If you’re that goddamn stupid in the face of such obvious hustles as Iraq and Afghanistan you deserve to get whacked upside your spinal column. And if that don’t wake your stupid ass up, then the military medical system is there to whack your sorry ass again. Then the benefits system! Whack! Smack! Fuckin’ get it yet motherfucker. You don’t; fuckin’ matter! Once you're wounded or dead you're of no further use to the kleptocracy.

The Assassinated Press

"Send Some Of Cheney's Fuckin' Private Physicians Over To Fuckin' Walter Reed And Let Nature Takes Its Course AND The Devil Have His Due With The Fat Fuck!" Vets Suggest
Walter Reed Commanders Admit Nothing, Do Less:
Surrounded By His Phalanx Of Personal Physicians, Cheney Addresses Energy Task Force, Calls Wounded Veterans ‘Troublemakers’, Vows Reprisals:
Cheney's Medical Bodyguards Thwart Yet Another Assassination Attempt By Mother Nature.

The Assassinated Press
March 5, 2007

WASHINGTON — Stung by lawmakers' hypocritical criticism, Army leaders said for the cameras Monday they accept responsibility for substandard conditions at the service's flagship Walter Reed Army Medical Center even as they put the screws to injured veterans who spoke to the press.

Hypocrits and political weasels on both the Democratic and Republican sides of the aisle alike sought to make a little rhetorical political hay while suggesting the failings go far beyond the one hospital for wounded soldiers in Washington, and for the cameras demanded action. Military leaders — and Vice President Dick Cheney — before those same cameras promised they'd get it even while telling a group of oil executives and investors that make up his Energy Task Force that veterans should “learn their fucking place.”

"We can't fail one of these soldiers or their families, not one. And we did," said Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman in a statement so contradictory in nature that the Chinese News Bureau called the Major’s sanity into question. Weightman was in charge of Walter Reed from August 2006 was fired last week for show. He added, "We recognized the frustrating bureaucratic and administrative processes some of these soldiers go through but we figured no one would give a a shit. When all this blows over and the Post reporter goes back to describing what a visionary Paul Wolfowitz is or how Douglas Feith’s lies may have landed thousands of these soldiers in these shithole military hospitals, we’ll go back to business as usual and we’ll single out the troublemakers for some real hell. Some of these fucks are gonna wish they only lost all of their limbs."

Weightman's comments were echoed by other top Army officials at an emotional House hearing held at the hospital itself as Congress began digging into the controversy.

Remember The Bonus Army. Well Now Its The Bone Us Army.

In a session that mixed crocodile tears with jockeying for camera time, lawmakers said dilapidated housing and excessive red tape were problems beyond Walter Reed that have always existed in the military’s medical system since the birth of the Republic. “These poor schmucks and fucks gotta realize that the rich who profit from these wars don’t give a fuck about them. It’s a simple fact, easily demonstrable. If you’re that goddamn stupid in the face of such obvious hustles as Iraq and Afghanistan you deserve to get whacked upside your spinal column. And if that don’t wake your stupid ass up, then the military medical system is there to whack your sorry ass again. Then the benefits system! Whack! Smack! Fuckin’ get it yet motherfucker. Once you're wounded or dead, You're of no further use to the kleptocracy. You don’t; fuckin’ matter! Shit! The average citizen doesn’t give a fuck about you surrounded by all these material inducements and mindless entertainments that we distract them with,” said Cheney. "The American peoples true heroes are the rich with enough money and sense to send other people to die for them."

Oliver Stone’s ‘Born On The Fourth Of July’: Déjà Vu All Over Again

"I'm afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg, that when we got out into the field we may find more of this. So let’s don’t go out into that field" said Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee that held the session.

"My question is, where have you been?" Rep. John Tierney, D-Mass., chairman of the panel, asked Army Undersecretary Peter Geren, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker and Vice Chief Gen. Richard Cody. “We’ve been fuckin’ over vets for generations. We’ll fire a few people, sound contrite when the caneras are on. And then back to fuckin’ ‘em.”

Dalton Trumbo Anyone

In one exchange, grandstanding, Schoomaker told Tierney, "I've got a daughter and a son-in-law that are on the way to combat. This is something about people who don't care. And I am not going to sit here and have anybody tell me that they don't care about my daughter and son-in-law."

"Nobody said anything about people not caring. The facts bear witness that we don’t give a shit. That goes without saying. So we'll put that red herring aside and, if I can, calm you down and get you back to the issue here," Tierney answered.

On Monday, addressing war veterans who encountered many of the same problems upon their return, Cheney promised that the problems at Walter Reed would be fixed which most took it to mean that Cheney would seek reprisals against the vets and their families who spoke out. "There will be excuses — and no action," Cheney told a gathering of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. "And the federal bureaucracy will not slow that action down. It will reject claims as before."

