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Reza Aslanís Controversial Book ĎZealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazarethí bears an Uncanny Resemblance to an Obscure Title Published in Early 2012.
ĎThe Canaanite Gospel: A Meditation on Empireí Brings to Life the Historical Jesus and his Times through a series of 88 Vivid Monologues.
By Cyril Connolly
The Assassinated Press

Lately Reza Aslan has been getting a lot of attention for his book ĎZealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazarethí. But many of the more radical ideas in Aslanís book appeared in an obscure publication which went to the printer in late 2011 and was available for sale by February of 2012.

The book, which tells the tale of historical Jesus through a series of 88 vivid and lyrical monologues, was written was written by a virtually unknown author and editor, Carlo Parcelli and published by Country Valley Press. The ISBN is 9780982019627, Or copies can be purchased directly from Country Valley Press @ 1308 W. Washington Street, Carson City, NV 89703. For the past 15 years Mr. Parcelli has edited the online magazine FlashPoint.

The monologues are transcribed from the perspective of a fifth Gospel (Fourth Synoptic) divinely inspired through Simon Kananaios or Simon the Canaanite, one of the original 12 apostles.

Like Aslanís book, The Canaanite Gospel treats Jesus strictly in his historical framework as a Jew. No mention of Christianity occurs in the tightly woven story line because there precisely because Christianity was a later invention.

Likewise other similarities abound. The brutality of Roman Imperial rule. Jewish Law especially dietary Law. The impossibility that the Jews had anything to do with Jesusí death, Caiaphas and his father in law, Annas, as well as the rest of the priestly class being too focused on Passover and its myriad ritual obligations to bother with Jesus. And what it meant to be called a Messiah in Roman occupied Syriaca as well as historical evidence of Jesusís true biological father. Jesusís selling his of his twin brother into slavery and subsequently the siblings travels to the India and the Far East and eventual return to Jerusalem to proselytize Jesus..

Through vivid polyglot, first hand vignettes Parcelli from both within and outside Jesusís circle weaves a tale which bears uncanny parallels to the facst and insights which inform Aslanís book.