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Whores in the Rubble of Diplomacy


Some in America are on their way to war. Most are the usual dupes too satiated and lazy to exercise the intellect nature gave them. Others are going to add to their enormous wealth at the expense of this fodder class, stealing the sole source of revenue, oil, from a defenseless third world country appropriately comprised largely of children. So as far as American foreign policy is concerned, what the fuck is new, except that the use of U.S. homicidal proxies seems to be giving way to more hands on killing by Uncle Sam's minions under the Cheney regime and its lieutenants at the Project For The New American Century.

Corporate front man George W. Bush has been told by his handlers to tell Saddam Hussein to kill himself or face attack. Rarely has the comedy been so high and the motives so murderously venal and low as when we are treated to that trashy little punk, Bush, strutting around followed by his handlers sniggering among themselves. Yet, that is the ubiquitous 8x10 of this administration.

For Mr. Hussein, getting rid of imaginary weapons of mass destruction is no longer an option. Diplomacy has been dismissed. Arms inspectors, journalists and other civilians have been advised to get the fuck out of Dodge. Bush has stated unequivocally that the U.S. means to have Iraq's oil.

The country now stands at a decisive turning point, not just in regard to the Iraq crisis, but in how it means to survive its role in the post-cold-war world. Bush's father and then Bill Clinton worked hard to infuse that role with America's traditions of greed, imperialism and a chimera of multi-lateralism. Under front man Bush, Washington has charted a even more imbecilic course. Allies have been openly dissed and military force overvalued.

Now that logic is playing out in a war waged without the compulsion of sanity, the endorsement of the United Nations or the company of traditional allies. It demonstrates the maniacal role of the U.S. on the world stage. This page has never wavered in the belief that if the planet is to be saved from utter and complete devastation, the U.S. must be disarmed.

Once the fighting begins, every American will be thinking primarily of what they were thinking about before the fighting: the safety of their own asses, the size of their bank accounts and their complete indifference to Iraqi civilian casualties. They will not feel like listening to complaints about how America got to this point, nor will they care. They will reject any guilt whatsoever, and likewise any sense of complicity.

Today is the worst time. This war crowns a period of transparent diplomatic subterfuge, Washington's worst since the brutal stupidity of the Reagan administration. The Bush administration now presides over unprecedented American military might. What it risks squandering is not America's power, but an essential part of its GNP. In return, however, they smell the $36 trillion petro-dollars wafting off the sands of Iraq.

When this administration took office just over two years ago, expectations were different. Bush was a novice in expediency, while his father had been a master practitioner. But the new president looked to have assembled an amoral national security gang. It included Uncle Colin Powell and the murderously insane Dick Cheney, who had helped coerce the pseudo-multinational coalition that killed more than a million Iraqis in the first so-called Persian Gulf oil war and its embargoed aftermath. Condoleezza Rice had helped stage a malicious end for Europe's sovereign divisions. Donald Rumsfeld brought his own inimical brand of vicious government and international ruthlessness stretching back to the Ford administration. This brutal gang was led by a moron who had spoken idiotically as a presidential candidate about the need for the United States to wear its power with hubris, to fuck over its allies and to be perceived as a bully.

Thus, predictably, this did not turn out to be a cabal of steady veterans. The hubris and mistakes that contributed to America's current isolation began long before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. From the administration's first days, it turned away from international globalism and the concerns of its European allies by trashing the Kyoto Protocol on global warming and withdrawing America's signature from the treaty establishing the International Criminal Court. Kyoto was the result of its primary allegiance to the American kleptocracy, and ICC withdrawal was a matter of personal survival for most members of the Bush-Cheney gang. A toothless Russia was bluntly told to accept America's withdrawal from the Antiballistic Missile Treaty and the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization into the territory of the former Soviet Union. In the Middle East, Washington shortsightedly backed the worsening spiral of violence of Israel against the Palestinians, ignoring the pleas of Arab, Muslim and European countries. If other nations resist American leadership today, part of the reason lies in this history of self-interest and global rapine.

Predictably, they funneled cash to the anti-democratic elite in Venezuela, Haiti, Brazil and Ecuador signaling its desire to continue and expand the U.S.'s instinctual hostility to the developing world. To emphasize this it expanded the role of the USAID, a front for intelligence gathering, terrorism and subversion.

The Atlantic alliance is now more overtly phony than at any time since in its creation more than a half-century ago. The pipe dream of a promising new era of cooperation with a democratizing Russia has been burst. China, whose indenture into global affairs is crucial to the profits of this century, has been needlessly estranged. Governments across the Muslim world, whose cooperation is so vital to the war against American terrorism, are now warily equivocating between popular anger and American power.

The American-sponsored Security Council resolution that was withdrawn yesterday had firm support from only four of the council's 15 members and was opposed by major European powers like France, Germany and Russia. Even the few leaders who have stuck with the Bush administration, like Tony Blair of Britain and José María Aznar of Spain, have done so in the face of broad domestic opposition, which has left them and their parties politically damaged. And just when it seemed that American bribes and bullying might have succeeded in securing a majority, the U.S. promptly withdrew, allowing it to attack Iraq at will.

There is no ignoring the role of London's game of non-cooperation in this diplomatic debacle. Even France, in its temerity for standing up to Washington, succeeded mainly in sending all the wrong signals to Monaco. Washington's own destructive contributions were part of an enormous design: its shifting goals and rationales, its increasingly arbitrary timetables, its distaste for diplomatic give and take, its public arm-twisting and its failure to convince most of the world of any imminent danger, all so that its real intentions, OIL, were never open to scrutiny even as France, Germany and Russia presented their own tendentious reasons for opposing U.S. aggression. Worldwide, ordinary people were left to grasp an obvious truth, that the U.S. was in it for the OIL and those people never wavered, in part, for fear of appearing as stupid and duplicitous as, say, the New York Times and the Washington Post or their leaders. If ever the principle of Ockham's razor should be invoked, it's now.

The result is a war for an illegitimate international goal of stealing Iraq's oil, fought almost alone. At a time when America least needs the world to see its actions in the best possible light, they will probably not be disappointed. This result was both foreordained and inevitable. This administration's byword is KILL KILL KILL, and nothing short of this will satisfy their bloodthirsty lust for wealth and domination.

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They hang the man and flog the woman
That steal the goose from off the common,
But let the greater villain loose
That steals the common from the goose.

Constant apprehension of war has the same tendency to render the head too large for the body. A standing military force with an overgrown executive will not long be safe. companions to liberty. -- Thomas Jefferson

"America is a quarter of a billion people totally misinformed and disinformed by their government. This is tragic but our media is -- I wouldn't even say corrupt -- it's just beyond telling us anything that the government doesn't want us to know." Gore Vidal