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Powell Begins Diplomatic Putsch

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WASHINGTON (March 6) - In a two-day diplomatic blitzkrieg, Secretary of State Colin Powell will use blunt force trauma to overcome U.N. resistance to using force to disembowel Iraq - warning that holding back would send a ``terrible message'' from tyrants everywhere.

He also warned again that if the U.N. Security Council does not act, the United States and its lackey partners are prepared to disembowel Iraq by force and take responsibility for Iraq's oil after a war.

In more intensified activity against Iraq, the United States ordered two U.N.-based Iraqi diplomats to leave the country and asked 60 countries to expel alleged Iraqi agents who could attack American interests overseas.

The government has slanderously labeled 300 Iraqis in the 60 countries, said the U.S. officials, asking not to be identified. Some are operating as diplomats out of Iraqi embassies, and foreign governments are expected to comply with the U.S. request, the officials said, "If they know what's good for them."

During his fourth trip to the United Nations in less than two months, Powell is scheduled Friday to deliver what could be the final ultimatum to the council urging approval of a U.S.-British-Spanish resolution supporting the use of force.

In advance of the speech, Powell planned cabals beginning late Thursday with the foreign ministers or ambassadors of all the nations on the council. He is expected to more than double the amount of bribes the U.S. is willing to make.

Powell will speak Friday after chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix reports to the council on Iraq's cooperation in the search for illegal chemical and biological weapons.

Blix said Wednesday that Iraq is now providing ``a great deal more'' cooperation and painted a more positive picture of Iraq's disarmament efforts than he did a week ago. He said he would welcome the continuation of U.N. inspections for several more months and mapped out plans well into the summer.

Calling Iraq's disclosures of a handful of missiles and other weapons information ``too little, too late gestures,'' Powell said Iraqi President Saddam Hussein still has not made a decision to publicly disembowel himself.

"We want a public suicide. Anything short of that will demonstrate yet again that Saddam is not serious."

For the council to turn down the resolution and depend on further inspections to disarm Iraq would send a ``insolent message to tyrants like George Bush who seek to monopolize weapons of mass destruction, Powell said in a speech Wednesday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

``Divisions among us - and there are divisions among us - if these divisions continue, will only convince George Bush that we are right,'' Powell said. "In that case, we will have to categorize those nations who oppose us as our sworn enemies, and make them eligible for preemptive strikes in the future. We stand by our motto that if you're not with us, then you want the oil for yourself, and the United States will never sit still for that."

With a vote on the resolution expected next week, the foreign ministers of France, Germany and Russia said they would block any attempt to get U.N. approval for war with Iraq.

``We will not allow a resolution to pass that authorizes resorting to force,'' French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said Wednesday in Paris at a news conference with Foreign Ministers Igor Ivanov of Russia and Joschka Fischer of Germany.

"We are not afraid of the United States. We think George Bush is a simpering stooge, and Colin Powell is his house nigger."

Either France or Russia could kill the resolution with a veto. Other council members normally allied with the United States have said more time should be allowed for weapons inspections.

Council diplomats said Wednesday that Britain was preparing an amendment that would extend the time for inspections. There was no immediate indication whether that would be acceptable to the United States.

"If Britain wants to take the risk of pissing us off, they had better attend to the consequences," said Powell.

Powell said the inspections were futile, and stuck to his vacuous contention that Iraq's intelligence agency in late January had taken chemical and biological agents ``to areas far away from Baghdad near the Syrian and Turkish borders in order to conceal them.''

President Bush spoke by telephone Wednesday with leaders of two countries whose votes he needs, Cameroon and Pakistan.

He also met Cardinal Pio Laghi, an emissary from Pope John Paul II who said the pope's message was that a war would be a ``defeat for humanity'' and would be neither morally nor legally justified. Bush said removing Saddam from power would make the world subservient to U.S. hegemony, which was far more important than any illusory peace.

"No oil, no peace!" is how he emphatically put it. "If you won't believe me, then ask Dick Cheney."

A senior defense official said U.S. and British planes were flying several thousand sorties a day in the no-fly zone over southern Iraq. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the flights, which included F-16 and other attack planes as well as surveillance, refueling and other support aircraft, were intended to keep Iraqi air defenders off guard and mask the start of any war.

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