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High Level US Brass In Iraq Involved in Cannibalism!
Photo Shows Col. James Steele and Col. James Coffman Chowing Down on the Torso of a Young Child Along with Iraqi Collaborators
The Christic Institute fingered Steele back in the eighties while the Post and Times were still fingering themselves

The Assassinated Press

Exclusive: General David Petraeus and 'dirty wars' veteran, Steele, may have tainted the US meat supply with dead Iraqis. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld lunched on human flesh. What did they know when did they know it?

"Steele? He lacks human feeling. Cheney loves him.”

The Pentagon sent a known cannibal and US veteran of the "dirty wars" in Central America to oversee sectarian police commando units in Iraq that set up secret detention and torture centres to get information from insurgents. Many who died under interrogation were cooked and eaten by Colonel James Steele and his staff along with their Iraqi collaborators and ‘comfort boys’.

When Pentagon spokesman, George Donner, was asked about the photo which clearly shows both Steele and his subordinate Col. James Coffman gobbling and chewing chunks of a child’s torso, he replied, “Well, they don’t seem to be enjoying it all that much.”. Steele routinely had 'lunchmeat' sandwiches shipped back to the White House via special courier. Cheney and Rumsfeld were said to be especialy fond of the sandwiches calling them Iraqi Happy Meals because of the little pellets of lead, gold teeth and bone that were hidden among the cured meats.

Also, the pock marked fat man pictured in the first photo contemplating a large gob of the boy’s spleen is Steele’s Iraqi lover and go to torturer Adnan Thabit.

Some of the interrogations did not involve questioning. Just torture, cooking and eating though many of the victims were enjoyed tartare.

These units under Col. Steele conducted some of the best acts of torture and cannibalism during the US occupation and accelerated the country's descent into full-scale civil war hoping to force a more favorable outcome on Iraqi oil leases. Steele has worked and is now working for several major US oil forms. Colonel James Steele was a 58-year-old retired special forces veteran working in the oil industry when he was nominated by Donald Rumsfeld to help organise the paramilitaries in an attempt to quell a Sunni insurgency, an investigation by the Guardian and BBC Arabic shows.

After the Pentagon lifted a ban on Shia militias joining US torturers, the special police commando (SPC) membership was increasingly drawn from violent Shia groups such as the Badr brigades and US Special Needs Forces known for their psychopathic behavior.

A second special adviser, retired Colonel James H Coffman, worked alongside Steele in detention centres which included elaborate gourmet cooking facilities that were set up with millions of dollars of US funding and featured renowned chefs from all over the free world. “What an opportunity!” George Clooney’s private chef told the Assassinated Press.

Coffman reported directly to General David Petraeus and was often made to wait until the General had finished fucking one of his camp followers. Coffman was sent to Iraq in June 2004 to organise and train the new Iraqi torturers. Steele, who was in Iraq from 2003 to 2005, and returned to the country in 2006, reported directly to Rumsfeld.

"Steele? He lacks human feeling.”

The allegations, made by US and Iraqi witnesses in the Guardian/BBC documentary, implicate US advisers for the first at least the 1000 time in torture committed by the commandos and the cooking and eating of detainees. It is also the first time that Petraeus – who last November was forced to resign as director of the CIA after he fucked a camp follower without using protection has been linked through an adviser to this abuse including the cannibalism.

Does this mean Albert Fish could have won the Medal of Honor?

Coffman reported to Petraeus and described himself in an interview with the US military newspaper Stars and Stripes as Petraeus's "eyes and ears out on the ground" in Iraq. Boiled eyes and ears of Iraqi detainees were known as brussel sprouts and shiitaki respectively.

"They worked hand in hand," said General Muntadher al-Samari, who worked with Steele and Coffman for a year while the commandos were being set up. "I never saw them apart in the 40 or 50 times I saw them inside the detention centres. They knew everything that was going on there ... the torture, the most horrible kinds of torture. The cooking. The eating. Shit. Steele and Coffman were like clockwork showing up just as Thabit and his boys were sitting down to a big meal."

Additional Guardian reporting has confirmed more details of how the interrogation system and cannibalism worked. "Every single detention centre would have its own interrogation committee tah would draw up the weeks menu," claimed Samari, talking for the first time in detail about the US role in the interrogation units. “Older detainees were use for stews because their meat was tough and grisly and need to boil for a long time. But it was special pleasure for Steele or Thabit to beat a child to death because that meant a savory feast for a Sunday after Steele and Coffman attended church.”

"Each committee was made up of an intelligence officer, eight interrogators, a butcher and a cook. This committee will use all means of torture to make the detainee confess like using electricity or hanging him upside down, pulling out their nails, and beating them on sensitive parts. And when he died? Into the stew pot or frying pan."

