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Why Make Ozzie Lie?

The Assassinated Press

Thatís right, motherfuckers. Make Ozzie Guillen lie about his assessment of Fidel Castro. Make him part of the historical delusion that makes the US the drooling shithole that it is. Subsistence live in the fantasy as long as you can, folks. Then come to the Bolsheviki when youíre starving in the streets and the corporations, banksters and Wall Street grafters have taken away your guns, you fucking assholes.

I move that we try and run another audit on Miami banks like they did back in the 1990ís. But this time letís not chicken out and cancel the audit when most of the cash turns out to be off the books, a product of drugs, murder, fraudulent land and timber deals involving Jeb Bush and arms smuggling.

This is the kind of Miami scum youíre siding with when you don't speak up when they attack Castro. Then again, the attack on the Cuban people has been going on so long, one must assume you're scum too for letting it happen. And even though your turn has begun.

And I thought you fucks hated Washington. Come on up and watch some wrinkly spook down his fourth dirty martini and puff on his perfumed French cigarette recalling his exploits making the poor poorer and the rich richer all in the name of Uncle Slimey.

We should applaud Ozzie Guillen for his admiration of Fidel Castro. Against all odds, personal and geopolitical, Castro is a survivor. The US has been trying to kill him and kill Cuba since he took power and proved to be something other than what the CIA anticipated. For example, he wasnít a US whore with his asshole in the air for Wild Jizz Kennedy to fill.

Since then it has been anything goes on the part of the US and their Miami Cuban proxies. They whine that Castroís Cuba must be a hell on earth even as they set out to make it one with embargoes, sanctions, terrorist bombings, assassinations, destruction of infrastructure, crop burnings, threats to any country that wants to normalize relations etc. etc. ad nauseam.

Sure people want to flee Cuba. The US and its Miami proxies have done their best to make life there very difficult. But at least 100,000 left the British colonies in America during and after the American Revolution. And the Brits sure as shit didnít have the reach of Uncle Slimey.

But then again why beat my gums. The runny shits in Miami and Washington know what they did and what theyíre doing. Cuba ceased to be one of Americaís little outdoor toilets when Castro took over. Before that it was a Mecca for US based organized crime, proxy attacks on revolutionary regimes throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and a place where a US Senator could buy the asshole of an 8 year old boy with what he thought was absolute discretion.

And fuck teh bullshit around the Cuban Missile Crisis. The fuckin' US had warheads poised in three countries that bordered or were within 50 miles of the Soviet Union or bordering it --- Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. 50 miles? 90 miles? A distinction without a difference unless you have some other agenda.

It must be embarrassing for for the CIA and their stooges in Miami that after dozens of attempts they failed to assassinate Castro. But then again they can look to their hundreds of successes for comfort. And their murders in general stretch into the millions. We're so fuckin' proud.

And without giving two shits for the Cuban people. Sure, Batista had Communists in his cabinet. But it was Fidel that had the interests of the Cuban people at heart. So Fidel became the Communist, the Marxist, the pariah. Helping the poor, especially your own poor, will do that in the eyes of the US kleptocracy. And the Great American bald lemming just goes along scratching his ass.