“A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Second Amendment to the Constitution, not privatized de-regulated militias run by a corporate aristocracy of gun manufacturers, retailers and banksters in violation of the Constitution.

The Assassinated Press

The NRA is right. The answer to less killing is more killing --- But the Corporate Aristocracy must be the target.
Koch Brothers remain confident propaganda is enough to keep people from killing them!!
“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Then improve the people. Ask gunowners to kill themselves.”
Should demonized Union Teachers be allowed to carry guns around our innocent ‘right to work’ children?

The Assassinated Press

What part of a 'well-regulated militia' don't you understand.

The US is a country of extremes and the delusions that such extremes foster. If we can’t be number one in some category or other, we choose the opposite tact and present the worst outcome as the best.

Our outcomes on healthcare are the worst among industrialized countries while costing exponentially more, so we fantasize that our sytem is the best of all possible worlds even as those near and dear to us needlessly die in a pool of vomit and debt.

Wages for the working class have remained stagnant or are in decline for a generation and a half, so a corporate aristocracy which bought favorable trade agreements, legislation and legislators that allowed jobs to be shipped to third world sweat shops turns around and uses their fortunes to buy legislation and legislators to gut the only source of power for individual workers, their unions. This on top of the fact that the corporate aristocracy, a criminal class that violates every accepted tenet of common decency, the Bible and ethical behavior has run off a string of felonies and homicides that have brought the world’s economy to its knees.

Yet, the US with all of pretense for being even a remotely moral place allows around 11,000 gun homicides in the US a year and not one involved shooting a member of the corporate aristocracy like the Koch Brothers. I can’r remember it happening since Hinckley took a run at that corporate whore, Ronald Reagan. And Hinckley did it for idiotic reasons. Where’s our patriots?

The US clearly led the world in gun deaths but not one bullet was spent for the purveyors of this misery and the myriad cultural problems created by the corporate aristocracy.

The US leads all industrialized nations and most of the world’s non-industriallzed nations in per captia homicides. In tendem, compensation for the corporate aristocracy also out paces all other nations. The symbiotic relation between corporate pay and homicides in this country is indisputable. It refects the exploding pay scale of CEOs and the ultra-homicidal nature of our foreign policy. As far the corporate aristocracy is concerned, slaughter is good for business.

After the Connecticut shootings gun sales are skyrocketing. Was Adam Lanza paid to murder those children by WalMart CEO, Mike Duke or the Koch brothers and others. Well, yes. No money exchanged hands between the Lanza and the Koch brothers. No the payday for the Koch brothers and WalMart was down the road after the killings. After their fungible propaganda had poisoned all of the players including Lanza and his mother.

This gives the corporate class money to burn when it comes to keep the US citizenry killing each other. It’s intentional make no mistake about that.

Since the grift of the corporate aristocracy increased by 525% since 1980(falling back to 344% by 2011) higher than the average working wage, we “have two Auroras (shootings) that take place every single day of every single year! At least 24 Americans every day (8-9,000 a year) are killed by people with guns – and that doesn't count the ones accidentally killed by guns or who commit suicide with a gun. Count them and you can triple that number to over 25,000.”

Who can be surprised when the man on the street in Serbia or the United Kingdom or Zimbabwe where murder rates are far, far lower thinks to himself life must be cheap in America? What an easy connect to the US homicidal foreign policy.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. --- 2nd Amendment to the Constitution

What do the corporate aristicacy fear most? Read the fuckin’ third word of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. ‘REGULATED!’ Corporate criminals hate regulation because it is comprised of laws and they apparently still have a residual paranoia that they may be punished for breaking said laws though Obama and Holder show no more inclination to do so than Cheney and Bush or Clinton before them on and on ad nauseam.

De-regulated Militias = Death Squads

How can private gun dealers, the NRA and the myriad of corporate aristocrats like the Koch brothers pretend to respect and honor the constitution when they don’t even give it a fair reading?

How many more mothers are gun owners gonna let the corporate aristocracy fuck?

What part of a 'well-regulated militia' don't you understand. And don't quote Scalia. He has syphillis.

Why can’t gun toting Americans see through the corporate scam and start taking some of these motherfuckers out. Because that’s exactly what they are. They just fucked two dozen or so more American mothers in Newtown.

You don’t think the Koch brothers enjoty killing? Just look at their leering faces on the net. You don’t think WalMart CEO Mike Duke is relishing every fuckin’ minute of this yet another divisive debate among the consumer serf class over so-called ‘gun laws.’

By the Second Amendment, the Founding Fathers intended that a civilian militia under the control of state and federal authorities be at the ready lest the British aristocracy attempt to reclaim its holdings in the colonies.

New Invasion by deadly Corporate Aristocracy

We are very fortunate that our Founding Fathers had such unintended foresight as the Second Amerndment because a new threat is upon us --- the corporate aristocracy. They already have their private armies and police forces whether it be internal security, out source thug armies like the former Blackwater/Xe, Dyncorp, Triple Canopy or Wackenhut as well as de facto control over the US military. Formidable, yeah. But we’re Amurkins and we can drive off these corporate aristocratic cocksuckers and their legions just like we did the fuckin’ British. Right, Bubba! Bubba? Bubba?