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Christian Underclass Fights Atheist Wars Using Godless Science and Technology Not Fit for the Creationist Soul.

Special to the Assassinated Press

The greatest sin in America today is how our Christian underclass fights foreign wars for their atheist masters using atheistic science and technology that to be created must fundamentally and inexorably deny the existence of god.

Certainly, ministers and scholars try to make tenuous connections between modern killing machines and Christ, but everyone knows in their heart that itís just horse hockey designed to suck more and more of our poorly educated and underemployed young Christian men and women into the military.

Hence, on the one hand the U.S. Armed Forces have become a Christian force as far as personnel but a atheistic force, force of the devil, as far as its science and technology. And itís all done for the benefit for a wealthy kleptocracy that for all of its occasional Christian pretenses acts in decidedly un-Christian ways.

Itís easy to criticize the pedophilia and sins against family that have come to define Blackwater/Xe. There is a certain level of heartbreak learning that Dick Cheneyís old firm Halliburton/KBR stole billions of dollars and reneged on dozens of military contracts. That they actually killed and maimed our American Christian armed forces for greed even while the taxpaying mothers and fathers of the same poorly educated and unemployable kids gave their hard earned tax money to Cheneyís former company while he was Vice President.

But itís far worse to allow the dominant atheistic epistemology to control all aspects of Christian behavior in the military and in civil society. Atheism in the form of science and technology that has wiped the floor with Christ for the last 500 years is now utterly ubiquitous in nearly every Christianís daily life. All Christians are in reality closet atheists, because it is unlikely they would be willing to give up the atheist devices which deny them the true Christian life.

And donít let the technocrats try to convince that there are no atheistic or Christian science and technologies, that all enlightenment science is objective and searches to exploit universal laws not to refute the god. The net effect of enlightenment science has been to refute and embarrass god, to render him a second class citizen. Enlightenment science must ignore god to continue to function, its occasional lip service not withstanding.

And there is Christian science in creationism and crypto-biology and pseudo-geology. The fact that these sciences do not result in any advance of thought or technological breakthrough or Ďindispensableí devic e such as computers, cell phones and high def TV is another indication of the wide divide between atheistic science and Christian science where the one creates things and the other lets god do the creating.

But the bible doesnít have the technical information of the instructions for setting up a Nintendo Wii much less the godless data of an introductory textbook in geology, physics or engineering. So the Christian underclass has no choice but to a slave to atheistic technologies. The Christian underclass would helpless on its own.

Deeply altering or even abandoning Christian beliefs has become a practical necessity. The Christian underclass no longer knows how to live the Christian life and must be subservient to godless technology for its very survival.

As though this isnít bad enough, the Christian underclass embraces many technological products that would have never come into existence if it wasnít for the cold, utile, godlessness of scientific methodology. The internal combustion engine is a prime example. The bible is innocent of and utterly without blame for the internal combustion engine and the rise of the automobile. But not only does the Christian underclass embrace the automobile it also displays a wild enthusiasm for sports like NASCAR which employs a godless technology to amuse people who purport to be serious in their belief in the bible.

How does one conflate the two? Obviously, adiamorphic science and technology run the affairs of the Christian underclass. So what genuine role is left for Christ and the bible? The simple answer is very little to none. Science and technology are now so ubiquitous to the very existence of the Christian underclass that Christ and the bible are at best impediments in their participation in an epistemology which they tacitly have already surrendered to.

Further, the Christian underclass, as their name suggests, contributes the least to the creation of the godless devices that run their lives. But they show no resistance to becoming slaves to these devices even as they, for all practical purposes, abandon their core beliefs for the belief system of the atheistic scientific method.

They even believe that some of the axiological immunity that attaches to number systems and mathematics is transferrable to them. It can take the shape of immunity from prosecution in a foreign country for violation of the Commandment Six even though the guilty party is a member of the Christian underclass fighting for a godless western epistemology. Otherwise, Christ if he still had any power would turn the Christian underclass sinner in. But he doesnít. Not even in the conscience of the Christian.

Itís through a legal system which has become so formalized that it has abandoned truth for relativism that confers this immunity. Christian asses are again for the moment saved by the devil of western scientific epistemology.

Science and technology may be the Beast. But itís the Beast that the Christian underclass materially fornicates with every nano-second of every day. Such impurity and immorality among the Christian underclass is without a doubt postponing the Second Coming for if there is no one worthy whatís the point.