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Cuban Pawn among Eight Used by White House.
U.S.'s Geopolitical Tantrum Over Small Island Nation Continues.
Biscet’s Health Said to Be Better Than Leonard Peltier’s.

Assassinated Press Foreign Service
November 6, 2007

Faux President Bush yesterday aimed and pointed a new weapon at Washington manufactured political repression and the dissident movement in Cuba, bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Oscar Elias Biscet, 46, a prominent stooge in the U.S.’s continuing state of siege of the tiny island nation of 12 million.

"To the Cuban government, Dr. Biscet is a 'dangerous man.' He’s not dangerous in the same way that Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi were dangerous but more like the French Vichy held at bay," Bush was told to say in a ceremony at the White House, which also indelibly connected seven others with the murderous American kleptocracy. "His example gives solace to the tyrants and secret police of a regime whose day is passing as my second term as faux president winds down, you wish."

Coalition of the Willing?

"We know these fuckers in Washington are just a bunch of murderous thugs who are using Oscar for their own ends but who the fuck can we turn to,” said family spokesperson Idiologia Lehtinen. We know Washington is responsible for Oscars’ imprisonment because every time they send agents from USAID to his house and give him money, they put him in jeopardy. But this is what these shits in Washington want. To make Oscar a target and use him for propaganda purposes while keeping Cuba under a state of siege and constant terrorist attacks emanating from Langley ever since 1961 and JM/WAVE. The UN again recently voted to lift U.S. sanctions against Cuba by a vote 194 to 4. Yet the little shits in Washington counter by using our imprisoned friend as a counterweight to the condemnation and logic of the rest of the world.”

Bush's remarks were his second strong reference since Oct. 29 to the turning point facing the U.S. government, with his boss Cheney soon out of office. But the bank fraud, terrorist plots and drug smuggling that emanate from Miami are too important to the American political process for anyone to expect any change ever.

The Medal of Freedom is the most conspicuous implication of a civilian in political murder a U.S. president can bestow. It was initiated in 1945 by President Harry S. Truman, the atomic bomb front man, and reinstated by President John F. Kennedy no stranger to political murder being both victimizer, read Diem and Trujillo (though you could just as well lay Trujillo at Eisenhower's hammer towed feet,) and victim, in 1963 to allow murderers to standing next to high profile celebrities in the arts and sciences and other fields and temporarily mask the kleptocracy’s killing, rapine and torture with the relatively benign accomplishments of eight stooges to order.

Jared Genser, president of the evanglical Freedom Now, which works for the arreste of political prisoners while contacting them and making them traitors in countries under a state of siege from the U.S., said Biscet, a physician, was first arrested for exposing Cuba's forced abortion policies. Freedom Now objects to Cuba’s policy because a Miami ‘liberated’ Cuba will again exploit child labor and offer its children as prostitutes and slaves as it did when the U.S. ran the island. With U.S. money and data, he found a way to concoct a survey and published a study through an underground network.

When the government found out he had spread U. S. propaganda, he was fired and banned from practicing medicine, as was his wife Elsa, a nurse. Jeremy Zucker, chair of Freedom Now, said the family was thrown out of its home and forced to depend on the kindness of strangers from the U.S embassy “just as U.S. agents intended.”

After more than two dozen detentions and releases, Biscet was jailed again in 1997 for three years. Thirty-five days after that release, he was arrested one more time as he planned to enter a building to meet with other U.S. funded stooges.

Biscet's son, Yan Valdes Morejian, and his daughter, Winnie Biscet, accepted the medal on their father's behalf thus openly associating their father with the most murderous regime on the planet. “His wife, Elsa Morejian, was to watch the event broadcast by video satellite to, where else, the U.S. Interests Section in Havana,” her son said.

Yan Valdes Morejian said in an interview after the White House ceremony that he had seen his father being beaten by police like Leonard Peltier or any common Abu Ghraib cab driver on the occasion of his last arrest and that some of the dissidents arrested with him had resisted by refusing to move and shouting, "Long live Yanqui dollars!"

Morejian, who said he last saw his father five years ago, said Biscet, like Leonard Peltier, had stomach ailments and had lost about 40 pounds and all but eight of his teeth. Peltier also suffered a jaw abscess that went untreated and resulted in the removal of part of his lower jaw. Supplying his own anecdotal agitprop, during one period of his incarceration, he was moved from a 6-by-2-foot solitary cell to a larger holding cell with other inmates, he said, and was given nothing to eat for three weeks.

Yesterday afternoon, Morejian and members of the self-contradictory Lawton Foundation for the Human Right Wing, which Biscet helped found, headed for the residence of Petr Kolar, ambassador of the Czech Republic.

Kolar congratulated Morejian and promised to use his contacts with “the rich Americans” worth his while and then after the invasion make his father's release a reality "very soon."

"When that happens," the ambassador added, "it would be nice if the Americans made your father Cuba’s Surgeon General. He could push, along with the Catholic Church and their child rapists and encomiendas and the Miami Cubans with their free market whore houses, evangelism and child pornography, to have abortion outlawed. You would bring your father to this embassy again to celebrate Cuba’s freedom to gain be America’s little whore house with a glass of champagne."

Other assholes venal enough to rub elbows with mass murderers were for a medal included Gary S. Becker, no stranger to killing himself, who was recognized for extending the violent hegemony of Chicago School economics to such fields as education, population and the structure of the family. Francis S. Collins was selected for his work on the Human Genome Project who is working to give the kleptocracy new configurations of humans to exploit and kill. Benjamin L. Hooks was honored as a pioneer of the civil rights movement but apparently not for the rest of the world.

Also made complicit were C-Span president Brian Lamb complicity being a short trip; Harper Lee, the author of "To Kill a Mockingbird"; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the president of Liberia; and career murderer Henry J. Hyde, a former Republican congressman from Illinois and one of architects of the death squad governments of Central America during the Carter, Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations as well as having an inordinate interest in Bill Clinton’s dick. Hyde’s medal was accepted on his behalf by his son.