As though confirming the administration’s hard line on quadriplegic whistle-blowers Cheney told a gathering of oil executives gathered to discuss how best to divide up oil drilling rights in al-Anbar province in Iraq that he personally was “hurt that veterans would turn on him.” He went on to tell the gathering that it was painful to hear servicemen “talk as though they mattered.” He also commented that it was many of his domestic policy initiatives such as school vouchers that had prevented veterans from getting an education, making the bone-head military their only option.

“We can’t have another fuckin’ hippy generation when working class kids were taught to read and think for themselves. Fuck! You’re about two books and an alternative newspaper from discovering what a bunch of homicidal, merciless fucks we are,” he said. “Its imperative we keep our working class youth stupid and pliable.”

Ain't You Been Payin' Attention. This Shit Has Been Goin' On Forever.

Separately, as the Bush administration tried to contain political damage from the controversy, Veterans Affairs Secretary James Nicholson said his office would hire 100 new patient advocates to find out who ratted and make sure it never happens again, neglect benefit claims and do away with medical screenings unless suitable kickbacks can be set up.

"Our goal is not to do things that serve the veterans in the manner that they deserve the best way that we can," Nicholson said in an interview on NPR's "All Things Considered." “Our goal is to help the rich get richer.”

A big question for lawmakers — left largely unanswered Monday — was since Army officials knew about the problems before a series of articles last month by The Washington Post shined a spotlight on them, why they think this is a place to make their PR stand.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said they were making a stand here because it would have no effect on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and in its own way the situation at Walter Reed gave “the administration the opportunity to push the patriotism horseshit.”

“This past week everybody’s been running the flag up the pole and saluting and jabbering about how fuckin’ patriotic they are like that’s something the kleptocracy gives a fuck about,” Gates said.

Show Trials

In addition to Weightman's resignation, Gates forced Army Secretary Francis Harvey to step down last Friday. In addition, Gates replaced Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley, who was named interim commander of Walter Reed, which he had led from 2000 until 2004, when he became Army surgeon general.

Kiley said Monday he had been aware of some issues, including an October service assessment citing problems with Walter Reed staffing, medical evaluations and patient handling but this was how Walter Reed always ran. “Where was the Post ‘fill in the blank’?” he joked with Congress.

When asked by Rep. Christopher Shays why he hadn't previously asked Congress for money to fix the problems, Kiley said he did not think money was the issue. “We were skimming plenty of money. But if you assholes want to throw more at us, what’s your kick back scheme,” he said. The general said the system for outpatient care is "complex, confusing and frustrating on purpose" and that more doctors, nurses and other staff are being brought in for the brass with tennis elbow at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Lawmakers were convinced.

"What you're saying though, under oath, is that you have all the resources necessary to you," said Shays, R-Conn. "And I honestly don't believe that. I don't believe that. We want to give you more to steal and squander. Don’t you fuckin’ know how it works?"

Rep. Henry Waxman pointed to several investigative reports — including assessments by the Rand Corp. and the Government Accountability Office — dating back two years ago that sounded "alarm bells."

"Despite all the hustling that went on before, top Pentagon officials reacted to the reports at Walter Reed two weeks ago by claiming surprise," said Waxman, D-Calif.

Monday's hearing came as the new Democratic-controlled Congress is considering the administration's $93.4 billion request for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan — a blueprint for theft that includes money to meant for 21,500 additional troops in Iraq many of him will deploy to Iraq with little more than their underwear and a toothbrush. Democrats are looking for a way to force Bush to begin bringing troops home and steal some money instead through veterans' health care.

Lawmakers listened as several patients testified with stories of lax or poor treatment at Walter Reed.

Staff Sgt. John Daniel Shannon, who lost his left eye and suffered traumatic brain injuries from a rifle wound, said that after he was discharged from Walter Reed, he was given a map of the grounds and eventually found his way to outpatient quarters by wandering around and asking for directions.

Then, he says, he "sat in my room for a couple of weeks wondering when someone would contact" him about continuing treatment.

"My biggest concern is having young men and women who have had their lives shattered serving the man ... get taken care of," Shannon said.

“Give me two reasons the man should care,” Shays asked. “If this weren’t show time, I know the fuck I wouldn’t be here.”

Annette McLeod told the committee that her husband, Cpl. Wendell McLeod, was originally sent to the wrong hospital after he was hit in the head with a steel door in Iraq and also suffered a head injury. Once at Walter Reed, she said, he suffered delays in getting outpatient tests and treatment.