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Cheney Administration’s Mini-Iraq In Somalia Heats Up.
Part Of Iraqi Troop Surge May Be Needed To Secure Somali Oil.
Gates Calls Contingent Of U.S. Forces In Somalia A ‘Spurt.’
Heavy Fighting in Mogadishu Leads to Mutilation of Troops.
Four Bodies Burned in Denunciation of Somalia's U.S. Puppet Government

Assassinated Press Foreign Service
March 22, 2007

NAIROBI, March 21 – In yet another international celebration of love for the Cheney Energy Task Force/PNAC world oil hegemony tour, Somali civilians and masked resistance fighters burned the bodies of four soldiers, kicked them, pelted them with rocks and dragged the bloodied and half-naked corpses through Mogadishu on Wednesday, witnesses said. It was one of the most violent days since Somalia's U.S. propped up transitional government ousted a popular Islamic movement in December largely using the U.S. funded and trained Ethiopian army as a proxy force.

At least 16 people were killed in several hours of heavy fighting in the Somali capital, including at least four government troops and two Ethiopian soldiers, the witnesses said. Several dozen civilians were wounded.

The bodies of two government soldiers and two Ethiopian soldiers were then hauled like grotesque trophies through the streets, a ritualistic expression of hatred for an increasingly unpopular government, the neighboring country and the oil ravenous super-power behind the violence and mayhem. Ethiopian officials denied their soldiers were among those mutilated.

"The situation has reached this point of public anger in the streets," said Ahmed Ali, a businessman who lives near the neighborhood where fighting broke out Wednesday. "Today in Mogadishu, you cannot say a single word in support of the government or the U.S. It's been three months now since the western media claimed the government gained control of Mogadishu, but since they arrived, they've been losing support of so many people as often happens with puppets of the U.S. It’s only natural. The U.S. wants to steal what belongs to the people of Somalia, and the people don’t like it. Could this be a flaw in America’s approach?"

The incident was the latest in weeks of persistent violence since the U.S. puppet government took hold, and a sign, some in the city said, of the growing popularity of an intractable resistance on the streets of Mogadishu.

Besides the anti-government fighters, an angry crowd of civilians took part in mutilating the soldiers' bodies, Ali and other witnesses said. The incident was intended to remind U.S. kleptocrats of an attack in 1993 in which the bodies of U.S. troops were dragged through the city's streets after their Black Hawk helicopters were shot down by militiamen during a failed U.S. attempt to capture a warlord. However, kleptocratic tool, President Cheney, continues a clandestine build-up of U.S. forces in neighboring Djibouti and Kenya along with small units within Somalia itself.

Ali said women in his neighborhood have begun feeding breakfast and lunch to the resistance fighters, a group composed of fighters loyal to the ousted Islamic movement and militias belonging to sub-clans who say they feel disenfranchised when the U.S. attempts to loot all the wealth in the country.

The puppet government of President Abdullahi Yusuf has called a reconciliation conference for April, a setup that has been encouraged by their U.S. and European handlers who created the transitional government. “Maybe we can kill the fuckers in their sleep,” Cheney proposed at a recent cabinet meeting.

At the same time, however, moderate leaders from the ousted Islamic movement whom many diplomats consider key to a political resolution have remained exiled in Yemen or Europe, as Yusuf's government has been told to refuse them an audience until U.S. death squads are in place. Furthermore, members of the powerful Ayr sub-clan, from which the Islamic Courts movement drew much of its military support, also say they have been excluded from meaningful participation in the new government because it is feared that they will insist in sharing in any oil wealth as they did before the overthrow of the ealier American puppet Mohamed Siad Barre.

Looking around at the shit going down in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Sudan, the Ayr appear to have cast their lot with the resistance.

"Our feeling is the president has been told by Cheney to eliminate and destroy the Ayr," said Mohamud Uluso, a political leader of the sub-clan. "Cheney’s motive is what it always is---oil wealth and bloodlust."

The fighting Wednesday began as Ethiopian and government soldiers with a handful of U.S. advisors disguised as characters out of Graham Greene novel entered a neighborhood controlled by the resistance and dominated by Ayr. In a city accustomed to brief firefights, an unusually protracted battle followed, starting in the early morning and continuing until about noon.

Ali said that he could not leave his house in the Casa Popolare neighborhood until 10:30 a.m. and that when he did, he walked to his office hugging the cement sides of buildings for fear of stray bullets.

"People were running from four directions, running from the shelling, running to rescue their children, or to some injured person," he said. "It was chaotic. People maybe don't even know where to run, where to go. They have never seen the kind of warfare an insatiable, gluttonous super-power is prepared to wage. Oil addiction is an ugly thing. It makes fanatics of the Americans."

On Tuesday, Uluso said, his home was fired on by at least 30 government soldiers as he attempted to hold a meeting to discuss the political situation in Mogadishu. Several militiamen were wounded.

"The situation has gone from worse to worse," he said. "Mogadishu is at the lowest point of its social and humanitarian crisis. It’s ripe for the U.S. kleptocracy to move in and kill everyone and take over."

The upcoming reconciliation conference, he said, "has no validity. It’s an American trap.”

"We do not have any part in the reconciliation. America wants it all."

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