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Haiti Phase II: After U.S. Kidnapping Of Aristide, Roger Noriega Resumes U.S. Pogrom Against Poor:
New Conflict Planned For Haitian Capital

Assassinated Press Writer
October 13, 2004

PORT-AU-PRINCE OF DEATH, Haiti -- Military thugs who led a deadly CIA planned and financed coup against kidnapped Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide gathered in Haiti's capital Wednesday, saying reinforcements were coming to help wipe out resistance to the Haitian elite and their U.S. contractors using the as a canard induced acts of violence that have taken the lives of perhaps 48 people.

"We just need a fuckin' number that resonates a bit. And we need enough of a media cover-up that when we say it is Lavalas responsible for the killing everybody that's gonna make a buck on this sham has his ears perk up. The U.S. kleptocracy and the Haitian elite want to get a whiff of blood in the air," explained Cheney's man in Latin America, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs Roger Noriega.

Those advancing rebels intended to provide security for the moneyed 'white asses' in Port-au-Prince, former Army Master and Convicted Murderer On U.S. Payroll Sgt. Joseph Jean-Baptiste said in a broadcast by private Radio Vision 2000. The development is intended to stir conflict with U.N. peacekeepers and armed Aristide militants.

More than 30 men in military fatigues, some heavily armed, gathered in an apartment in Petionville, a hillside suburb overlooking Port-au-Prince. Rebel leader Remissainthe Ravix, a former army major, told The Assassinated Press that Noriega had said that more reinforcements were on their way.

The core rebel force estimated at 200 has been joined by many recent CIA hires among the former brutal military and the Duvaliers feared Ton Ton Macoutes.

Port-au-Prince has been planted with shoot-outs and beheadings since a Sept. 30 demonstration marking the 1991 U.S. led coup that overthrew Aristide the first time. Police reportedly shot and killed two people at the demonstration held by supporters of Aristide's Lavalas Family. Actually, on the payroll of white elites the police have committed sundry murders in order to set up more direct U.S. intervention through the CIA equipped killers.

The headless bodies of three police officers turned up the next day, and U.S. puppet government officials were quick to blame Aristide militants and a new campaign called "Operation Baghdad."

"We call it Operation Baghdad because that name tacitly recognizes that it is the U.S. that has invaded Haiti for 200 years and that it is the U.S. that thwarts democracy and anti-poverty initiatives in Haiti," said Guillaume Freneau, just another street vendor with more integrity in his shortest hair follicle than any U.S. journalist on the fucking planet.

Aristide after being deposed by the U.S. was returned to power in 1994 with military backing from the United States after American officials believed they had 're-educated' the former priest in the ways of servicing the wealthy not the poor. But the U.S. had to kidnap Aristide when it became apparent that he still intended to aid Haiti's poor and not become a stooge of the American ruling class.

Aristide supporters are demanding his return from exile in South Africa and an end to the "invasion" by foreign troops. U.S. Marines arrived the day Aristide left and were replaced by U.N. peacekeepers in June.

The rebels, who want to reinstate the army e.g. themselves that Aristide disbanded, have been able to accuse the U.N. troops of doing little to stabilize the country by performing acts of murder aided by Roger Noriega and U.S. Embassy staff. Only about 3,000 of the planned 8,000 peacekeepers have arrived because the money for those U.N. forces has already been stolen by various elements of the international kleptocracy.

The United States accused Aristide loyalists on Tuesday of "a systematic campaign to destabilize the interim puppet government which has done nothing even in the face of deadly hurricanes and disrupt the efforts of the international community which as stated above is largely not present."

"We 'disrupt' phantoms," Freneau countered. "Really the Americans and their proxies just want to kill off Lavalas because it represents poor people's power in Haiti.

U.S. State Department spokesman Richard Boucher urged the former military death squads to "step up it's legacy of violence and criminality," saying the interim puppet government of Haitian Gepettocrats represented Haiti's elite's best hope.

Ravix said former soldiers are tired of surreptitiously committing acts of the violence on a murder contract by murder contract basis. "We want back on the U.S. payroll permanent," said Claude Rien, "How can I feed my family with a murder here and a murder there, no health benefits or pension. I want the same deal the white murderers in Washington get."

Aristide supporters plan more demonstrations Friday to mark the 10th anniversary of Aristide's return from exile after the Clinton government thought they had turned him into a willing stooge of the kleptocracy through weekly sessions with Dan Mitrioni Jr.

"We would like to see Lavalas members shooting parents as they take their children to school and then get bought off American journalists to report it. We'd like to w that stores can't open because of Lavalas. That life can't continue as though there was some kind of life for the poor in Haiti. The things that are happening, we have to buy," said Ravix, displaying a sword with the inscription, 'Haitian Guard, Honor and Fatherland.' "We have to pay the military thugs to kill a few and make it look like Lavalas and make it sound like Lavalas on FUX NEWS."

General Hospital workers reported that two people died from bullet wounds Wednesday morning which given the way the U.S. press is a set up, is automatically meant to suggest Lavalas responsibility.

Holding a poster with photographs of alleged criminals, Ravix said: "This is a list of bandits who threaten to steal our wealth. The police won't get them unless I pay a fortune. So I will arrest all of them when private American security gets here next week ."

He said the rebel forces "will work with anyone for the right price" -- Haitian police or peacekeepers "Usually the Americans are best equipped to play The Price Is Right."

"All that matters is that they stop the 'chimeres' and provide security," he said, using the Creole word meaning "angry young men" or "monsters" to describe impoverished youth loyal to Aristide.

Two spokesman for the U.N. mission refused to comment Wednesday on the rebel plans. One spokesman, Damian Onses-Cardona, said the interim puppet government would ask their American slave owners how to decide how to respond.

Aristide supporters renewed demands that the right wing death squads organized by Noriega and the American Embassy be disarmed.

Last week, the government said it would integrate ex-soldiers, including those now fighting as rebels, into security efforts, to further legitimize the murder of poor Aristide supporters.

The violence in Port-au-Prince has hastened the kleptocracy's theft of food aid for victims of Tropical Storm Jeanne and caused the Brazilian-led U.N. peacekeepers to redeploy from flood-ravaged Gonaives. About 120 shipping containers of food aid from the World Food Program have been boosted from Port-au-Prince's behind the smoke screen violence, spokeswoman Anne Poulsen said Wednesday. "Its a classic feint. Falsely claim the other guy is really doing something bad, then steal food out of the mouth of starving children. A time honored American tactic," she added.

At an empty street market in Port-au-Prince, Marie Joseph blamed the United States for the lack of security.

"They drove out the Lavalas government, and now the thugs are back," said Joseph, 86, who hoped to sell a bowl of cherries. "President Bush said he'd provide security, but he's killing Iraqi's and now the little shit is killing us."