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U.S. Military Sends Lethal Message; Murders Marla Ruzicka, Aid Worker Counting Iraqi Dead And Injured

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Washington DC---Marla Ruzicka and her NGO, CIVIC, paid dearly Saturday for their political naiveté. The whole notion that the U.S. Government had any interest in a U.S. citizen gathering information on Iraqi dead and wounded, civilian or otherwise, ran counter to every threat issued from the Cheney administration since this war for oil, natural gas and water began. The U.S. military itself made it clear that it would not even attempt to count Iraqi civilian deaths much less the deaths at the hands of U.S. forces.

The media which expressed such admiration for the young woman after she had been cut down by American forces doesn't have the courage to speak up though it clearly is murder. And this right on the tail of an attempt to murder an Italian journalist, Giuliana Sgrena, after her ransom from Islamic militants.

And the spineless NGOs have not spoken up either, waiting for the official cover-up and the memory hole to do their dirty work for them. Fuckin' Christ! Need we be reminded again why no one should join such worthless, liberal white people's groups.

After the second invasion of Iraq, Ruzicka moved her push for an accurate count of civilian casualties to Baghdad. As anyone in the State Department could have told her, that was like signing her death warrant. The Cheney administration had made it abundantly clear that they had no intention of letting anyone count and go public with the figures of Iraqi casualties, non-combatants or no. No American coffins, bodybags, wounded; no little girls napalmed, naked rushing headlong screaming into a camera. Not that these things aren't happening as we speak in Iraq caused by American fire power. Its just Americans ain't going to see it because when you approach that kind of freedom, you can't find fodder. Not even with Toby Keith and Bill O'Realy(!?).

It was clear that Cheney and Rumsfeld wanted a clear break from the Vietnam era when the Wise Brahmin Bean Counters around Robert McNamara used body counts to rah-rah the asshole, hard hat schmucks back home. MACV murdered so many Viet Cong that Dean Rusk produced figures that the showed the whole fuckin' country of Veet Nam would be de-populated by 1978. Then came Tet. If there was no one left to fight because our crack troops like our Swart Butt Veteran Chubbies had killed them all, who the fuck launched Tet---the souls in Purgatory?

The U.S. Military didn't want Ruzicka there in Iraq anymore than they wanted an Italian commie journalist. Let's face it folks; here we got an attractive young white woman, blond no less, killed by a 'suicide bomb', so the jackboots say, and there's hardly any coverage on it?! The media knows it was murder at the hands of Rumsfeld and the military and they don't want to be next. Best to shut up "western free press", right, so that you'll be free to shit and piss and collect your paychecks another day.

And how hard would it be to rub out somebody naive enough to approach a member of Congress for help to aid displaced civilians in Iraq. Christ! She called her organization the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict. Can you imagine the guffaw a seasoned killer like Leahy got out of that?

Going to an 'elected' official with such an agenda is tantamount to signing your death warrant. Look who your countrymen are. The ones who think they elect that slime. How long do you think it took Patrick Leahy to call the Pentagon and liaison on the problem and discuss how to proceed? You still countin'. I'm done.

Then the rest of the killers who stalk that big granite juicer on the hill are unnecessarily alerted to this 'threat' when a measly ten million dollar appropriation is passed which is mostly stolen before it leaves the Capitol. So now you got Hastert, Frist, Santorum and the rest of the 'blight on life' altar boys calling the Pentagon and intelligence. Now, they know who at the Pentagon and the CIA who to kill.

Of course, an ambitious major or two in Iraq has tried to turn in Marla and her org. But nobody's got the juice like a senior senator from Hell---or Tennessee.

Just like in Vietnam there are Colonels in Iraq with more than ten million American dollars in their office safes to pay off assassins etc. Y bet that money is supposed to go toward the purchase of continued and enhanced American political and economic hegemony and not no bleeding heart liberal, group that can't take a hint, or at least isn't reading the cheerleading at the Washington Post that spent buckets of digital ink right along with Rush Limbaugh et al to refute estimates that Iraqi civilian deaths had reached 100,000 when 600,000 Iraqi children had died due to the U.S. embargo before the bombs started raining like maniac manna again.

Now, watch maybe for an Abu Graib type scapegoating of subordinates if too much evidence surfaces implicating the U.S. government in Ruzicka's murder. "Oh we got the bad boys and girls," says Gen. "Little Dickie" Myers. They all happen to be from states where they marry their first cousins like in Afghanistan."

Don't expect much from the media. It's not just that they are amoral cowards, but they are looking to cash in. Remember 'democracy' is coming to the Middle East and in the United States of Delirium 'democracy' has long been conflated with capitalism. Already, the Iraqi's got Deputy Dawg between Crest toothpaste commercials and what one American sorry fuck in a million knows Proctor and Gamble's record on the environment---or cares.

It ain't even funny that Miss Ruzicka died under physical circumstances, as initiated by the powers that be, similar to that great student of Southeast Asia, Bernard Fall. Had Fall not been murdered, one fantasizes that he might have helped save millions of families-- Thai, Cambodian, Laotian, Vietnamese, American, Australian, British, Filipino etc. collective millennia of grief resulting from "a land war in Southeast Asia." But if you aren't saying the right thing, the thing the U.S. kleptocracy wants to hear and you are perceived to have some influence then your elimination is at their discretion and just a matter of opportunity and convenience.

The her journalist "friends" talked about Ruzicka as though she were this ditzy blond that slept on their couch and put little hearts over her 'i's and nothing more. They applaud her attention to detail, but not one fuckin' word about what that detail revealed. Not one fuckin' word about her count on how many Iraqi civilians are dying at the hands of the invading Americans somehow interpreted by blow dry, fat assed freaks on network news here as defending their country. They're in Iraq, not Scheboygan. The Amreicans are the invaders. How the fuck can you defend the country if you're never here?

This is the way her liberal media acquaintances would have it:

"It's still unclear exactly how Marla and her driver, Faiz, were killed. But early reports indicate that they were traveling on the dangerous route between Baghdad and the airport when a suicide car bomber tried to attack a military convoy."

"Then we got a call from the US military saying a woman fitting her description had been in an accident, but that she was in the military hospital and in good condition. We were relieved. In Baghdad's strange logic, we all thanked God it was a car accident and not a kidnapping. Then we received another call. It was the military again. This time they said the woman was dead on arrival."

The Assassinated Press thought Marla Ruzicka deserved better.