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Itís RACISM (And Money). Health Careís Got Shit to Do With It.
MASTER RACE THEATER: Like the Beer Hall Putsch, Bigots Disrupt Town Halls.
The Health Service Corporations and Their Stooges on K Street, in Congress and in the Media Are In It For the Money---
But For the Petulant Little White Fucks at the Town Hall Meetings Its Just Racism.
And Fuck Old White People. What ever Happened to Wisdom?

The Assassinated Press

So you thought race relations in America were improving. Think again. Long and hard.

The racists are out in force and they are all gussied up in their rhetorical white sheets and going to a town hall meeting. Who do they want to lynch? Barack Obama? No, only by proxy. They want to lynch all them uppity Negroes. But theyíll have to settle for throwing tantrums like a two year old in a public forum. Except the two year olds got an excuse and he makes more sense.

But Nobodyís That Stupid!

Now, Iím among the first motherfucker to declare that Americans are the biggest bunch of idiots not to mention lemmings on the planet. I wrote the book on how to make them that way. The book is called Propaganda and I wrote it in 1928 before the big crash.

And the plan I laid out in that book has worked beyond my wildest dreams. Even an administration such as Obamaís is beholding to corporate special interests and has a foreign policy that can only be described as exploitative and reactionary. It takes the willfulness of a spoiled brat whose cranky because his or her nappies havenít been changed not to see this in the face facts too obvious to reprise here.

But even given the policy continuity between the Cheney/Bush administration and the Obama/Emanuel one, people are ready to believe the most idiot and stupid fabrications made by people who are clearly stooges for the health service industry even to the point that they openly take bribes and quid pro quos right in front of the shiny bemused faces of these white knuckle draggers.

Iím mean, thereís ignorant. And then thereís Dante ass for a head ignorant.

No folks. Thereís another motivator and the kleptocracyís stooge class is deftly playing it. Health fucking car has nothing to do it. The white knuckle draggers at the town halls etc. would rather die in the streets with their boxers around their ankles shitting blood (or think they would) than have them feel like they are having a black man, or more accurately blacks, tell them what to do.

Right up until the old Dixiecrat days and beyond, southern asshole crackers could be convinced to vote for the white bigot A or white bigot B because at least Ďby an act of god you was born white.í And no matter the kind of shithole squalor your white bigot leaders kept your stinkingí ass in; no matter how despised and looked down upon you were by elite white southern society, you knew that white Dixiecrat fuck with your help made it a hundred times worse for the blacks.

Town Hall Crackers Say the Stupidest Things.

The hysterical, inchoate morons at the town halls have all the knuckledragging delusion of the southern white cracker who could see an accomplished black man and still believe or at least think he believed that he was still higher up on the great American chain gang of being by virtue, if you can call it that, of the color of his skin. But like the infantile, whining idiots at the town halls, I'm sure the evidence to the contrary made that cracker more than a bit unsure of himself. Likewise Obama and the town hallers. Likewise every successful black in this culture including Clarence Thomas and Condaleeza Rice. Obama must ahve rocked the town hall crackers world and not in a good way. And now corporate greed and the corporate stooge class has given the neo-cracker an outlet to vent his or her racism.

And what happens to an immature mind with an infants emotional amkeup bedised making a piblic ass of him or herself like the town haulers, they lash out, ripe for the picking by whatever demagogue the kleptcracy wants to prop up.

Like the folks at these town halls, it was your duty as a member of the white race to keep the blacks down. That has now been expanded beyond the Western to include hipsanics states to include Hispanics everywhere.

And thatís whatís operating at the town hall. Nothing fucking else. The rest is incoherent. The petulant little white fucks at the town halls are like toddlers lying down on the floor of the department store until mommy gives their ass a whack. And just like toddlers they havenít thought things through. There is no one there to give them a whack, unless you consider the betrayal and exploitation on the part of the health service kleptocracy and their stooges a sufficient smash in the chops. I donít. Americans like to get slapped around by their betters. Americans are needy fucks and getting their ass kicked, killed or merely exploited by somebody wealthier and more powerful than they is seen as a sign of affection, a sign that the wealthy care, so deep is the pathology. Remember I wrote the game plan.

