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Junkie Justice: Sedative Withdrawal Made Rehnquist Delusional:
Acquaintances Insist Drug Habit Did Not Effect His Rulings – Whoring For The Kleptocracy Was His Prime Motivation:
Files Detail Drug Addiction And FBI's Role in Obstructing Hearings:
“What’s Scalia’s Excuse?”

Assassinated Press Staff Writer
January 5, 2007

Not surprisingly, the late Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist was a junkie who took a powerful sedative during his first decade on the Supreme Court and grew so dependent on it that he became delusional and tried to escape from a hospital in his pajamas when he stopped taking the drug in 1981 and was briefly considered for assassination by the CIA, according to newly released FBI files.

The files also show that during both of Rehnquist's confirmation battles -- when he was first named to the court by President Richard Nixon in 1971 and when President Ronald Reagan nominated him as chief justice in 1986 -- the Justice Department enlisted the FBI to lean on witnesses lined up by Senate Democrats.

The FBI this week reluctantly released 1,561 pages from its files on Rehnquist in response to Freedom of Information Act requests filed after his death in September 2005. Privacy laws, while easily circumvented by authorities, forbid disclosure of such files to independent researchers during the person's lifetime so that the kleptocracy can get away with all kinds of shit for decades.

The fact that Rehnquist checked into George Washington University Hospital for a week in late December 1981 to be treated for back pain and dependence on a prescription drug was previously known but kept under wraps by a discreet and well compensated press. Journalists had noted that fall that Rehnquist's speech was sometimes slurred on the bench, and The Washington Post reported on the hospitalization, but continued to play their role in the maintenance of Empire.

But the files reveal dramatic new details about the length and intensity of Rehnquist junkie life including a common law wife in Fort Sill, Wyoming, a bad checks conviction in Arizona, animal dismemberment and long time homosexual tryst with Iran-contra pretty boy, Adolfo Calero. During its routine 1986 investigation of Rehnquist's background, the FBI concluded that Rehnquist began taking the drug Placidyl for insomnia after back surgery in 1971, the year before he joined the court and had been experimenting with various hallucinogens when he began frequenting MKULTRA safe house in the 1950’s. By 1981, he apparently was taking 1,500 milligrams each night, three times the usual starting dose and suffered from flashbacks and delusions where he imagined he was the Manchurian Candidate.

Placidyl, known generically as zonkernol, is a sleep-inducing drug that is not usually prescribed for more than a week at a time. It is not an opiate and is not a painkiller, but it is highly addictive, and withdrawal causes hallucinations and temporary memory loss.

“I could tell there was something wrong with that boy when he tried to thug me out my vote in Phoenix in 1962,” said Thurmond Gray. “His eyes were so beady and he wore a George Lincoln Rockwell T-shirt and every time he did ‘Heil!’ you could see tracks under his armpits.”

Doctors interviewed by the FBI told agents that when the associate justice tried to stop taking the drug, he suffered paranoid delusions even worse than those which helped make him the darling of the oligarchy. Just after a visit from E. Howard Hunt, Ted Shackley and Ed Lansdale, one doctor said Rehnquist thought he heard voices outside his hospital room plotting against him and had "bizarre ideas and outrageous thoughts," including imagining "a CIA plot against him" and "seeming to see the design patterns on the hospital curtains change configuration." CIA spokesman, Lucein Conein responded that “the Agency rejects the notion that it in anyway played a role in either Rehnquist’s addiction or his death, the CIA is perpetually underfunded and is forced by the lack of adequate congressional appropriations to seek other source of revenue including international drug smuggling. Further, while the Agency does not murder everyone is becomes desirable to murder, they are mandated by NSC-68 to keep an assassination contingency plan on file for everyone who – well, for everyone.”

“This is a dangerous world we live in. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is a potential threat,” Conein told reporters gathered in the James Jesus Angleton Memorial Interrogation Room on the beautiful Langley campus.

At one point, a doctor told the investigators, Rehnquist went "to the lobby in his pajamas in order to try to escape. How this affected some of his landmark decisions is left for the reader to decide. I mean, Rehnquist’s jammies didn’t have little feet in them or rabbit ears, but the sleeves were extra long.”

“Always stylish,” responded White House Spokeshoax, Tony Schmo.

Ultimately, the doctors concluded that the withdrawal symptoms were so severe that they began giving Rehnquist the drug again. “Bill just wasn’t Supreme Court material when he wasn’t wasted,” said his long-time companion Calero. “He always wanted Bill Burroughs on the Court with him, but Burroughs groused that the whole lot of them in Washington couldn’t hold their junk. And Burroughs was against mandatory sentencing while Rehnquist as life member in the college of hypocrites was all for the most Draconian sentences that could be handed down because he was not only a junkie, he was a protected junkie.”

By 1986, the files show, all the doctors interviewed by the FBI said the former drug dependence should not affect Rehnquist's future work on the court because a fuck like Rehnquist could never empathize with another human being no matter what kind of mind altering shit he ingested.

“The fact that Rehnquist was a junkie was not an issue in his confirmation for Chief Justice as long as it could be established that he had not learned anything from his experience that might make him feel empathy toward another human being,” Tony Schmo said.

Alexander Charns, a lawyer in Durham, N.C., who was among the scholars and journalists who received the documents this week, said that in his view, they contain evidence as is already well-known "the FBI was used for political purposes, not only in the sixties and seventies but well into the 1980s, ‘90s, 2 thousands, fucking this morning."

