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Why Do U.S. Personnel Torture? Sexual Deviancy And The Canard Of Interrogation:
Both Military And Civilian 'Interrogators' Masturbate At A Rate 40 Times The National Average:
Mental Images Essential For Quality Spooge, Climax In Torturers:
Rumsfeld Personally Trained Ass-Sniffing Dogs At Abu Graib

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Monday, June 14, 2004

Headofapinhead, VA---"What if by using torture against a guy accused of being an al Qaeda operative, U.S. interrogators were able to prevent a significant terrorist attack and save hundreds or thousands of American lives," a reader wrote to The Washington Post in a letter published Friday. "Should torture be authorized?"

It's a seemingly simple question, but in reality its pure hypothetical bullshit, a canard of the lowest and rankest order. Nevertheless this doesn't prevent the titans of tepid at the Post responding that the question was one that many of us asked ourselves in the days and weeks after Sept. 11, 2001.

Well, if you had any brains you weren't fuckin' asking that. You were asking how so many people could have dropped the ball doing what they were supposed to be doing as law enforcement and intelligence. Who did they bring in and go, "Friday, he knows something, but he just won't talk . And I can't bring myself to beat it out of him. He's got such pretty brown eyes."

Shit. They were beating anti-Globalization protesters into bloody pulps who had no intelligence value at all. But we'll get back to why later.

Otherwise if they hadn't been told sick' em by their handlers the institutions ground away with their strange gumbo of self-interest and anonymous lack of responsibility. Leads on 9/11 were missed. People sat on their cans quite literally scarfing donuts and coffee memorializing a parody of themselves. There were jurisdictional struggles to avoid work and responsibility. At the top there was a very fine line between covering their asses and cover up. In short, "al-Qaeda. We ain't looking for no al-Qaeda. Big business says don't fuckin' go there." So its back to capitalist onanism---self-interest.

Then there's Abu Graib. How many fuckers held at Abu Graib were guilty of anything, so much as throwing a stone at a demonstration? Judging from the numbers that are summarily being freed, very few. How many had knowledge of terrorist activity? We'll never know. But if the past and future is any indication, the answer again is very few.

Then why hold all those motherfuckers in Abu Graib and other prisons. Answer; so all the sexual deviants who swarm to interrogation school, which now includes Oliver North (no surprise there,) will have plenty of fresh meat. The military is a sexual institution like no other kind though its dynamics resemble that of U.S. federal penitentiaries.

To some interrogators their is a kill. To other interrogators its inflicting pain. But to all there is the ohysical contact that involves a heightened relation to the human body. Apparently, if sicking dogs to make grown men piss themselves gives a titanium boner or makes you spooge your haploidal progeny, then there's a place for you in this man's army, or CIA, or private corporation. If you're that fucked up, you're way in demand.

Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy didn't torture to extract information. They tortured to have an orgasm. There's no difference between this and those in the military and intelligence who wire up some guys nuts and juice him with a Diehard II.

But torture in civilian life can wind you up behind bars. In the military it can mean promotion as long as its kept within the institution. Even then perverse but lower ranking creeps can take the fall.

It doesn't matter one wit whether any valuable product was uncovered. The media, so long rendered sexual cripples by their own varieties of sexual repression, will never ask about the product. Even 9/11 if it had some juicy interrogation stories would take a backseat to the more salacious sex life of a CIA nut cruncher.

Its the same for the CIA and other intelligence. Intelligence is not valued; sex is. The satiation of carnal desire, considered illegal in civilian life except as its practiced by the police and the criminal justice system, is the prime and only reason for military, intelligence and civilian contract interrogation.

"Suspects were never sought. We just held people if they were hot," Dickie Myers, with lashes a mile long batting like the vans of Dis, testified before Congress.

America is a land defined by its repression and self-delusion. Torture in the guise of interrogation is just one such outlet. 90% of the guards at Abu Graib, male and female, said that they masturbated at least 40 times a day. 100% said they masturbated on duty. 98% said sexual intercourse was just masturbation with another person. And 87% said that they masturbated to thoughts of cutting off Toby Keith's nuts.

Numbers don't lie. By most Americans' standards this does not make their sons and daughters in the military psycho wack jobs because its a form of self-incrimination, but it does demonstrate that such intensely repressed spooge buckets will never provide the kind of intelligence that we are going to need to avoid future 9/11s.

James Jesus Angleton once said, "Good intelligence never came from the tip of a penis even if you clip it off with garden sheers," and the master spook of self-interrogation should know.

We have to give our millions of pathologically twisted citizens another way to satisfy their quite literal 'blood for lust' other than using people we imprison all over the world as their brutalized sex toys. That makes us no better than Ted Bundy, Oliver North or Udai Hussein.

And they hate all of us for it. I know most Americans when they look at the photos of Abu Graib, think of the prison guards and interrorgators, 'there but for the grace of god go I.' So with such a strong association with the perverted its difficult to find fault with them, lest you find fault with yourself. A few minutes listening to G. Gordon Liddy or Rush Limbaugh reveals the latent sizzle of the twisted sexual desire of the audience as well as the hosts and one realizes that from a clinical point of view not much can be done. Its not just the sheer numbers. Its the denial.

"Denial is the perfect tool. Hone denial. Its the lash out tool. Deny that the invasion of Iraq is a fucked up attempt to steal oil for Cheney and his kleptocratic pals. Deny Bush is a propped up moronic whore to power put in place to cover for yet another looting of the Treasury. Deny that the positions you take are because people that you don't like can see right through them and you get fooled every time. Deny shit like that and you'll be ready for the next Abu Graib, domestic or foreign.