The Assassinated Press

Juan Forero and the Washington Post Working with the Obama Regime and Venezuelan Oiligarchy to Overthrow Maduro. The Other Global Warming: Neo-Liberals Seeking to Match Neo-Cons 'Success' in Middle East With 'Latin American Spring' Starting with the Overthrow of the Maduro Government.

The Assassinated Press
May, 11, 2013

What could be more obvious? They supported the coup attempt against Hugo Chavez. They’ve worked tirelessly through their mouthpiece Juan Forero to spread propaganda about Chavismo. During the Pike and Church committee hearings, they were shown to have ties to the CIA including 100 hundred members of their staff who were on the Agency's payroll. The Post has supported every coup attempt the US has staged since the newspaper's inception and protected coup leaders in Washington from public exposure, making a mockery of the First Amendment in the process.

Given all of this history and the fact that the Washington Post has a long lineage of hatred for poor and working people, it is obvious that they are working actively with reactionary forces to overthrow the elected government of Nicolas Maduro.

Juan Forero rarely comments about the rest of Latin America. He has had nothing to say about the June 2009, Obama led coup on Honduras which has led to the rebirth of the infamous US led, trained and financed Battalion 316 death squads.

In November, sham elections followed. On January 27, 2010, fascist Porfirio (Pepe) Lobo Sosa became president. He's Obama's man in Honduras. Death squad terror is policy and Juan Forero and the Washington Post openly support it. There silence is gloden for corporate America, the coups big beneficiary. Didn't think it was the Honduran people benefiting did you assholes? No minmum wage. Land confiscated. You name it, Obama and Uncle Slimey have The Post behind them supporting the forces of repression.

On the other hand, Juan and the Post occasionally goes out of his way to praise utterly corrupt, proto-fascist regimes such as former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe.

Juan and the Post are slow to criticize murderous regimes such as the Peruvian torture and death Fujimori/Montesinos syndicate in Peru or the right wing Rios Montt genocide in Guatemala, all sponsored by the US where training at the School of the Americas, funding, arms, money and political cover are all provided cover by a succession of stooges in Washington including Obama and Clinton and the press most notably The Washington Post.

No wonder Washingtonians refer to The Post as Langley East.

Of course, The Post has been in the coup business since its inception.

The reason Obama, the Venezuelan oligarchy, The Post and Juan Forero are so keen on staging a bloody coup in Venezuela is because they see it as the lynch pin necessary to return all of Latin America back into the feudal fold ripe for a new round of rape and murder from Uncle Slimey. Currently, Colombia is the region’s Israel but efforts to pit Colombia against Venezuela don’t have any real traction no matter the fascist proclivities of Otto Reich and Roger Noriega or for that matter the Obama administration.

Still Obama sees himself in Dick Cheney's mantle, sending a whole region up in flames, burning out the local people, devastating the infrastructure and turning over the spoils to transnational corporations.

But I’m ceratin The Post and Juan Forero will screech on about the ills of Maduro and Chavismo. They’ll screech on until there’s blood in the streets and wealth in Wall Streets pockets.