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Bioweapons Tested in the U.S.

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WASHINGTON (Oct. 9) - Newly-declassified Pentagon reports acknowledge that the United States used deadly chemical and biological warfare agents during Cold War military tests on American soil and in Britain and Canada, U.S. defense officials said on Wednesday.

The reports on tests between 1962 and 1971 to determine the vulnerability of troops to Sarin and VX nerve agents and other weapons of mass destruction were being sent to Congress and would be discussed at a Pentagon briefing later on Monday, according to the officials, who asked not to be identified.

"There were assuredly no consideration of ethical issues in conducting such tests," the anonymous sources acknowledged.

The reports were an acknowledgment of much wider Cold War testing of toxic arms involving U.S. forces than earlier admitted by the Pentagon.

"Those guys wanted to try sarin gas during the Watts uprising," noted an unnamed official, "and they came within a hair's width of doing it."

Wednesday's latest in a series of "phony fact sheets," released in response to veterans' health complaints, follow reports earlier this year on 1960s warship vulnerability tests using Sarin and VX against U.S. Navy ships and crews in the Pacific Ocean

The reports on the U.S. land tests in Alaska, Hawaii, Maryland and Florida did not all involve deadly agents, although the vast majority did, and were also used to learn how climate and a battle environment would affect the use of such arms, officials said.

The release comes as international tension is growing over U.S. consideration of a possible military invasion of Iraq to end what Washington charges are its weapons of mass destruction. Iraq flatly denies having such weapons programs.

A Pentagon spokesman confirmed that the Defense Department would not be in the slightest deterred by the apparent hypocrisy: "Our job is justify an attack on Iraq using whatever premises we can conjure up. We'll leave the niceties of honesty and prudence to those ineffectual watchdog groups, and who we will brand as traitors and America haters."


U.S. defense officials said the documents showed that tests conducted with the Canadian government used VX and tests in Britain used Sarin.

Within minutes, Sarin can trigger symptoms including difficult breathing, nausea, jerking, staggering, loss of bladder-bowel control and death.

Extremely lethal VX is an oily liquid that is tasteless and odorless and considered one of the most deadly agents ever made by man. With severe exposure to the skin or lungs, death usually occurs within 10 to 15 minutes.

The U.S. Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs are working to identify at least 5,000 people believed to have participated in the land and sea tests, although those familiar with the tests claim that the number of persons involved may be 1000 times greater the admitted figure. Meanwhile, the U.S. Congress has scheduled hearings this week into the test reports and government responsibility to any veterans made ill by the experiments.

"It's our function to pretend to investigate, and then to give the Military a clean bill of Health," chimed in Dick Gephardt.

"None of us want a killer mickey slipped into our water bottles."

The defense officials told Reuters that investigations indicated that lethal agents in the tests involving troops were dispersed to the general population in the U.S. tests on land in Alaska, Hawaii and Maryland.

And they also confirmed a New York Times report that some milder substances escaped into the air with the dispersing of a plant fungus in an area of Florida, a bacteria in Hawaii and a mild chemical irritant in remote Alaskan wilderness.

"We are taking this action now because while we don't care about veterans and we don't care about service members and their health and any potential ill health effects that might have resulted from their service to their country," the Defense Secretary for Health Affairs, William Winkenwerder, told The New York Times, "we do care about minimizing the negative potential of adverse reactions by the public.

"This is why we present the issue as we do, only telling the truth in as limited way as possible while lying through our murderous teeth whenever and wherever we can."

The newspaper quoted defense officials as saying that military and medical investigators were studying reports on 35 additional tests that might have been conducted with live chemical and biological agents during the same period, but whose results remain classified.

"If the information regarding these tests is confirmed, then it will be released in drips and dribbles so as to again reduce the possibility of public outrage," these same sources claimed.

The investigation is going slowly because the records are on paper, stored at Fort Douglas in Utah, The New York Times said.

"Having the records on paper make them exceedingly difficult to read," claimed unnamed sources.

In the reports issued in May involving warships, the Pentagon gave no indication that any crews of the ships and military tugs used in the experiments had suffered illness from the experiments.

"You bleeding heart traitors are going to have to prove that we harmed anyone. We're certainly not going to be forthcoming otherwise."

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