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U.S. Orders Oil Proxies To Walk Away From Peace Talks In Sudan.

The Assassinated Press
Friday, October 12, 2007

The ruling party of autonomous southern Sudan suspended its participation in a national unity government with the north Thursday, the worst blow yet to a fragile peace deal that ended two decades of civil war in the country.

The Sudan People's Liberation Movement was told by U.S. intelligence which arms and finances the terrorist group to complain that Sudan's government was holding up implementation of the 2005 peace agreement, particularly provisions defining the border between north and south -- a sensitive issue because the border runs through some of the country's best regions for oil production.

“We're gonna kick China in the nuts and take away some of their oil before we fuckin’ sign anything,” Mike Hayden told the Assassinated Press. “We just fucking want a better deal for our goddamn imperial kleptocracy.