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America’s Hero in the War for Drugs Dies
Vang Pao Supplied the CIA’s Raw Opium from the Golden Triangle, Wiped Out Agency Competition
Lao Ally Along with CIA Shares Major Credit for Heroin Epidemic among American Troops in Vietnam

The Assassinated Press

It is truly a sad day. Vang Pao, 81, the father of CIA Golden Triangle raw opium/heroin smuggling has died of complications due to pneumonia. Famous for his unswerving loyalty to heroin profits and the country, the US, that supplied a majority of addicts, Vang Pao, immigrated to America with a hope and a dream--- to link up with the Colombian cocaine cartels.

But lacking the muscle here and with no clandestine war to fight using his people as fodder and without CIA aid and assistance his dream of a southern California coke and crack empire never materialized. Still, Mr. Pao made fortunes in the illegal cigarette trade, extortion and protection, and gun smuggling. He also advised major banks such as Citibank in the art of money laundering and major corporations on how to enhance the value of government contracts by smuggling drugs in civilian transport planes.

But despite leading a full felonious business life in the US, Mr. Pao longed for the days he could stand back while his Hmong tribesman were routinely slaughtered by the Pathet Lao and the North Vietnamese Army.

While using the infamous and glamorous CIA airline, Air America, to smuggle raw opium out of the southeastern tip of the Golden Triangle, he ordered boys as young as 12 to march against well-trained Lao and Viet Minh Communist forces.

When the legendary CIA asset, the cursing Evangelical, Edgar ‘Pop’ Buell told Vang Pao bluntly “No boys. No rice” meaning if you don’t send me more boy recruits, I’m gonna starve the Hmong until you do, Mr. Pao sent the boys to their deaths. Hey! Man’s gotta eat. Never mind that before Vang Pao and the Americans came along the Hmong had been self-sufficient for more than 20 centuries.

Buell famously said, “for every Hmong that died, one fewer American soldier died” which goes to demonstrate that mathematics was not ‘Pop’’s strong suit.

Another American icon has fallen. One who will surely be missed by the Oliver North’s and Richard Secord’s and Thomas Clines’ of the world. Bill Colby loved the guy. What does that tell you? Colby who was murdered by the Agency he ran for revealing too much about the Phoenix Program to the Church and Pike committee hearings.

So Vang Pao. Goodbye, old comrade. May St. Peter shove a needle up your arm and send you to Hell. You piece of shit.