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If Two Grown Women Can’t Beat off the Alleged Unwanted Advances of a Sissified Pasty Poof Like Julian Assange, Do Women Deserve Equal Pay, No Job Discrimination, the Vote?
Sweden reopens investigation into rape claim against Julian Assange.
If you need any more proof that Julian Assange is Being Set Up Just Read the ‘Diplomatic’ Dispatches Wikileaks Released.
"I defy you to point out one lie or inaccuracy in those leaked diplomatic memos that originated with Wikileaks," Sarah Palin tweets in a rare defense of the Constitution. "All the lies and deception in those memos originate with the Federal Government itself."

The Assassinated Press

If you need any more proof that Julian Assange is Being Set Up Just Read the ‘Diplomatic’ Dispatches Wikileaks Released. They are full of examples of the US government muscling some weaker nation to cover up crimes Uncle Slimey's crimes.

That’s fuckin’ diplomacy baby. 'Prevent wars' Colbert and Stewart? What are you--- 4? Go fucking suck on it. Facilitate wars and coups be more like it.

And my god, ladies, look at the man. One hundred and forty five pounds of library paste and newsprint. Down at me pub we had the bloke pegged for a fag--- or a ghost. We was shocked when we heard he shagged two females. We got a bit behind the bloke, didn’ we Nigel when we heard he stuffed two Nellies on the same day where we have not fucked the Missus since last Swan Uppin’. The bobbies say they know where he is. Fuck ya. We been standin’ him drinks since we heard about the knobbins’.

If two full-grown females can’t beat off the likes a Assange’s advances, women don’t deserve the vote. Or equal pay. How the fuck you gonna do the heavy liftin’ when a poofter like Assange supposedly can have his way wif ya?

And what must that say about a senior Swedish prosecutor who reopened the rape investigation against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, in the latest twist to a puzzling case in which prosecutors of different ranks have overruled each other. She must be a dry piece a work, not to mention schoolgirlishly timid before the real rapist---, Uncle Slimey and his Unholy Army of American Imperialist Stooges. Hey, honey. Swedish prosecutor. Come by Stopney. I’ll depose ya.

Assange, even looks and sounds the poofter when he’s talking about exposing the career liars that make up the world’s political elite or defending himself against the charges leveled against him. He has denied the allegations and not like Bill O’Reilly who went out kicking and screaming like a real man. Like O’Reilly, Assange said his accusers are part of a smear campaign by opponents of WikiLeaks – an online whistleblower that angered Washington by publishing thousands of leaked documents about US military activities in Iraq and Afghanistan on 25 July and led to his being set up.

Once again, we’s down at the pub prefer if someone’s so inclined, he blows Uncle Slimey’s whistles and leaves us red blooded , virile males to ourselves and the occasional tart. Hey Panetta. How muchwas the cunt what you bought to set up Assange. If me and the boys pool our money can the CIA set us up.

I mean Asaange is perceived as such a pasty homo that even that usually limp wristed queen of the Fourth Estate, the Washington Post, has felt comfortable taking slappy-slaps at him, the Post's Edward Cody calling Assange pasty-faced, even while they eagerly pore over the cables leaked by Wiki.

The case was dismissed last week by Eva Finne, chief prosecutor in Stockholm, who overruled a lower-ranked prosecutor and said there was no reason to suspect that Assange, an Australian citizen, had raped a Swedish woman who had reported him to police.

The woman's lawyer appealed against the decision. Director of public prosecution Marianne Ny decided to reopen the case, saying new information had come by cable from Washingtonin on Tuesday. "We went through all the case material again, including the threatening letter that came in, and that's when I made my decision," [to reopen the case] Ny told The Associated Press by phone. She declined to say what the threat from Washington containedor whether Assange, who was questioned by investigators on Monday, would be arrested. An arrest warrant issued on 20 August was withdrawn within 24 hours.

Ny added that "it's not entirely uncommon" that such reversals take place in Sweden “where money, the US and ‘diplomacy’ are involved, in particular regarding allegations of sex crimes. Look I don’t want the US coming down on my ass. Look what they did to Olaf Palme.”

In hopes of preventing harm to her family, she also decided that another complaint against Assange should be investigated on suspicion of "sexual coercion and sexual molestation". That overruled a previous decision to only investigate the case as "molestation," which is not a sex crime under Swedish law.

Investigators have not released details about either case, though a police report obtained by AP shows both women had met Assange in connection with a seminar he gave in Stockholm on 14 August. The report shows the women filed their complaints together six days later after having brunch at the American Embassy.

Assange is seeking legal protection for WikiLeaks in Sweden, one of the countries in which the group says it has servers. The Swedish Migration Board has confirmed that Assange has applied for a work and residence permit in the Scandinavian country.

"It appears to be highly irregular and some kind of legal circus," Assange told the Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen.

"I was dumbfounded and concerned as to the integrity of the Swedish judicial process," he said when asked what his feelings were after the investigation was reopened. "I know what I have done with my life therefore I know that these accusations are baseless and disturbing," he said.

WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson said it backs Assange. "We hope that he will clear his name and meanwhile the WikiLeaks organisation is going on with its endeavours," Hrafnsson told AP.

WikiLeaks says it intends to publish 15,000 more Afghan war documents in the coming weeks, a disclosure that US officials say could endanger their program to slaughter hundreds more innocent people and,”hopefully, a Taliban.or two.”

Claes Borgstrom, a lawyer who represents both women, welcomed the decision today: "This is a redress for my clients, I have to say, because they have been dragged through the mud on the internet, for having made things up or intending to frame Assange. They shouldn’t have done it, I know. But the money was good. But now they’re pissed because they are not street meat but good girls who just like nice things. The kind of things only Uncle Slimey can afford."

Borgstrom had previously dismissed rumours that the sex allegations were part of a conspiracy against Assange, saying: "There is not an ounce of truth in all this about Pentagon, or the CIA, or smear campaigns, nothing like it. It was the Mossad and Blackwater/Xe under contract to the CIA."