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Inflationary Fiat Currency Has Driven Up What U.S. Pays Families of Afghan Victims in Massacres to $50,000 Each.
In Vietnam Blood Money Was Only $35.00.

The Assassinated Press

KABUL, Afghanistan — There is no clearer measure of the spiraling inflation and the devaluation of the dollar than blood money paid to families of those the US murdes in its perpetual world for world dominance of natural resources.

The families of 16 Afghan villagers who were slaughtered this month by rampaging American soldiers were given $50,000 by the United States for each of their relatives who died, Afghan and American officials said.

This a is a far cry from the $35.00 paid for the wanton murder of an innocent adult in Vietnam or the mere $14.40 for a child. Water buffalo were assessed at $8.00 a head or about 60% of the worth of a child.

Love It and Leave It.

Such statistics show a foundational, long term weakening in the US economy even at its moves toward a completely militarized ethos at home and abroad. As the Federal Reserve prints more fiat currency to prop up the banks that fund the war machine, paper money becomes worthless to the point that $50,000, still a princely sum for most Americans, is awarded to foreign nationals that simply didn’t have the good sense not to live in the country of their ancestors.

In economic terms the inflationary rise has been precipitous.

Though the many millions of victims of US military hegemony from Korea to Guatemala to Iran to Angola to Indonesia to Italy to Chile to Laos to Haiti and the Dominican Republic etc. etc. ad nauseam who seek blood money for the murder of their loved ones from the US, in most cases none has been paid.

However, as a cost cutting measure, in Vietnam a $35.00 payment was authorized for an adult determined to be wrongly murdered. By the time of the first Invasion of Iraq the payment had ballooned to $10,000.

The situation was somewhat ameliorated by hiring proxy armies of proto-fascist mercenaries to commit most of the murders or simply arming and training homegrown authoritarians many of whom now face court battles and firing squads for the murder of their own citizens.

Tea Party owner Charles Koch of Koch Industries warned against the spiraling cots of murdering innocent people around the world. Mr. Koch said, “We murder so many people that even with our greatly devalued currency the cost to the Federal government has become prohibitive. The time has come for placing the question of money for the relatives of people we wantonly murder firmly in the hands of state legislatures where like Uncle Slimey’s victims such requests can go to die. Fuck you all.”