Itís not just the inanity/insanity assholes like the town Ďhaulersí are or claim to be willing to believe. Itís the inability to perceive that nothing has changed institutionally. To them, idiotic as this may sound to anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of institutions especially corporate institutions, the old order of the white man as leader, the white cracker following and the black man at the bottom of the heap getting his proverbial ass kicked has been overturned.


So the white asshole at town hall has found his issue and he (and she) is throwing a tantrum about having a black chief executive. Its just pure racism. Everything else is dross. What could explain the incomprehensible nonsense they grunt and shout.

And the corporations and their stooges are running with it. Why not? It worked and frankly thatís what they do when their sacks of gold are threatened. Thatís the critters they are. They start wars which kill millions based on lies. They steal trillions with no compunction and then steal trillions more meant to gloss over the original theft. Theyíre ravenous. Insatiable. The rich are the proto-type for the CIAís ĎDo aliens exist?í psyops program.

Having spent my whole life creating rationales for the reprehensible behavior of the kleptocracy, the only solution I can see is to kill several thousand of these precious plutocrats. I can say that with a straight and earnest face because it will never happen. Not with Americans as unreflective as the morons who are disrupting the town halls.

ĎReflectioní seems like too weak a word to interject at this point. But I believe a fair percentage of people speaking with their pucker holes at these town halls donít consider themselves racists. They just are.

Some other deep-seated motive must be operating here, if youíre willing to repeat and repeat publicly some of the utterly idiotic shit that the corporate stooges in Congress, on K Street and in the media have been spewing. If you are that beyond embarrassment something other than health care must be driving you. For the kleptocratic stooges its money. If the town hall assholes arenít getting a taste whatís obvious? Youíre just a racist fuck. Pure and simple.

Otherwise youíre delusional. And from the moronic shit some people are parroting at town halls, clinically delusional and in desperate need of health care to cover your thorazine. And fuck elderly white people. What ever happened to wisdom? It sickens me to see some 80 years old gurgling some nonsense Glenn Beck pulled out of his ass and looking like a two year old. What ever happened to setting an example? Now, youíre just unreflective bigots.

Set aside the notion of working against your own self-interest. This country is full of assholes that needlessly suffer through that everyday of their lives from knee jerk hostility to unions, acceptance of third calls services, and glamorizing the rich, or at least intermediate rich.

Its racism motivating the rank and file rank disruptions of town halls and perceived hostility to so-called health car reforms. There isnít even a single payer plan on the table much less a proposal to remove the organs of the rich and give them back to the families of poor Colombians and Mexicans who gave their far more valuable lives so that assholes like the Rick Santelliís and Joe Cassanoís of the world might live to pollute the universe another day.

I feel I havenít stressed how utterly stupid and ignorant Americans in general are. People do surveys that shock and amuse, but have you ever been in a bar in some white working class neighborhood and seen how people react who donít know the answers to those questions. I can tell you this. It donít prod them to go out and get a Phd.

Whitey feels his racist delusion of Ameerica slipping away and he's in denial flailing away. Health care town halls are convenient places for the lowest of racists to tear their hair and nash their teeth. Organized by a white elite the white trash of America may once again serve the interests of the wwealthy while biting off their collective nose to spite their collective face.

The U.S. already has one ingredient for a National Socialist State in great abundance, corporations. And what's more Corporations who essentially run the government placing their own employees and stooges in elected positions as well as writing the legislation that forms the legal and economic framework for their industries. The corporations are already in place. All we need is the demagogue. The Republican Party, while sporting some spectacularly authoritarian shitbags who, one can be certain, in the privacy of their own homes stand naked before their floor length mirror posing their Hitlerian ambitions, doesn't have world class talent at the moment. But don't put it past the corporate state to dig one up as they test the waters over health care and with congressional elections looming in 2010.

Obamaís way too bright even though his brilliance is conventional seemingly as far away from the brilliance of a Paul Robeson, a Jack Johnson, a Mel Tolson or a Malcolm X as you can get. But bigots sense this isnít so. Then again Obamaís following Bush who couldnít string two words together. And Obama's extremely articulate. More humiliation for the master race. Bigots like the town hall folks, and now we can include the corporate stooge class, know they got some shit coming. They know how theyíve acted and thought. They know what they did.

So rather than own up, theyíll just do it under the guise of parroting insane rhetorical gibberish about health care. ďIím the victim! Iím the victim!Ē Aw, fucking get up off the floor Beck.

Itís RACISM. Health Careís Got Shit to Do With It