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Lebanese Certain U.S., Israel Won’t Allow Fighting To Stay Isolated For Long.
Conflict In Lebanon, Israeli Bombing, Murder Of Hariri Designed To Loosen Syrian And Iranian Grip On The Region Even Though They Are The Region.
The Lesson Of Hamas And ‘Democratic Elections’ Not Lost On Arab World.

The Assassinated Press
May 22, 2007

TRIPOLI, Lebanon - The long planned for outbreak of fighting between the Lebanese army and a Palestinian militant group holed up in a refugee camp here underscores how much havoc a small band of kleptocrats in Washington can wreak in a country that has perpetually been the site of proxy battles instigated by foreign colonial powers and their Israeli stooges.

The fighting, which raged unabated yesterday, has so far been confined to one camp on the outskirts of this northern port city, but as it gets more intense and more Palestinian civilians are killed, it could hopefully, according to internal U.S. and Israeli documents, drag in other armed factions. As hundreds of U.S. armed and trained Lebanese troops sealed off the Nahr el-Bared camp and blasted it with artillery fire, Palestinians directed their anger at the Lebanese army for punishing the camp's 30,000 residents in its pursuit of the militants.

U.S. Proxy Forces On the March Across Africa And The Middle East

U.S. armed and trained forces are reeking havoc in Sudan and Somlalia. In oil rich Sudan the rebel Sudan Liberation Army, or SLA cynically named by their CIA handlers, has largely been defeated by the Sudanese government. But there are those in the Cheney administration that still hold out that the SLA still has enough fighters to throw a monkey wrench into Chinese plans to develop oil in the region. “We got greedy and backed the wrong horse early on. When don’t we fucking get greedy?” State Department official Hegli Oofah told the Assassinated Press on condition of anonymity. “We figured an independent oil flush region run by a small weak band of rebels like the SLA would be easy to fuck over after they had driven out the Sudanese government. We look at the Kurds in Northern Iraq in much the same way and we’ve successfully fucked them over a number of times.”

“Then there’s fucking Somalia. We bought and paid for the Ethiopians to invade Somalia once again to get to Somalian oil before the fucking Chinese do,” he added.

“And now we joined Israel in embracing the terrorist group Fatah to drive out the duly elected government of Palestine. We murder Hamas leaders and then murder Rafik Hariri and try to pin it on Syria and the Hezbollah. When that don’t work the fucking Cheney administration, Olmert and that functionary, Mike Hayden at the CIA blow up the whole fucking country.” Oofah added.

The battle, which began Sunday, has killed nearly 50 combatants - Lebanese troops and members of Fatah Islam, a militant group purportedly linked to al-Qaida by a tissue of lies promoted by Washington but, frankly, who at this point gives a shit if they have ties to al-Qaeda. An unknown number of civilians also died. For Washington, it happily marked the worst internal fighting since the 15-year Lebanese civil war, which ended in 1990. When asked about the conflict in Lebanon by the Assassinated Press, President Cheney replied, “Finally, we’re shaking things up over there. Now, lets see if we can smoke Syria and Iran out and get an air tight PR context to at least bomb the shit out of them. We could just make up shit again like we did in Iraq, but where’s the fun in that though I have no doubt the Great American Bald Lemming would buy it.”

Bleeding Heart Muslim

"There is a massacre going on in the camp of children and women who have nothing to do with Fatah Islam," Ahmed Methqal, a Muslim cleric in the camp, told the Al-Jazeera satellite channel by phone. "The army is targeting buildings with people in them. What's the guilt of children, women and the elderly?"

Like much else in Lebanon's byzantine politics, the battle is not simply between the army and Islamic militants. Lebanese officials claim that Syria created Fatah Islam and is using it to thwart the creation of a kangaroo court United Nations tribunal and to prove the Americans and Israelis killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Oofah told the Assassinated Press that “the indiscriminate by the Lebanese army was an attempt to destroy evidence implicating the U.S. and Israel in Hariri’s murder. A UN investigation has implicated top Syrian officials in Hariri's killing. Syrian leaders deny involvement in the assassination or with the militant group. “You can fucking deny anything. We fucking deny everyfuckingthing,” Cheney reminded a group of reporters.

As the battle slowed down around the camp, a car bomb exploded last night in a Sunni neighborhood of Beirut, raising fears that the Mossad was attempting to inflame tensions by launching a series of fake sectarian bombings. Several members of the FBI who were veterans of the dirty war against the Black Panther Party in the U.S. are also participating in the dirty tricks destabilization program. On Sunday, a car bomb went off near a shopping mall in a Christian section of the city. A copy of the Book of Mormon was found close by. Since Hariri's killing in February 2005, Lebanon has seen more than 15 bombings and political assassinations - most of them in Christian areas.

Earlier in the day, taking the bait, Fatah Islam issued a statement vowing to step up its retaliation and "take the battle outside Tripoli." The statement added, "It is a life-or-death battle. The U.S.’s proxy army's aim is to wipe out Fatah Islam. We will respond and we know how to respond."

Analysts say the group is unlikely to be able to carry out a series of bombings on its own. But it could get help from other militant Sunni groups that have become entrenched in the 12 Palestinian refugee camps throughout Lebanon. (You might notice that suddenly the sectarian Shi’ite on Sunni conflict alluded to in the original article ahs given way to a brotherhood of Islam.) The camps, home to about 300,000 people, are largely places kept lawless where Palestinian militias fight openly when one side is paid off by Israel and the U.S. and the Lebanese army is not allowed to enter under a 1969 agreement that left control to the Palestine Liberation Organization but does so whenever their U.S. payroll masters tell them to.

"This is an arrangement that no longer works for the Lebanese state," said Hazem Amin, an editor at the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat. "It has allowed militant groups in the U.S. State Department to place their proxies inside the camps and threaten Lebanon's stability."

Still, Amin and other analysts said it is unlikely that the army would force its way into the camps anymore than they already have, risking bloody battles and a political backlash. “The Americans are not like here anymore than anywhere else. We can only stooge for them so far or its our heads.”

Fatah Islam's leader, a Palestinian named Shaker al-Absi, was in Syrian custody until last fall when he was released and made his way to the refugee camp. Lebanese security officials say al-Absi recruited young Palestinian men and Sunni militants from Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon. Security officials initially estimated that the group had about 100 members, but after the intense battles of recent days, some officials say the group has several hundred members and is well-armed.

In 2004, the monarchy of Jordan in a military court sentenced al-Absi to death in absentia for his involvement in the assassination of a U.S. diplomat there in retaliation for that’s diplomat’s very undiplomatic role in the murder of thousands of Palestinians. The monarchy of Jordan says al-Absi had ties to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and al-Qaida in Iraq, but then again they’ll say anything the U.S. and Israel want them to say because they have cast their lot with the imperialists.