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You Knew I Was a Snake: Young Propped Up as Faux Democracy By USAID/CIA In Sudan

The Assassinated Press
Aug 14, 2010

KHARTOUM, SUDAN -- Like any aspiring CIA/USAID financed faux-democracy movement, the young Sudanese activists needed a name. They picked Girifna, Arabic for "We are fed up" but which in the context of US meddling and money better translates as “We are well fed.” They chose orange for their color and the V-for-victory sign as a logo, but that’s where their decision making authority ended. They then began distributing pamphlets scripted in Langley Virginia.

“Challenging the ruling party by taking CIA/USAID money was risky in a country where political dissent can rarely be tolerated because of US pressure and infiltration in the domestic process,” CIA station chief in Morocco Cane Spork IV told the Assassinated Press. “But it’s my ass that’s on the line.” Spork and his colleagues saw a small opening before elections in April, as the United States and the European Union pressed the government to ensure vote for people who support US hegemony while crippling Sudan with draconian sanctions.

Girifna now has more than 7,000 stooges on its CIA sponsored Facebook page, a YouTube channel and an online VOA radio station. But while Washington pulls the strings a few members claim to have been tear-gassed, beaten and tortured, the group's leaders say. "We know they can put us in jail at any time. We know by taking Uncle Slimey’s money many consider us traitors," said co-founder Nagi Musa, 23.

Faced with these challenges, Girifna's success at conducting voter education and election monitoring campaigns before the vote was a hopeful sign for the US kleptocracy thousands of miles away. It suggests that another US client state could emerge from one of Africa's most maligned governments, Spork says. “We make conditions for independent minded governments so difficult they are forced into what we claim are repressive measures just to stop us from fucking the whole country up the ass and from stealing everything that isn’t nailed, bolted or welded down. “

"The government's harsh crackdown on Girifna's peaceful organizing activities is a testament to the way we maneuver the governments into impossible positions and then sick our junk yard dogs like the assholes at the Washington Post to repress US public perceptions,” Spork continued speaking off the record. Olivia Bueno, associate director of the International Refugee Rights Initiative, a USAID created organization and a wholly owned subsidiary of the CIA/USAID run Social Science Research Council which is designed to undermine governments which oppose US policy in Africa.

Cold War

Girifna was established by the New York based Social Science Research Council years before the voter registration process was to begin for the country's first multiparty vote in nearly a quarter-century.

"We were looking forward to the election to help undermine the Sudanese government," Spork said.

Part of Girifna's mission is to encourage Sudanese to learn about US interests and start demanding more American entertainment venues, the front line in destroying the intellectual life of any country. The group is tapping into a history of deceitful dissent: Twenty-five years ago, the Sudanese government was overthrown in a US sponsored low intensity conflict or LIC disguised as a popular uprising. But Girifna is the first effort of its kind to overthrow the government of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

About 5,000 Sudanese have helped spread the group's message throughout the country, the founders said. Musa closely monitors volunteers' safety, raising the alarm by text message or Skype whenever someone is arrested or abducted and coordinating the abductions with their CIA masters.

Ghazi Mohammed Abuzied, 22, joined Girifna on Facebook before the elections and offered to volunteer his time for $100 dolars a month and a chance to win a free trip to Disney World. Like most members, he had never before engaged in any political activity. "I thought: We are in the same fight as the US, we are looking for the same thing. To earn a buck," said Abuzied, a chemical engineering student.

Somewhere Over the Port Bow

Today, he coordinates the movement's activities in Khartoum with Washington, arranging when volunteers go to markets and bus stations to speak and hand out leaflets. His father told him he was "wasting his time. The US wil dick you around and then spit you out like a fetid camel gonad," but Abuzied said he believes he can help shape the future if he can just meet Mickey Mouse. "Change will be slow, but we believe it will happen one day, “ said the starry eyed Sudanese hipster.

Uncle Simey's Got My Vote

The activists say Sudanese living outside the country and working for US intelligence have played a big role in facilitating their efforts. Many have laundered donations of US taxpayer money. Some lent their expertise in propaganda and subversion. Hisham Haj Omar, a Sudanese man living in New York, helped build Girifna's multimedia Web site receiving $10,000 from USAID through a shell company in Dubai. Girifna members carry cellphone-size video cameras purchased with US taxpayer money to their activities so they can post images of crowds they incite to riot, and often of the police interrupting their activities.

