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Because of OSS’s Post World War II Operation Paperclip 88% of American cops and 44% of American servicemen carry NAZI DNA.
White Ferguson Grandma’s Were Done Fucked by the OSS’s NAZIS.

Assassinated Press

After the defeat of the NAZIs in WWII, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS- now the CIA) initiated Operation Paperclip a program in which over 15,000 German racist mass murderers from Nazi Germany and other foreign countries were brought to the United States for deployment among and control of the American population. It was conducted by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA), and in the context of the burgeoning Cold War. One purpose of Operation Paperclip was to confront a burgeoning civil rights movement, women’s movement, and resurgent labor movements.

New data on DNA tested law enforcement in the US has revealed three things; Nazis like to fuck. And when they did they passed along their sociopathic genes to their offspring. And finally because of their propensity for violence and universally low IQs, most spawn of NAZIS gravitate toward law enforcement and/or the military as well as racist and anti-social cliques like the KKK, NAMBLA, the NRA and the Missouri Republican Party. Many of these gened up Nazi freaks belong to multiple anti-social groups just to feel part of something – anything – and to stanch the chronic masturbation that inflicts most of them.

The Ferguson, Missouri police department and surrounding jurisdictions, for example, have a collective IQ of 6 among its white officers, about 100 points lower than the community it serves and some 50 points lower than the average monkey at the zoological gardens. And all 100% of its white officers have NAZI DNA coursing through their meth prolapsed veins.

“Well, all’s we know is back right after WWII entered these blueeyed strangers with a taste for young boys came to town,” recalled Mitzi Payne. “As they fucked all the little children blind, they started fucking us breeding age white girls and we started spitting out these slow slack jawed pale little monkey looking fucks. Oh, only if they’d had the IQs of a monkey. What they good for but cops, we told ourselves. They were not only stupid but inveterate liars and chronic asspickers.”

“Their own or each other’s?”

“Both, dummy.”

Down at the local Jelly Drool Donuts owner and proprietor, Clem Son exclaimed “You mean I’ve got NAZI DNA on the toilet seats down hereya. Cool!”

“Oh yeah, Chief Jackson and Bob McCulloch are Nazi spawn. Their grams drank the Kool-Ade so to speak but not before, they humped the devil.”

“A little history will lay out the pattern of lying sociopaths like Jackson and McCulloch engage in. The small town of Berkeley, Missouri, literally borders Ferguson. In 2000, the deputy commander of a countywide drug task force was none other than the current Ferguson chief of police, Tom Jackson. In what was then called a "drug sting," police officers, on a sunny May afternoon, were tracking two young black men, Earl Murray and Ronald Beasley, at a local Delwood Jack In The Box restaurant.

The officers then claimed that Murray and Beasley attempted to run them over with the car they were in. Saying they feared for their safety, police fired 21 shots into their car and killed Murray and Beasley right there in the parking lot. Five major problems with the case then caused local citizens to be outraged.

1. It turned out that Murray and Beasley were completely unarmed.

2. Eyewitnesses claimed the car never moved forward an inch, and then a federal investigation actually proved that the car the officers claimed was going to hit them never moved forward.

3. The local prosecutor, Bob McCulloch, who is now in charge of the Darren Wilson case, greatly inflamed tensions by calling Murray and Beasley "bums"when commenting about why he just didn't understand why the community cared so much.

4. Beasley, a father of three and the manager of a local auto shop, as it turned out, wasn't even a part of the alleged drug sting and was determined to be a completely innocent bystander.

5. A grand jury, convened by McCulloch, in spite of the evidence submitted from the federal investigation that the car didn't actually move forward, opted not to charge the officers.

Although this was 14 years ago, not only were Chief Tom Jackson and Bob McCulloch deeply involved, so was the Rev. Al Sharpton, who traveled to St. Louis in the aftermath to help lead citywide protests and argue for justice. The police, claiming that the car, while it wasn't actually used as a weapon, could have been, were never indicted and soon returned to their jobs.