When I open my eyes in this cardboard box
I'm surrounded by my hungry family there.
When I needed a friend or a helping hand
FEMA wasn't to be found no damn where.
I'm so crazy with grief and despair
I want to set myself on fire straightway because
I'm homeless on Christmas Day.

I picture the children begging in the snow
More horrific memories I'll soon know
And I see the disdain in Brownie's eyes
Always there to teach us
The real meaning of Christmas."

The Assassinated Press

"I'll Be Homeless For Christmas"; FEMA Rewrites A Classic:
FEMA to Stop Paying for Evacuees' Hotels:
Halliburton Stole Hurricane Relief Money To Help Clear Pipeline Routes In Iraq; Mercs Paid To Destroy Towns:
"The Iraqis Are Just The Indians De Jour," Rumsfeld Declares In His Thanksgiving Address To The Troops:
Hurricane Victims Told To Lease An Ass And Look For Available Mangers, All Utilities Included.

Assassinated Press Writer
November 16, 2005

WASHINGTON -- FEMA is stepping up the pressure on some 153,000 people left homeless by hurricanes to leave government-paid hotel rooms and create out their own housing out of thin air.

"Hey, its the time of the year for miracles. Christ was born in a fuckin' manger. What have these fuckers got on Christ. Huh?" said FEMA Director R. David Paulison.

The agency said Tuesday that it will stop paying hotel bills by the end of the month for most of the families devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, even though housing advocates know they won't have enough time or money to build other places.

"We can't be upstaged by nature," explained out going FEMA director Michael Brown. "WE gotta look at least as indifferent as say an earthquake or a hurricane. We have reputations to uphold as rich shits."

Most of the soon to be homeless people are staying in hotels and motels are in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and Mississippi.

Private, Government Relief "Gone To Where It Will Do The Most Good."

The Federal Emergency Management Agency had previously set the December deadline as a goal to have evacuees out of hotels and into travel trailers, mobile homes or apartments until they find permanent homes but they and their cronies stole the money and, well, "somebody's gotta pay. Why not people so beaten down they don't have any fight in 'em. I'm mean them fuckin' Iraqis are torching us. It feels good to have somebody to beat up on, 'specially around the holidays," Bush said.

Surprise!! Uncle Sammy Claus Is Kicking You Out On Your Ass, Little Girl.

Tuesday's announcement marked the first time the agency said it would cease paying for hotel rooms that have cost FEMA $274 million since the storms struck.

FEMA granted exceptions to evacuees in hotels in Louisiana and Mississippi, where there is no shortage of housing except for that fact that it all blew down. "Evacuees in those states have until Jan. 7 to undo Katrina's damage," said David Garrote, FEMA's acting director of recovery. He said 9,830 households remain in hotels in Louisiana and 2,508 in Mississippi.

"There are still too many people living in hotel rooms, but we can't help them get into longer-term homes before the holidays because they have no chance of finding jobs and the thieves we contracted with stole the relief money," FEMA Acting Director R. David Paulison said in a statement. "I mean, we're the shits who gave no bid contracts to the killers and thieves that ripped off the money slated for Iraq. Across the country, there are readily available, longer-term housing solutions for these victims that can give greater privacy and stability than hotel and motel rooms, but the poor fucks can't get there, they have no jobs or money for down payments or deposits if they do and the housing is in communities that people created because they have an irrational fear of black and poor people in first place. So yeah, I'm blowin' it out my ass about 'available long-term housing.' That's my job. If you don't like it, don't stand downwind."

"Those rendered complete penniless and homeless by the storm and basically had nothing before it hit storms should have the opportunity to become self-reliant without any help from us. I mean we fuckin' know how to belly up to the public trough and make it look like we belong there," Paulison said. "That's a gift. You other fuckers gotta work and give us your money. These fuckin' hurricane victims just don't look enough like swine when they get trickle down from the trough. Boeing, Exxon Mobil, Halliburton, Bechtel, Fluor! Now there's swine!!"

After Dec. 1, most hurricane evacuees who aren't ready to leave hotels will have to pay the costs out of pocket -- either with FEMA rental housing aid which doesn't even cover basic costs or from their own non-existent funds.

Katrina hit on Aug. 29, followed by Rita on Sept. 24. Unfortunately, in each instance, FEMA hit a few days later.

In Houston, Mayor Bill White demanded that FEMA grant a similar extension to the city as it moves 19,158 evacuees out of city hotels. Karl Rove told George Bush to immediately chide the mayor as "to live up to your name and stop whining over a bunch of niggers. You're still our bigot boy now ain't ya. You know we'll help Houston's crack police force keep them darkies in line. This ain't France. We won't stand for that shit."

"We have moved more evacuees out of the city than any other city has ever had in the city," White said in a statement. "So we encourage those new to it to ask us, not tell us, where do we shove these bodies."

The hotel program marked the results of FEMA's second step in taking money slated to find homes for hundreds of thousands of evacuees displaced after the storms and giving it to Halliburton and others companies. Hundreds of millions remain unaccounted for. Over the last month, FEMA has moved 8,748 people out of emergency shelters and onto the streets, Garrote said. As of Tuesday, 2,491 evacuees remain in shelters, down from a high of 321,000, he said. Many who just weeks earlier lived in the shelter, now live on the sidewalk outside the shelter paying the city rent for municipal space. "Out under the highway overpasses is too far from the Piggly-Wiggly and the bathroom at the one library in Houston," complained one evacuee.

Also by Dec. 1, thousands of evacuees who receive FEMA housing aid in vouchers stolen at the state or local level will have to sign a rental lease to remain eligible to not receive the funding. Three months later, on March 1, FEMA will end the voucher program and send housing aid directly to companies who look like they belong at the trough, a process known as 'troughication.'

Additionally, the six-month leases for evacuees living on cruise ships will end March 1 at which time they will be given the choice of either walking the plank or pitching themselves overboard, Garrote said. "Beats the fuckin' choices in Houston," Garrote added.,

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose state welcomed many Katrina evacuees, said: "We recognize and agree with FEMA's decision to make personal responsibility a part of the hurricane recovery process. However, my great concern is that there is still no long-term housing plan for the hundreds of thousands of Katrina victims who lost everything -- including their homes -- as a result of the storm, and come March 1 many of them may find themselves with no long-term housing options."

Housing advocates said FEMA has not given evacuees enough time to find homes and sign leases -- a process that can take months in rental markets already nearing capacity.

So far, FEMA says it has provided $1.2 billion in transitional housing assistance to more than 500,000 households displaced by the hurricanes.

The Red Cross had not seen details of the plan Tuesday, but spokesman Michael Spencer said "the time has passed for emergency housing."

"Interim housing is the responsibility of the state and federal government, and we have to assume they have a plan in place," he said.