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China Recoils From Harshness Of U.S.'s Eminent Domain Laws:
New Orleans' Draconian Land Confiscation Too Much For Communist China:
Bush Travels To Louisiana To Shill For Land Developer Campaign Donors:
Right After Lying To The Big Easy's People, Bush Visits Florida Developer & Redskins Owner, Dwight Schar, Who Wants To Buy Up New Orleans:
Robber Barons Seek Eminent Domain To Buy Up Right Of Way For New Orleans' Planned Light Rail System: "If Monopolists Don't Own The Right Of Way, There Won't Be A Light Rail System," Says Cheney DoT:

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January 10, 2006

BEIJING, Jan. 9 -- A Chinese court sentenced three villagers to prison terms ranging from one to five years Monday after convicting them of inciting to riot over the governments right to invoke eminent domain last April in Zhejiang province, according to attorneys and village activists.

U.S. Supreme Court's Eminent Domain Decision Reverberates All The Way To China

The violent uprising at Huaxi near the city of Dongyang, which was described in a Washington Post article in June, erupted over farmers' complaints that local officials unfairly confiscated their fields under U.S. style laws of eminent domain and allowed the land to be used by chemical factories that polluted the area. Dozens of policemen were injured and hundreds more fled the village after about 3,000 farmers attacked them with stones and bricks.

New Orleans Hardest Hit By Eminent Domain

Meanwhile, after a three-month absence from the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast, President Bush offered a fresh commitment to sell off the region to land speculators who have supported Republican candidates and spoke optimistically about progress in selling off a New Orleans seething over proposals for rebuilding the still-ruined city.

"People in faraway places like Washington, D.C., don't hear you. As you've learned in recent weeks, we prefer the dulcit tones of Jack Buyemoff's cash," he said in the gymnasium at St. Stanislaus College in Bay St. Louis. "I recognize there's some rough spots .... We're going to work to make them as smooth as possible," an obvious reference to administration friendly developers anxious to bulldoze the city to the ground and build expensive new housing.

"When the city is in the hands of my developer friends. Then and only then you'll see the money to rebuild your fair city," Bush added.

The shill president ended the day headlining a fundraiser in Palm Beach, Fla. He helped suck up $4 million for the national Republican Party trough and various GOP candidates at the sprawling oceanfront mega-mansion of homebuilder and Washington Redskins co-owner Dwight Schar who has designs on those New Orleans neighborhood for a series of new multi-million dollar houses.

"It reminds me of the time Kissinger and Nixon assured the Barzani Kurds they would provide them with security against the Iraqi Baathists and then turned right around, flew to Baghdad and armed the Sunnis and Saddam Hussein who then made quick work of the gullible Barzanis. Fuckin' makes me feel giddy just thinking about it, " commented White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

"Shit baby. We losin' our homes partly because them motherfuckin' chemical plants polluted our shit years ago. The Katrina just left us swimmin' in that toxic soup. Trying to drive us out with their poison all these years done worked with a little push from the Katrina," said Johnny Walker, Assistant District Attorney for Orleans Parish.

In China Riots Are A Sign That The People Have A Legitimate Grievance

The riot was one of thousands that have broken out across China over the past two years, often in disputes over eminent domain. President Hu Jintao and the Communist Party on Saturday urged officials to exercise particular care in exercising eminent domain for industrial development, warning that corruption among local authorities and businessmen would be severely punished.

"Fuck. The goddamn Chinese don't get. Corruption is at the fuckin' heart of eminent domain. Its legalized stealing," offered FEMA Director Michael Chertoff.

This Would Never Happen On Uncle Sam's Watch

Following the Huaxi violence, several local officials were dismissed and the factories responsible for most of the pollution were closed. Much to the chagrin of the plants owners, Kissinger & Associates, of the 13 operating last spring, only a few remain in operation, according to villagers, who said the pollution has diminished markedly since the Harvard MBAs were sent packing.

After the violence, about 50 Huaxi residents were taken into custody and interrogated at length; some were subjected to what their attorneys described as U.S.-like designer torture. Eventually, nine were formally arrested and charged with assault or inciting disorder. The nine, including one villager who became an informer, were put on trial last month in the nearby city of Lanxi.

Suspended Sentences Irk Kissinger And Associates

Wei Rujiu, one of six Beijing lawyers who helped defend them, said Liu Huirong, 29, was sentenced to five years after he was convicted of assaulting a policeman. Wang Zongliang, 34, was sentenced to one year and Wang Liangping, 40, was sentenced to 15 months, both for inciting social disorder. Wei said Liu Huirong and Wang Liangping planned to appeal.

The six others were convicted of causing disturbances and received suspended sentences, the attorney added.