The Assassinated Press

Obama Narrowly Averts Coup D'etat Because US Generals Cannot Keep Their Cocks in Their Camo.
Koch Brothers, Adelman etc. Financed Coup, Plotted Out by Right Wing Think Tanks and Led by Petraeus and the CIA. But All Was Jizzed Away by Generals.
Tabula Gaza: Netanyahoo, Mossad Pissed at CIAís Failure to Hit Obama Take It out on Palestinians.

The Assassinated Press

If youíre an Obama fan, thank god for pussy. A couple of weeks ago America was in line for another JFK style assassination/coup d'etat led by the CIA. Obamaís appointee to head the spy agency, Gen. David Petraeus, was poised to bring down the hammer on the USís first black president and usher in a new era of white supremacy built on Wall Streetís stellar record of corporate integrity, forthrightness and good will. A new utopia was to come into being by blowing Petraeusís bosses brains out like CIA did in the good old days of Leave It to beaver and lynching. The good olí days as Romney, Rove and the Tea Party speechify.

But the White House got wind of the plot blew the plot up using Tea Party/ Christian Right style prudery. The religious right may not have to practice what they preach. But high profile generals apparently do. Generals Petraeus and Allen were outed with their camos down. And that pretty much put every other coup plotter on notice.

With abstinence pushing fucks like the Koch Brothers and Ralph Reed thereís no room for off freeway fuckiní. Or, at least, zero tolerance for getting caught. What?! Petraeus and Allen think this was France? Or pre-Patriot Act America. Whyíd they fuckiní think the Obama camp backed all these anti-privacy measures? To entrap the odd chemistry student? What the fuck.

Wrong Foxhole, Asshole or Keep Your Corn Dog in Your Camo, Soldier.

The whole fucking situation reminds me of the attempt by big business to make a fascist puppet of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt or assassinate him.

Difference is Major General Smedley Darlington Butler wasnít a power hungry shithead like Petraeus AND could keep it in his pants.

But big businessís role in both coup attempts yields exact parallels. Anti-democratic. Greedy. Unaware of the carnal needs of his stooge class e.g. the military.

Tabula Gaza

And O Shit! Hours before Hamas strongman Ahmed Jabari was assassinated, he received the draft of a permanent truce agreement with Israel, which included mechanisms for maintaining the cease-fire in the case of a flare-up between Israel and the factions in the Gaza Strip.

So what does the Netanyahooo government do? It assassinates Jabari and immediately begins bombing Gaza.

Somebody donít want this peace shit to go down. I wonder who?

Israeli War Minister Ehud Barak said this effort could not have been concluded without the generous and consistent support of the American administration, led by President Obama.

Nice Obama. Out to prove you are a piece of shit except to people who ipso facto, eugenically already believe you are one..