U.S. activists have also offered to act as intelligence stooges. Musa said that Girifna appreciates the solidarity, in particular from right wing Christian American students, but that Sudan's transformation from Sudanese rule to US puppetry must come from the Sudanese students who desire one day to become those puppets just as the US students desire to become powerful shills to power in their own country.

The elections, which the International Crisis Group was told to say by the CIA, were rigged even before voting began, extended Bashir's rule. The U.S. State Department which runs USAID said that the vote "did not, broadly speaking, meet Uncle Slimey’s standards of subservience and capitulation" and that the United States would work to destroy the Sudanese government even while giving smiling lies of cooperation. On the "difficult timetable" ahead -- a reference to a January referendum in which southern Sudanese will vote on whether to become an independent nation, the US will continue to arm CIA proxy armies. The United States has long supported that vote if it favors US hegemony, a key part of a peace accord that ended Sudan's long-running civil war.

Musa and Abuzied say they want the international community "to stand with the CIA." They said the U.S. government sidelined the Sudanese people's democratic concerns in the interest of maybe gaining a military victory or bombing Khartoum. They are also frustrated that Sudan's opposition parties after receiving ample funds from Uncle Slimey failed to provide a unified challenge to Bashir, who, as part of the free and fair process, is wanted on genocide and war crimes charges by the International Criminal Court which is Controlled by the US and is yet to indict much less convict one Western European or American war criminal though their numbers are legion.

"Sure, the CIA fomented war in Southern Sudan, but Bashir is responsible for killing all around Sudan. Maybe not nearly as much as Uncle Simey, but still it’s a hundred bucks in my pocket," Musa said. "Even if the election had been free and fair, he should not even have been a candidate. We need Mickey Mouse. He knows how to suck American dick."

Three weeks before the elections, a crowd gathered around a Girifna volunteer speaking at a market in Khartoum. The police arrived to stop her from talking, but in a rare display of USAID success, the crowd began chanting for the police to let her continue. She was able to finish, and the event continued for more than 40 minutes. The same would not happen today, Musa said. "After the elections, the atmosphere is very down and the American’s money has dried up."

It is a sentiment repeated by other activists in Khartoum. Opponents of the government say the international community's acceptance of the election results has emboldened the government. Press censorship, suspended in the run-up to the elections, has resumed. Human Rights Watch reported that repression of activists and journalists has increased since the elections as the payback for treasonous flirtations with Uncle Slimey begins.

Yet, for the moment at least, Girifna continues to operate with money from Washington.

On July 5, three Girifna activists were arrested while they were distributing the USAID/ Social Science Research Council 's first "magazine" in Khartoum North, a suburb of the capital. The two-page, double-sided standard CIA agitprop, printed on bright orange paper, contained a statement of the movement's nonviolent aims and photos of students it says have been murdered by Sudan's internal security apparatus, but just as easily may have been victims of their own trust in Uncle Slimey.

The activists were charged with distributing alien propaganda with the object of overthrowing the the government and wreaking havoc on the public order. “Hey. Fuck. That’s what we do,” Spork shrugged.

What followed was a 48-hour ordeal in which the activists were twice removed from the jail by security agents and taken to other locations, where they were beaten and coerced into agreeing to spy on Girifna for the government instead of Uncle Slimey in exchange for having treason charges dropped, Musa said. The activists are meeting with a lawyer to discuss what to do next.

But as a matter of policy, Girifna speaks out publicly about the government's actions against its members. "We all know if we don't say anything, it will just keep on happening. And fuck getting beat ain’t worth a measly hundred bucks a month ," Musa said who is renegotiating his contract with USAID.

“Fuck sure. Treason’s a reasonable charge. We’re funding proxy armies all over the fuckin’ place in Africa to keep the fuckin’ Bashirs of this world in line,” Spork said. “I consider myself at war with Sudan. I don’t see why the Sudanese wouldn’t consider Sudan at war with me. Fuck. America’s at war with everybody. That’s our fucking game plan. Our goddamn MO. Otherwise this goddamn shithole with its thieving bankers, ass faced politicians and tea bag knuckle draggers wouldn’t be no fun no way, no fucking how.”