The Assassinated Press

Death of Steve Jobs Won’t Slow Down Slaughter in Congo.
Bloody Exploitation for Coltan, Tantalum, Rare Earths to Go On.

The Assassinated Press

Public Relations hack and Truman administration whore, Robert Lovett, once told a cabinet meeting of Eisenhower officials, “If we can sell every useless article known to man in large quantities, we should be able to sell our fine story in larger quantities.”

Of course, Lovett was referring to the selling of ‘the Soviet threat’ to the Great American Bald Lemming and the military industrial complex that hawking that canard would create. And, of course, all the money that would be made making and selling weapons.

With the so-called fall of the Soviet Union, that pack of lies has been replaced by a new canard --- the terrorist threat. Assholes that feed the threat, whether they be pundits or plutocrats, make trillions or as we’ve seen as of late from Wall Street, just flat out steal those same trillions without making anything useful in four dimensions. In Wall Street this intentional criminality is known as the Law of Unintended Consequences because everything on Wall Street has been left to the imagination. .

As PR guru Edward Bernays often said, the infantile mind that makes up the American public must be preoccupied with buying colorful rattles and crib toys for themselves. This, of course, helps fuel an economy like the US’s but more importantly it keeps the mind of the Great American Bald Lemming distracted.

America is a land of fatuous distraction and Steve Jobs was keenly aware of this. His inventions which were not only designed to enhance the fatuousness of the average American, but were produced to fortify the ability to suppress those that stubbornly dissented and would not conform.

For all the ballyhoo about velvet or pink or chautruese revolutions very little has in fact been accomplished in the name of the oppressed people of the world including the gun toting diapered dopes of the American heartland. In fact, with Wall Street and its computer algorithms on the loose, the situation has become dire for millions who would have never thought their futures would be as utterly precarious as a corvee slave in Central Africa. But here we are. One week a job, vacation, health care. The next week the IMF takes it all away and gives it to Lloyd Blankfein or Jamie Dimon or the Koch brothers.

But for all the protracted suffering of people in the Middle East faced with Uncle Slimey’s greedy meddling and selective murder; for all the dislocation and impoverishment facing the US and Europe at the hands of Wall Street, its nothing compared to the carnal slaughter and blood thirsty brutality that has followed Steve Jobs’ (and other’s) infantilizing instruments of advanced thumb sucking.

Jobs may have not directly financed and supported the murder in Congo like so many international companies do

Then again maybe I’m being too easy on the guy. After all he did fill a world already filled with shit with more shit. Clearly not a deep or visionary thinker, this Job’s fellow.

As millions died in Congo and Central Africa to supply the necessary coltan and other minerals necessary for the make up the pantheon of consumer pacifiers that is Apple and other computer electronics companies, Jobs just didn’t do nothin’.

No he made matters worse by investing directly in mining operations which used slave labor and were also financed by international weapons dealers and employed private mercs to keep the slaves in line by rape and murder while they waged war against rival Western corporations and their proxies.

One of Jobs gold mines in Congo goes on line as we speak. Get it ‘on line’. I made a reverse funny. Fuck me.

I guess you could say Jobs is now off line. One can only hope that Jobs was as key to Apple’s pacifying inventiveness as his Ciceronian flacks claim he was.

Bereft of the useless consumption Jobs company represented, one might think that the world would be a far better place. But nah. Western whitey makes everyone’s life miserable. With thw West is either ennui or starve. Now, witness Wall Street with there all starve roster. Can you have ennui and starve. ‘Bout to find out.

Who could deny that the West aside from its asshole Christian missionaries would have left Congo alone if not for its wealth, particularly mineral wealth? And jobs made all this shit which required enormous quantities of these minerals. And it’s a fact. That makes Jobs a murderer. Complicit in a slaughter with numbers that would suggest genocide.

All so baby America would have something new and plastic to suck on. Moof, moof, moof.