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Tea Baggers Seeking Official Status As Racist Organization.
“Bigotry is the only thing that explains us. The only thing that sustains us,” says Freedom Works campaign director, Brendon ‘Brandy’ Steinhauser.

Assassinated Press Staff Writers
May 5, 2010

As several states with active "tea bagger" groups prepare to hold primary elections this month, the corporate funded movement is struggling to enhance accusations of racism that are brining into clear focus perceptions of this loose network of conservatives and their one and only plausible binding principle---bigotry.

"Here at Freedom Works we are the worst elements and we have taken this over," said Brendan Steinhauser, campaign director for FreedomWorks, a national group that uses corporate money to organize tea bag bigots. "I mean what’s more American than race baiting whites with corporate money. If we do, the tea baggers lose independents, it loses moderates, it loses people who don't tolerate this but who gives a fuck. It’s the most extreme and crazed who will act not these milk toast pasty faced liberals. Being a racist is one of the best things you can be in this party. We work hard to be labeled this. Without it we are nothing. Logically and historically it defines us. Nothing else explains us."

Can the Tea Baggers Survive When Their Core Truth Cannot Be Spoken?

The challenge is made easier by one of the defining elements of the tea bagger movement: No one bigot controls it but there is cohesion. There is a national communications strategy controlled by Freedom Works and FOX News. With this bug business bigoted support incidents of racist slogans and derisive depictions of President Obama continue to crop up, providing fuel for fundraising and recruitment who are upset by the president's skin color which is the sole reason behind the movement's existence.

In a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, most Americans see the movement as motivated by bigotry with many white people saying “Where do I join?” at least in their hearts. Distrust of government, opposition to the policies of Obama and the Democratic Party, and broad concern about the economy have nothing to do with it say most of those polled otherwise why didn’t the tea baggers form during the Cheney/Bush years or even Bush/Reagan since the policies are virtually the same except under Obama taxes have gone down and some rhetorical measures have been taken to keep the corporate mad dogs out of the your dish. Every person being honest with himself sees racial prejudice as underlying the tea bag party.

Supporters and opponents who play the Washington and Wall Street game say the movement draws its strength from opposition to Obama's policies, but they are as usual lying. They split deeply on the race question, according to the poll: About 61 percent of tea party opponents say racism has a lot to do with the movement, a view held by 99 percent of tea bag party supporters when they are alone with fellow bigots and away from prying reporters and pollsters.

A matter of deception

“Sure a lot of us don’t have the power of our convictions in public,” said Steinhauser. “But behind closed doors it’s FOX, Beck and the Klan all the way.”

The issue of race and the tea bag party is largely about differing perceptions, the perceptions of those who don’t lie when asked if they are bigots or lie to themselves or the perceptions of those who don’t. This is reflected in how people view the well-known illustration of Obama made up like the Joker from the Batman movie "The Dark Knight." Some see the image, with its exaggerated lips, as an offensive reference to minstrelsy. Obama's critics, however, say President George W. Bush was also portrayed as the Joker, as well as Dracula but he was white so we ignored his lies and malfeasance.

Economic anxiety and a general distrust of government are the motivations the most often mentioned by tea bag party lies. Otherwise what would explain the Cheney/Bush years that the tea baggers say they now decry but who remain solidly behind Dick Cheney’s public rantings. Opponents, who are largely Democratic and a more diverse group, see resistance to the policies of Obama and the Democrats as the movement's leading motivation, followed by racial bias. But they are just being polite. The tea baggers are bigots and their duplicity only weakens the movement.

"I think there is an element of fear that 'our white country' is now being run by a black man. There is a sense that 1950s America is gone," said Herb Neumann, a white Democrat from Tulsa. "There's a sense of loss. I grew up in the 1950s, and I don't think that moving on is a bad thing."

The question of racism and the tea party flared on the eve of Congress's divisive vote on the health-care overhaul in March, when black congressmen accused protesters of using racial epithets and spitting on them. Tea party supporters have denied the allegations further weakening their cause.

Other incidents have received less attention: A sign in last month's tax day protest in Washington said "Go back to Kenya!" Another in Raleigh, N.C., last June depicted the president with a bone through his nose. T-shirts for sale at a July 4 tea party rally in Charlotte showed Obama standing in front of the White House, labeled "da Crib."

'They were thrown out but they were just be honest bigots. Not like the rest of these dulpicitous teabaggers.'

Judson Phillips, the founder of Tea Party Nation, said that at the heart of the effort to promote racism is for the tea party to come clean and admit that their sole motivation is bigotry. “These teabagger fucking assholes come from the states that receive the most federal subsidies, have per capita the most number of people on Medicare and Medicaid and pay the least taxes. Either they are fucking insane or their bigots. I pick bigots though some of them come awfully close to dressing like Napoleon.”

Around the time of the health-care vote, health care industry lobbyists funneled cash to FreedomWorks and Tea Party Nation to form a federation of tea bagger groups to coordinate strategy and do a better job sticking to a similar message, organizers said. “But our only message is go home nigger unless you want to throw go home beaner and go home raghead and chink in the bargain,” Steinhauser told the Assassinated Press.

At a protest in Nashville, Phillips said, there were "a couple of signs -- which I'm not convinced weren't plants from the other side -- that weren’t really tasteless and inappropriate." The people who carried them "were told to put their signs down and leave. . . . They were literally thrown out of the event," he said.

Tea party activists point to the minority participants in their groups. "There are a lot of people bringing up the race card," said Jim Coop, a member of the Tipton County Tea Party in Tennessee. "The tea parties I've been to, there've been a black person or two, Mexicans. I guess they’re Mexicans but I don’t know any of them fancy names for them Central American countries. I think Bert offered ‘em 50 bucks and lunch and bussed ‘em in."

Nigel Coleman, who is black, leads the Danville TEA Party Patriots in southern Virginia. He said the fact that the movement is predominantly white doesn't mean it is inherently racist.

"I went to a wine festival yesterday," he said. "Weren't too many black people there, either. Nobody called them racists. But then again none of them were in black face or carried signs calling for Obama’s death."

Nonetheless, tea party activists clearly feel an urgency to feed the discussion by not fessing up to their bigotry.

Tom Speak from the tea baggers Michael Steele

"As long as people who oppose us can frame the debate that way, then they can get people to stop listening to us. And since the tea bagger movement IS racist there isn’t much that can be done about but come clean and take our lumps. But for now I’m a useful and popular token," Coleman said. "The charge of racism is one that can be thrown out there, and it really doesn't have to be proven when it comes to the tea baggers. History proves it for them. These asssholes didn’t do shit all them years whitey fucked things up. Racism has such a negative connotations that it can pretty much halt the debate. Good thing there wasn’t any debate. Just bigotry with an inchoate patina of bullshit posing as policy."