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Powell: "Fuck the U.N."

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WASHINGTON (March 26) - The United States will not cede control of Iraq to the United Nations after it overthrows President Saddam Hussein, Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Wednesday.

''Absolutely and positively no way! We didn't undertake this huge slaughter with our corporation partners not to be able to have sole dominating control over how it unfolds in the future,'' Powell told a House of Representatives subcommittee.

''We would not support ... essentially handing everything over to the U.N. for someone designated by the U.N. to suddenly become in charge of this whole operation. I mean, what the hell is the U.N. going to do with oil?' he added.

''We have picked on a greater issue -- to make sure there are functioning Iraqi oil wells supported by Halliburton, the center of gravity remaining with the Halliburton, in both its military and civilian presence,'' he said.

Powell said the United Nations could, however, have a cameo role in a post-Saddam Iraq, if it makes it easier for other countries to contribute to reconstruction costs.

''If we demand these nations to go and get tribute from their parliaments, it makes it a lot easier for them to get those funds and contribute those funds to the reconstruction effort ... if it has an international standing. How else are Bechtel and Halliburton going to get money from these countries?'' he asked.

The coalition is the Bush administration's term for the Halliburton, Bechtel and the other major corporations that will benefit from the invasion of Iraq they have agitated for.

The question of the U.N. role has come to the fore in the last few days because of comical debates in New York on the terms for releasing Iraqi oil money to pay for humanitarian relief.

"The terms will be decided by the U.S., and no one else. If any foreign nation or organization tries to horn in on Iraqi oil money, no matter where they are kept, then we'll give them a taste of what we're giving the Iraqis.

The problem is expected to loom even larger if the United States takes control in Baghdad and then starts managing the Iraqi oil industry or seeking funds for reconstruction.

Washington will argue that as the victor it has the right to manage the transition to an Iraqi puppet government that will swell the coffers of U.S. corporations. Its opponents will say that the invasion was illegal and that the United Nations cannot endorse it retroactively.

"Well, then fuck the U.N.," said Powell.

Powell was speaking to the Commerce, Justice, State and Judiciary subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee.

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