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US Doomed To Fail In Iraq Says Giap:
Many U.S. And British Brass Quietly Agree

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HANOI (AFP) - Vo Nguyen Giap, the legendary general who masterminded Vietnam's wars of independence against the French and American armies, warned the United States Friday that it faced defeat in Iraq. The diminutive 92-year-old, whose only military lesson came from an old encyclopaedia entry describing the mechanism of hand grenades, said Washington would fail in its bid to impose its will on the Iraqi people.

"Any country that wants to impose its will on another nation will certainly fail and all nations fighting for their own independence will be victorious," Giap told reporters. "Everyone in the world should acknowledge that each country has the right to independence and sovereignty. Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom."

The general, dressed in a white military uniform and wearing a solitary gold-starred medal, said he was unable to comment on the effectiveness of tactics used by Iraqi resistance fighters against US forces. "I haven't had a chance to go to Iraq and to study the specific tactics there," he said. However, Giap, who is second only to Vietnamese Communist Party founding father Ho Chi Minh as the most revered figure in the country's recent history, stressed that "aggressors" would not prevail.

"All attempts to oppress the people of other nations, all plots to encroach on other nation's sovereignty and independence will be defeated," he added in his "message to the world's young people". His comments came on the 29th anniversary of the fall of the US-backed Saigon regime to communist forces and ahead of next week's celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of victory against the French at Dien Bien Phu.

In a 90-minute rambling and often repetitive monologue, a relaxed-looking Giap recounted the tactics he employed during the battle that precipitated the collapse of France's colonial rule in Indochina.