The Assassinated Press

An Open Email to Lanny Davis

Special Propagandist to the Assassinated Press

Dear Mr. Davis,

I saw you get your ass kicked on the subject of Honduras on Democracy Now!

Just don't talk to those lefties. We don't need them. They effect nothing.

When you talk to them, there's too much history involved that the average viewer need not know about. Because of efforts by folks like you and I, people generally are not aware of that history. Let's keep it that way.

The left is not about PR and the best way to make that work to our advantage is simply to exclude them from the conversation.

PR only works when you can keep historical fact out of equation and create what the Frankfurt School called 'ahistorical rationalism', 'reason' by virtue of no context. In other words create a fungible logic that sounds like it makes sense but in reality bears no relationship to historical fact or any truths or logical conclusions that can be derived from historical fact.

For someone in your position e.g simply being in it for the money, your performance was admirable. But you were the only performer. The lefty deadheads can't operate at your level of hokum so you come off as phony and possibly worse, a liar.

I'm not saying lying is bad thing. The PR route is designed to divorce your client's desires from any ethical or historical grounding. That's the heart and soul of our business. But the actual perception on the part of the viewer that you are lying is unforgivable and, more importantly, unbillable.

Except for the ad hominem attacks which were far too transparent for your audience (save them for Wolf Blitzer or Bill O'Reilly), you never confused the internal 'truth logic' of your client's position with the historical truth, so you rarely stumbled in that regard.

But in reality you got your head handed to you. Remember, we don't deal in reality so we should never deal with people who do. Its all perception. And our job is to make that perception seem real. A grade of D- for your Democracy Now! performance.

Kindest regards, Edward Bernays