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The Assassinated Press
March 7, 04

Scott Wilson's article, The Power Shift In Haiti, reads like someone who shares a criminal psychosis with his editor. No where has the straight jacket of the American official press been so evident.

For openers, Scotty Wilson warns that Aristide provided only $1.2 million for a universal literacy plan in Haiti editorially dampening this achievement . Never mind the Duvaliers and the Military provided nothing. Scott Wilson calls the program 'political' yet talks with a man who swears by its efficacy.

By careful semantic construct, Scott Wilson tries to make the 1.2 million seem like a pittance. But why was Aristide limited to 1.2 for his literacy campaign. Could it have been related to the U.S.'s pressure to withhold 500 million in loans and threaten the international community if it tried to help Aristide's Haiti? Could it be the CIA's sabotage and U.S. State Department funding of the so-called opposition as well as, through proxies, the equipping of the recent 'rebel' force made up of murderous thugs from the military Aristide disbanded? Could this have limited the scope and effectiveness of Aristide's literacy program?

Wilson doesn't say. Hence, the article as written makes little sense no matter what you know about Haiti unless you're a wack job like David Loewe Jr.

Wilson's reporting harks back to the Post's coverage of another thwarted literacy campaign, that of democratically elected President Juan Arevalo of Guatemala in 1951 just 3 years before the U.S. led coup which overthrew land reformist Jacobo Arbenz. What's so striking about this is that it is now a matter of historical record that the U.S. State Department and the CIA plotted to undermine Arevalo's literacy campaign and that the U.S. media uncritically reported the CIA line. We hear so much about how the media has changed. Yeah. Now, it's so calloused from taking it up the ass from the kleptocracy, it doesn't even flinch when it bends over. And that position seems permanent.

At, perhaps, the moral low point of the whole affair, a U.S. Navy ship boarded a Czech freighter and confiscated school paper, pencils, chalk boards, chalk and erasers bound for Arevalo's universal literacy campaign and threw them into the sea. The theory: an educated population is going to demand better working conditions, form trade unions and demand basic rights such as freedom of speech. Just like in Haiti the U.S. was having none of that. Arevalo's ambitious $7,000,000 plan (half of Guatemala's annual budget in 1951) went right down the toilet. Arevalo wrote a passionate, angry book called The Shark And The Sardines. Guess who the shark was.

Wilson begins every one of his pieces now with the phrase "Aristide who fled into exile." How does he know this? Well, he doesn't. Neither does his editor. It's a 'judgment call' on who he's going to believe---Rumsfeld and Powell who got caught with their dicks in their hands when it came to Iraqi WMD, its nuclear program, its ballistic missile program, connections to Al-Qaeda, etc., thugs who lied for oil, or Jean-Bertrand Aristide who founded orphanages, started human rights movements and literacy programs, attempted to feed the hungry and cloth the naked all the while being undermined by U.S. foreign policy makers that have already demonstrated their turpitude by sacrificing American and Iraqi lives for money. Historically, its called a 'bad judgment call', better known in theological circles as a ball-faced motherfuckin' lie.

And that's why you and your editor come off like fuckin' nuts, Scott. What a crazed lunatic you'll look like 25 years from now, that's if anyone notices. Maybe your kids will say when asked, "Dad? Oh dad was a racketeer for capitalism aka a journalist."

According to Scott, one of Aristide's sins is loading the ministries and cabinet with his supporters, people with compassion for the poor. If you take Scott's logic Aristide should have chosen people from the light-skinned elites to undermine any initiative from the jump or bring people on board that had been monetarily compromised by the U.S. Maybe he should have appointed Chamblain, Philippe and Constant to his cabinet in a gesture of reconciliation so he could be shot dead by his own Secretary of Education during a cabinet meeting. "Read! Why do they need to read? Take this Priest." Gunfire. Statement from Scott 'Soulrot' McClellan: "Mr. Aristide's literacy campaign went too far. There was the potential for violence if everybody learned to read and began demanding things like a decent wage."

Lavalas won the vast majority of municipal elections fair and square. Why would Aristide then choose people with very little popular support or desire for change to run ministries and inhabit his cabinet? That's akin to the utterly dishonest "bizarro world" of the Reagan years when the Secretary of the Interior wanted to cut down every tree on the planet and the Secretary of Education wanted to burn down the public schoolhouse with the kids still in it. Besides, I don't see too many Ralph Nadar's and Noam Chomsky's in G.W.'s cabinet. Huh? Scott.

(At this point, Scott, I'm tempted to call you an asshole. You just bring out the best in people.)

And what about those 'violent gangs' of Aristide supporters. Scotty presents them as violent not because people killed them when they tried to take a non-violent approach to change. Now, the slum lads have learned to defend themselves against Scotty's killers and this offends Scotty's sensibilities and sense of white empowerment. It must be Hard on Scotty's snot factor to walk among scores of people who know he's a career liar from gringoland. As far as I can see, western jounalists get off easy, because they are as much the enemy of freedom in developing countries as the U.S. government and its corporate handlers, yet they are killed in numbers far lower than freight train workers here in the U.S. and most journalists are killed by friendly fire from Uncle Sam trained, beer drinking pals of U.S. trainers or their corporate merc equivalents.

Its the same with Scotty's selective and bogus, therefore Pulitzer Prize worthy, reporting on Colombia. Like young Aristide supporters in Haiti, Scotty always presents the Colombian FARC as a group of violent drug dealing thugs. But how can you leave the U.S. out of the equation? After all, the U.S. has thrown quite a few billion dollars down there. Don't the U.S. and the Colombian elites, drug dealers and military bear a huge responsibility for the continuing bloody situation in Colombia?

In 1988 when the FARC and a few elements in the smaller ELN laid down their arms and formed civilian political parties, the Patriotic Union, U.S. polling companies estimated the rebels would win 90% of the municipal elections especially in rural areas where the central government in Bogota and its wealthy kleptocracy had done nothing for---well centuries.

So what was the U.S.'s and Colombian elite's response to this exercise in democracy? The U.S. provided funding and equipment, as well as logistics and personnel, so that the Colombian military could slaughter the rural poor's only political hope. 5000 members of FARC were killed including virtually all of their candidates. The U.S. killed all the 'good guys', to borrow the U.S. military's inane parlance, and embittered those who were left. That's important historical background, Scotty. Don't you think?

And the same pertains to those poor who would defend themselves in Haiti. When you are up against the U.S. murder machine, it's not a level playing field. It's a playing field that any moment the U.S. may level---with ordnance.

Of course, the intelligence the U.S. supplies to the Haitian and Colombian elite is of the same nature as the intelligence that Richard Helms admitted to supplying to the Suharto forces in Indonesia in 1965-66 that led to the slaughter of 900,000 people. Does anyone see a pattern forming here? This intelligence is ubiquitous among our authoritarian friends.

So to leave out U.S. involvement in the latest coup against Aristide makes Scotty and his editor sound like nuts. I guess that's your choice at the Post---sound like a nut and collect a paycheck, or hit the road taking in deep draughts of sanity. Right now, today, you're a rank murderous liar.

Scooter Wilson is one of those people who is utterly offended by the poor and people of color and feels the world is always a bit tidier when great swatches of them are eliminated. Scooter Wilson---a deadly tool of the Kleptocracy.