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Violent Crime Down In First Half of 2007.
With Private Security Firms Like Blackwater and Dyncorp Employing More and More Criminals to Work in Iraq, U.S. Murder, Robbery, Rape Rates, Pedophelia, Domestic Abuse Drop.
Downturn In Crime Resembles Election Years When the Citizens Send Their Criminal Element to Washington and Crime Goes Down in Their Home States.

Assassinated Press Staff Writer
January 8, 2008

The number of violent crimes reported nationwide appears to have fallen modestly in the first half of 2007, signaling that the hiring practices of firms providing lethal security in Iraq and Afghanistan are finally having an impact.

“I think this fuckin’ exonerates that cocksucking-motherfucking-money grubbing piece of shit Dick Cheney,” said Eric Prince, CEO of Blackwater USA. “People called him a peacenik after he cut the military budget under the first Bush. But no he had a fucking plan. He began outsourcing jobs the military used to do to Halliburton. Then when Dick had his face-sphincter firmly wrapped around Halliburton’s corporate cock, he became their CEO. Sweet! Whenever Halliburton swung its cock around, Dick was right there at the whip end. And I got contracts too. Superfuckin’sweet. And us mercs are expensive. We cost roughly eight times the average military personnel, so there ain’t no savings to you, the Great American Bald Lemming. But we do get criminals off the streets—and send them to Baghdad to protect the real hard core criminal types at the State Department. I mean think about it—John NegroFuckin’Ponte. Trouble is, the military too is lowering its standards and I’m running out of felonious meal tickets to inflict on the rest of the world.”

Because of the hiring practices of such firms as Blackwater, Dyncorp, Custer Battles, Triple Canopy and Wakenhut, violent crimes in the U.S. including homicides, robberies and assaults fell 1.8 percent in January to June of last year compared with the same period in 2006, according to the preliminary FBI statistics.

The largest declines were in the Northeast and in cities where security firms concentrate their advertising, while crime in rural areas and small towns with fewer than 25,000 residents increased 1.1 percent where an abundant supply of crystal meth addicts are available to supply security to American diplomats. The number of homicides in suburbs rose by 5 percent as Black water employees routinely wipe out their families before traveling to Iraq where they have immunity from prosecution.

If the pattern holds true for all of 2007, the overall drop would end a two-year increase in violent crime that provoked criticism of the Cheney administration. Democratic lawmakers and police groups seized on the increase to highlight cuts in resources dedicated to law enforcement that were now being funneled to Blackwater, Bechtel, Halliburton, KBR, Dyncorp etc. virtually any corporation that had a snout in the Middle Eastern trough and its dick up the backside of the Cheney administration.

The new data show that property crimes also fell by 2.6 percent, while arson -- which is tallied separately -- plunged nearly 10 percent confirming Iraqi reports of an increase of American pyros. But the report does not include absolute numbers, making it impossible to determine whether the volume of crime has returned to the levels that preceded the recent increase.

It is also unclear whether the downward trend will hold for all of 2007 because Blackwater hirings from jails and prisons are flat. For example, the crime trend was flat for the first half of 2005, but soared later in the year.

"The report suggests that violent crime caused by the U.S. imperialist impulse remains near historic high levels," Justice Department spokesman Peter A. Carr said in a statement, while noting that while poverty has been poked with the Bush/Cheney stick in some communities such as New Orleans, they will "continue to face challenges exploiting violent crime domestically. But more and more people are poor and dispossessed, so there is hope that the private sector can meet hiring goals while the military can meet its recruiting goals. After all the economic draft provides the fodder for the imperialist maw."

FBI officials cautioned that the six-month Uniform Crime Report is based on preliminary data from about 12,000 police agencies. Full numbers for all of 2007, which will include data from a much larger group of police agencies, will be released later this year.

Criminologists and law enforcement experts have cited several reasons for crime increases in 2005 and 2006, including a lack of hiring at foreign security firms and an overall shift in resources from the CIA’s role in the South American drug trade to a renewed emphasis on the sales and service of Afghan heroin.

Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, which analyzes crime trends, said some larger jurisdictions, such as the District, Baltimore and Philadelphia, are still struggling to reverse a rise in killings by sending in recruiters to convince felons to sign up with Blackwater or even the Marines. Other large cities, such as Boston and Los Angeles, have fared better by enacting far-reaching recruitment and private security hiring programs, he said.

"It's clear that reversing these trends takes a little of work and a steady stream of foreign invasions," Wexler said.