The Assassinated Press

UAE outraged at filmmaker’s characterization of Abu Dhabi as an enemy of America.
“Apparently this Koch whore, McALeer, doesn’t know shit about shit.” --- Michael ‘Creamhole’ Corbin, US Ambassador to the UAE.
Koch brothers and their lap dog Phelim McAleer counting on Americans to be too stupid to know the United Arab Emirates is a US ally. Stop Counting. They're right.

The Assassinated Press

“I was as shocked as the next Hollywood puff pastry,” Matt Damon told the Assassinated Press. “This guy, Phelim (pronounced phlegm) McAleer, bad mouths one of the US’s staunchest allies in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates.”

If McAleer can't the UAE thing right, what else is he wrong about?"

Indeed, the UAE has been funneling US military aid to the Syrian rebel forces long before the actual uprising occurred. Likewise in Libya, Somalia, Morocco and Sudan . The UAE provided US proxy forces in Bahrain to put down democratic unrest in an ally country and arms to the reactionary Yemeni leadership, just like Uncle Slimey requested. If you’re the dictator’s who supports us, the US loves you --- until there’s more money in fucking you up.

Prince's Genitalia.

Many US corporations including energy companies call the UAE home. Former Blackwater/Xe CEO, Eric Prince now resides in the UAE along with his world class collection of human genitalia

As are many of America’s allies, the UAE is a monarchy and like the US utterly hostile to democracy.

The UAE joined the Arab League in 1971. It was a founding member of the Gulf Cooperation Council in May 1981 and its first summit is held in Abu Dhabi. UAE forces joined the allies against Iraq after the invasion of Kuwait in 1991.

The UAE supported military operations from the United States and other Coalition nations that are engaged in the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan (2001) and Saddam Hussein in Iraq (2003) as well as operations supporting the Global War on Terrorism for the Horn of Africa at Al Dhafra Air Base located outside of Abu Dhabi air base also supported Allied operations during the 1991 Persian Gulf War and Operation Northern Watch. The country had already signed a military defense agreement with the U.S. in 1994 and one with France in 1995.[citation needed] In January 2008, France and the UAE signed a deal allowing France to set up a permanent military base in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The UAE joined international military operations in Libya in March 2011.

The mutual whoring between the US and the UAE goes on and on. So not only is Mr. McAleer’s criticism of UAE funding for Damon’s movie as misguided as a scud missile, it runs counter to his major source of funding, Charles and David Koch (pronounced cock) who have their dicks firmly spudded in the Emirate’s dry hole.

The UAE is pressuring the Koch brothers to execute Mr. McAleer for slandering the monarchies, both The UAE’s seven monarchs and the four King Kochs (pronounced cocks). And after hearing McAleer babble, I can’t say I disagree. A good beheading of a fat mick on the make’s Irish haggis would undoubtedly clear the air; clear the air and water and the entire environment which the whore McAleer intends to help the Koch brothers befoul.

Hey, McAleer. You should get your enemies straight. Otherwise you might lose your meal ticket. You fat prick.