The Assassinated Press

Julian Assange, Wikileaks and the Persecution of the Word, Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Assassinated Press

The parallel is striking. An individual and his flock are persecuted by a Great Empire for the threat they pose to the rich and powerful, the corrupt and sinful. The leader is locked away using trumped up charges. There are calls for his death.

A Great Empire imposes its will upon the world’s people. A world controlled by merchants, bankers and traders who despite their public faces now display their real faces as oppressors and snarling cowards when a threat to their dominance appears.

But his disciples continue to spread the Gospel. Truth and freedom prove stronger than those that would enslave the human race. Where once there was the Holy Spirit, now there is the internet and Wikileaks, two great mediums brought into being in response to the imperfection of mankind.

All good Christians should pray for the deliverance of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks out of the hands of the corporations and their political stooges. All good Christians should pay homage to the generosity and charity of Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange and to Bradley Manning whom God filled with Light.

Christians should make final preparations to tear down the government and the banks and the corporations and all such evil doers who live only for gold and the things of this corrupted world; to whom truth and the way and the light mean nothing.

No doubt Wikileaks and Julian Assange have been sent by God to rid the world of evil. There is no other explanation for such open and free acts of charity.

On the other hand, what greater evil than those that would deny their own words the light of day?

Le t us pray.