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The Assassinated Press Hits the Bricks, Finds Double Standard for Executing Murderesses in Virginia.
Xenophobia, ‘The More You Watch the Less You Know’ Media Agitprop and Outright Horseshit at Center of Discrepancy.

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Both conspired to have their husbands murdered. And both murders were successfully carried out. Yet, the consensus among Virginians is that one should die and the other set free.

The woman set to die by lethal injection or electrocution in Virginia is Teresa Lewis who hired two men to kill her husband and stepson. The other woman, an Iranian, Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani, is set to die by stoning for conspiring with her adultorous lover to kill her husband. Sakineh is scheduled to die by stoning.

The outlines of the crimes are eerily similar but Virginians responses could not be different.

The Assassinated Press recently asked 216 Virginians if these two women deserved to die or be spared for virtually the same crime—conspiracy to commit murder. Of the 196 people who were willing to comment, 194 said the Teresa Lewis, the Virginia death row inmate should be executed while none said that Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani should die--- for the same crime.

What could account for the difference? The Assassinated Press also posed this question. The results were surprising if not shocking.

Of the 194 people who said that Teresa Lewis should die while Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani should be spared 6 of them, six, knew that the Sakineh case also involved the murder of her husband. The others all thought the execution involved adultery only, apparently a popular and pardonable pastime among the overwhelmingly Christian population of Virginia. Another six thought the lover had killed the husband without Sakineh’s consent and only out of incitement from the illicit affair.

Of the six who said a successful conspiracy to murder was involved all six said the similarities in the murders didn’t matter. All six described stoning as inhumane and barbaric while insisting that death by lethal injection or electrocution was ‘more civilized.’

Dumb Is the New Smart

Some 104 interviewees said that had never heard of either case until we briefly described them prior to asking them questions but exhibited strong opinions anyway. Four thought the Virginia woman was scheduled to be stoned, but were “fine with it.”

The distinction seems to mirror other biases among Americans in general. Study after study finds Americans repulsed by suicide bombers while US aerial bombardments that kill far more civilians are perceived as morally righteous and patriotic.

Another surprising feature arose from our survey. Of the 194 correspondents that said Ms. Lewis should die while Ms. Sakineh should live 185 professed to be Christian with 177 of them claiming to be Evangelical or Born Again Christians. The Christian bible condones stoning in instances of murder—and adultery.

When confronted with this discrepancy, many of those being interviewed either professed confusion or pointed out that in the New Testament Jesus stepped in and prevented a stoning for adultery from taking place.

When asked then if Jesus too would step and spare Ms. Lewis her form of stoning. Lethal injection. At that point many of those being interviewed became bewildered, hostile and even violent or just said ‘NO!’ and stomped off.

One individual jumped back from our two clip boarded volunteers and screamed “I know what the fuck you’re trying to do.” And drew his gun from his hip holster,cocked it and pointed it at our volunteers.

Once, the interviewees had gained some measure of composure, all insisted that Ms. Lewis must die while confirming that Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani must be released immediately apparently at their request.

Reasons for this varied widely. Most still believed “no murder took place” and “we were liars” and “Iraqi sympathizers” though the crime took place in Iran.

Others reiterated the method of state sanctioned murder as a clear distinction between barbarism and civilized behavior.

But most just wanted to “find something bad to say about Moslems.” Some cited the unfairness of Islamic law though only four knew the term ‘sharia.’

One interviewee, Ginny Michaels of Fort Belvoir, VA, said “if I ever have my husband murdered I know I would want to do it in Virginia. I’ve seen people put down by lethal injections in the movies and it’s not that bad. Stoning just gives me the hee-bee jee-bees.”

Don Dougherty of Richmond shouted. “I don’t give a fuck. There is no same between the US and ‘Amunjdidad’(sic—we think). America don’t do no wrong. We just want to lift these fuckers out of their ignorance.”

And into ours.