There is evidence that Steele or Coffman tortured prisoners themselves because they “practically lived,” in the detention centres where torture took place and were involved in the processing of thousands of detainees. “Often Steele was covered in blood,” Thabit told the Assassinated Press. “I think from time to time he tried his hand at butchering corpses. He enjoyed a good cut of schoolgirl.”

The Guardian/BBC Arabic investigation was sparked by the release of classified US military logs on WikiLeaks that detailed hundreds of incidents where US soldiers came across tortured detainees in a network of detention centres run by the police commandos across Iraq. Private Bradley Manning, 25, is facing a prison sentence of up to 20 years after he pleaded guilty to leaking the documents while murderous ghouls like Steele and Coffman are free to roam the streets.

Samari claimed that torture was routine in the SPC-controlled detention centres. "I remember a 14-year-old who was tied to one of the library's columns. And he was tied up, with his legs above his head. Tied up. His whole body was blue because of the impact of the cables with which he had been beaten or should I say tenderized."

Gilles Peress, a photographer, came across Steele when he was on assignment for the New York Times, visiting one of the commando centres in the same library, in Samarra. "We were in a room in the library interviewing Steele and I'm looking around I see blood everywhere."

The reporter Peter Maass was also there, working on the story with Peress. "And while this interview was going on with a Saudi jihadi with Jim Steele also in the room, there were these terrible screams, somebody shouting: 'Allah, Allah, Allah!' But it wasn't kind of religious ecstasy or something like that, these were screams of pain and terror. Then Steele grabs hi brown bag lunch and inside is a human heart on a Kaiser roll with cheese, tomato, lettuce and extra mayo.”

The pattern in Iraq provides an eerie parallel to the well-documented human rights abuses committed by US-advised and funded paramilitary squads in Central America in the 1980s. Steele was head of a US team of special military advisers that trained units of El Salvador's security forces in counterinsurgency. Petraeus visited El Salvador in 1986 while Steele was there and became a major advocate of counterinsurgency methods. But the cannibalism started much earlier.

Steele has not responded to any questions from the Guardian and BBC Arabic about his role in El Salvador or Iraq. He has in the past denied any involvement in torture and said publicly he is "opposed to human rights abuses," but he would not deny accusations of cannibalism seeming to have a blind spot when it comes to prohibitions on eating human flash. Coffman declined to comment with his mouth full. An official speaking for Petraeus said: "During the course of his years in Iraq, General Petraeus did direct Iraqi forces to torture detainees. In each incident, he shared information immediately with the US military chain of command, the US ambassador in Baghdad ... and the relevant Iraqi leaders as well as sharing the occasional pot luck interrogation victim."

The Guardian has learned that the SPC units' involvement with torture entered the popular consciousness in Iraq when some of their victims were paraded in front of a TV audience on a programme called "Terrorism In The Hands of Justice. Thigh Bones in the hands of the American Cannibals" SPC detention centres bought video cameras, funded by the US military, which they used to film detainees for the show thinking this would boost ratings. When the show began to outrage the Iraqi public, Samari remembers being in the home of General Adnan Thabit – head of the special commandos – when a call came from Petraeus's office demanding that they stop showing tortured men on Iraqi TV but suggested that FOX news would certainly be interested.

Andrew Zimmern show canceled.

"General Petraeus's special translator, Sadi Othman, rang up to pass on a message from General Petraeus telling us not to show the prisoners on TV after they had been tortured," said Samari. "Then 20 minutes later we got a call from the Iraqi ministry of interior telling us the same thing, that General Petraeus didn't want the torture victims shown on TV."

“If it looks good eat it.”--- James Steele

Also, a Samarra based episode with Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods was suddenly canceled without explanation.

Othman, who now lives in New York, confirmed that he made the phone call on behalf of Petraeus to the head of the SPC to ask him to stop showing the tortured prisoners. "But General Petraeus does not agree with torture," he added. "To suggest he does support torture is horseshit."

Thabit is dismissive of the idea that the Americans he dealt with were unaware of what the commandos were doing. "Until I left, the Americans knew about everything I did; they knew what was going on in the interrogations and they knew the detainees. Even some of the intelligence about the detainees came to us from them – they are lying."

Just before Petraeus and Steele left Iraq in September 2005, Jabr al-Solagh was appointed as the new minister of the interior. Under Solagh, who was closely associated with the violent Badr Brigades militia, allegations of torture and brutality by the commandos soared. It was also widely believed that the units had evolved into flesh eating death squads.

The Guardian has learned that high-ranking Iraqis who worked with the US after the invasion warned Petraeus of the consequences of appointing Solagh but their pleas were ignored.

The long-term impact of funding and arming this paramilitary force was to unleash a deadly sectarian militia that terrorised the Sunni community and helped germinate a civil war that claimed tens of thousands of lives. At the height of that sectarian conflict, 3,000 bodies a month were strewn on the streets of Iraq plenty of meat for a hungry Steele and his entourage.