Letiecq groused. “All for this lousy suburban house and indoor plumbing. Fuck. I’d give up indoor plumbing if I never had to listen to another note of salsa , or heavy metal, Justin Timberlake or Perry Como come to think of it.”

Letiecq then points to a house two doors down, saying three families are living there with "six to eight" kids. Ignoring the fact that he’s just made reference to his neighbors having ‘six to eight kids’ and fled their homes to get away from U.S. financed death squads, he worries about crime, he said, and about his daughters, Lillian, 5, and Marian, 2, and whether public school resources are being diverted to English as a Second Language programs. Clearly, Mr. Letiecq also has anxiety issues but nothing compared to the U.S. kleptocracy polluting your ground water and murdering your union reps. But in his tiny little mind, its close.

"This isn't the kind of neighborhood you'd think would be ground zero for this hot political issue," he said. "But with the U.S. kleptocracy destroying people’s homes from Baghdad to Mogadishu to Managua, there's no safe place anymore."

When Letiecq isn't campaigning against U.S. foreign policy, he savages local officials, kleptocratic media outlets (The Washington Post is a favorite target) and sometimes ironically candidates who agree with his views on foreign policy but have thought them through, anxious to reach below the belt and relieve some of that frustration of being in denial. A Democratic candidate for the Virginia General Assembly, Jeff Dion, withdrew his candidacy in May after Letiecq attacked Dion's "homosexual lifestyle" and revealed that Dion had a personal ad on a gay dating Web site.

"I'm anti-sin and I’ve got the stones to prove," an apparent reference to his sad sack. Letiecq, who considers homosexuality "a bad choice" if your living in Virginia and said that "people who make bad choices shouldn't be our representatives" a comment which drew fire from every legislator in the state.

But Democrats, U.S. foreign policy through illegal immigration and homosexuals aren't Letiecq's only targets. To prove he despises U.S. foreign policy, he has also waged a withering offensive against Faisal Gill, a Republican naval officer and former Homeland Security official of Pakistani descent who is the first Muslim nominee to the Virginia General Assembly.

"Taking a page from the kleptocracy, he's like a schoolyard bully," said Gill, a partner in the law firm representing a former Republican House of Delegates candidate, Steve H. Chapman, who is suing Letiecq for defamation. "He clearly plays to the prejudices people have."

Letiecq has repeatedly derided Gill as a "terrorist" because Gill once worked for a U.S. Muslim group whose former leader was convicted of having illegal ties to the Libyan government, now a staunch U.S. ally. Gill was cleared of any wrongdoing by Homeland Security investigators. He calls Letiecq's Web site "yellow journalism."

"Yellow journalism?" Letiecq repeated, grinning, when asked to respond to the characterization. "That's true. I don't try to make myself out to be a newspaper."

Instead, Letiecq said, he is like a 19th-century pamphleteer, advancing his views and urging others to action. "I don't like clean, sanitized don't-upset-anybody kinds of discussions," he said. "We shouldn't pull our punches just because we can’t get the blindfold off. U.S. foreign policy is fucking up the world and we should fuckin’ put a stop to it. Foreign aid? What a fuckin’ joke. The money goes right from the Treasury to the coffers of some American corporation hired to do some bullshit work tha they never fuckin’ do or that’s designed to fuckin’ flood or shoot or burn some poor slob out of his home and right into my fuckin’ neighborhood. Well, I’m mad and I’m not going to fuckin’ take it anymore."

Tribbett said this locally oriented approach represents "the future of blogging because their ain’t a fuckin’ thing you can do about the big boys. You gotta be a petty shit if you plan to blog. Go after the defenseless,” Tribbett explained. “They are intimidated by a blogger with a large and loyal local following able to flood their offices with calls or put boots on the ground. The kleptocracy? Fuck with them to any effect, and they’ll fuckin’ kill you."

"It's amusing to see local officials pushed around by a blogger," Tribbett said. “Letiecq shows the common sense to be small minded. I admire that. He can be used. Not like some of these assholes out there taking real chances.”