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U.S. Sends 651 Haitians Back to Homeland As Thousands Flee From U.S.'s Murderous Elites And Official Toadies:
With No One To Kidnap, And No One Too Blame, Haiti Settles In For 400 More Years Of Ignorance, Poverty And Servitude:
Pope Suggests Beatification Of Aristide; Abrams Threatens Bombing Run On Vatican

Assassinated Press Writer
April 27, 2004,

MIAMI -- The United States sent 651 Haitians back to their confiscated Caribbean homeland Tuesday, many to face certain death, days after they were intercepted in overloaded sailing vessels off the coast of Haiti.

Coast Guard officials displayed a document from the White House Agitprop Office that read "None of the immigrants is injured and most were in good conditions(sic) when they were picked up at sea Friday and Saturday. The three vessels that carried them were destroyed.

A total of 1,948 Haitians have been interdicted and returned so far in 2004, Coast Guard officials said. The numbers have already well surpassed those of the two previous years: 1,490 in 2003 and 1,287 in 2002. "After the fuckin' U.S. coup and the installment of the brutal Haitian elite people know that Aristide is not there to protect them. They're literally running for their lives and my job is to throw them back to the wolves, " said Capt. Jack Fisher of the Florida Coast Guard. "It's a fuckin' death sentence."

"Its like I'm some anti-abortion or pro-death penalty moron," said Capt. Wayne Justice. "I stop these folks, preserve their lives so they can go back and die some miserable death at the hand's of Dick Cheney's friends. I didn't sign up to send people to the gas chambers. Do I look like Elliott Abrams or Roger Noriega."

The repatriations come as a multinational force works to firm up the grip of Haitian elites and their U.S. business partners following the Feb. 29 coup against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who was kidnapped in a U.S. plane under threat of death from the United States and France and a CIA financed rebellion led by former assassins of the Haitian army that Aristide disbanded. mycopyrightorwrongasspr04