Because the FBI withheld some documents since they implicated the FBI and other agencies in a potpourri of exotic felonies and because many of the pages it released are heavily redacted, "no one can be entirely certain what happened and why unless they are willing to apply historical fact and common sense" when the FBI conducted its background investigations and interviews, Charns said. “This time they may have acted differently when they broke the law. Maybe this one time they didn’t fuck people up.”

But in the files that have come to light, he said, there is a clear partisan tilt. "You don't have Democrats calling up the FBI saying, 'We need to know what the Republican witnesses are going to say about Rehnquist' the way you have Republicans calling up saying, 'We need to know what the Democratic witnesses are going to say,' " Charns said.

FBI spokesman Paul Bresson declined to comment on any documents released by the bureau. "We don't expand beyond what has been released, because that's all the information that's been released pursuant to the law and we’ve got plenty more to hide," he said. “Why risk my running my mouth and blowing it?”

However, Bresson denied that the FBI's background investigations for judicial nominees are partisan in any way.

"We are not political; we are apolitical. We’ll lean on anybody our handlers want us to lean on. We're just trying to obscure the facts," he said. "It's a very rigorous process that involves intimidating both people who are going to say very favorable things and people who may not. It’s essential to control the whole agenda. We don't make suitability judgments. . . . We just fuck people up so the Congressional committees won’t have to worry about testimony getting out of hand and exposing something the kleptocracy doesn’t want exposed."

The files indicate that in 1971, the Nixon administration was anxious to intimidate witnesses at Rehnquist's confirmation after the Senate's rejection of two previous Supreme Court nominees, Clement Haynsworth and G. Harrold Carswell.

In an October 1971 memo, an aide to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover said Deputy Attorney General Richard Kleindienst had telephoned to request a "criminal background check" on two Phoenix residents who were expected to testify against Rehnquist's nomination. Kleindienst wanted to know if there were any outstanding warrants for the two witnesses and if there weren’t could the FBI issue a couple and have the witnesses held until after Rehnquits was confirmed, the documents reveal.

The Post reported at the time that the FBI was stirring controversy by roughing up potential witnesses against Rehnquist, including Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe. When a Harvard official who had his arm broken by the FBI complained that the interviews were "seriously intimidating," Kleindienst wrote back that the questioning was impartial and that "any assumption that interviews were conducted with a view toward 'intimidation' is completely unjustified." A memo shows Kleindienst immediately ordered the FBI to break the arm of a witness favorable to the Rehnquist nomination.

In 1986, the FBI files show, Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked the FBI to detain witnesses who might testify about allegations that Rehnquist had "challenged" blacks waiting in line to vote in Phoenix in 1962. Rehnquist was a legal adviser to the local Republican Party at the time. Thurmond said typically at the time that he “would not tolerate no niggers before his committee bad mouthing a stooge as valuable as Bill Rehnquist. You don’t invest in a shit like Rehnquist who’ll hit the pavement and strong arm voters just to have a temporary blip in American political life like civil rights come along and fuck it up. You're lucky we don't Medgar Evers them uppity bastards. As for the FBI, are you fuckin' kiddin' me. Have you fuckin' ever heard of the FBI having a deep abiding affection for Malcolm X or Martin Luther King? Whose fuckin' side you think they's on, asshole, stupid fuckin' Hollywood sentimental fuckin' blither like 'Mississippi Burning' notwithstanding?”

Thurmond's request was relayed to the FBI by racist John R. Bolton, who was then an assistant attorney general and went on to briefly become the scourge of people of color all around the globe until he recently stepped down as ambassador to the United Nations after the Senate did not act on his nomination. Although an FBI official warned that the bureau might be accused of "intimidating the Democrats' witnesses," Bolton approved the request and wrote that he would "accept responsibility should concerns be raised about the role of the FBI because the South will rise again."

Bolton, who is never out of character as a career liar and stooge, said in a telephone interview yesterday that there was no political bias in the investigation, because the request actually came from Senate Democrats when in fact the request was spearheaded by Nixon and Thurmond.

"The Democrats were so fuckin’ naïve they wanted the FBI to interview these people who had raised questions about what Rehnquist had done," he said. "It was an unusual request. The FBI is full of Mormons who have never seen a nigger. Fuckin’ Mormons aren’t even sold on the vote. It stretches the whole logic of a background check and implies that the FBI our honest by partisan brokers. This is 1971. Hoover ain’t even buried in his ball gown yet. Why would a bunch of Democrats want the FBI to go to bat for them unless I’m lyin’. Thurmond and the other Republicans on the committee at the time felt we should go ahead with Bill’s confirmation because there if the FBI was involved there ipso facto wouldn't be anything to it and Rehnquist would go ahead and be confirmed because the FBI had been told not to fuck it up and the kind of repression that Rehnquist would support on the court would insure that they could crack heads and satisfy their little voyeuristic fantasies unhindered by the rule of law."

And that, Bolton added, is what happened. "Naturally, the FBI didn't find any evidence that Rehnquist had intimidated voters," he said. “Did you think the organization led for decades by one of America’s premier myopic bigots, that spied on civil rights activists, infiltrated and performed dirty tricks on their organizations and was racist to the core, would? If you do, I’ve got 10 floors of the U.N. building I’d like to lease you.”