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U.S. Corporations Backed Iraq's WMD Program:
Hypocrisy Emanates Deep From The Heartland

The Assassinated Press

Riley Bechtel, CEO of Bechtel Company recently told Ass. Press, "We'll sell anything to anybody. I'd sell a flame thrower to a pyromaniac. I'd sell a serial rapist the key to my daughter's bedroom. So why should it surprise the American people, chumps that they are, that my company would supply Saddam Hussein with every deadly product we have in our inventory."

"When are people going to get it through their heads murder plots, like wars, political assassinations and homicidal exploitation, by necessity originate in the boardroom and are endemic to multinational business deals. In short, money IS the root of all evil. What's more we like the murders we perp and we revel in the evil. It makes the boring and banal business end bearable."

"That's what was so much fun about Chile and Kuwait---and Bolivia! Ah, Cochabamba! I loved stealing the water from the lips of an infant, watching it slowly die of thirst. What's more basic than water? And I controlled it. What power over life and death! I'm spooging! I'm spooging! But as long as Americans think Cochabamba is a fiction..."

"Believe me, if I could cut out the products and services, that is go right from the murder to the money, I'd be less grumpy. Being a CEO of a major corporation is like being a hit man on a time delay. Ultimately the real gratification can't come from the murder. Its gotta come from the money. But the murder does have its moments."

Below is a partial list of U.S. companies, including Bechtel, that supplied Iraq with nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile technology. In other words, if the shit is there, chances are, it came from here.

A - nuclear K - chemical B - biological R - rockets (missiles)

1) Honeywell (R,K)
2) Spektra Physics (K)
3) Semetex (R)
4) TI Coating (A,K)
6) Sperry Corp. (R,K)
7) Tektronix (R,A)
8) Rockwell )(K)
9) Leybold Vacuum Systems (A)
10) Finnigan-MAT-US (A)
11) Hewlett Packard (A.R,K)
12) Dupont (A)
13) Eastman Kodak (R)
14) American Type Culture Collection (B)
15) Alcolac International (C)
16) Consarc (A)
17) Carl Zeis -U.Ss (K)
18) Cerberus (LTD) (A)
19) Electronic Assiciates (R)
20) International Computer Systems
21) Bechtel (K)
22) EZ Logic Data Systems,Inc. (R)
23) Canberra Industries Inc. (A)
24) Axel Electronics Inc. (A)

Additionally to these 24 companies based in the US, are nearly 50 subsidiaries of foreign enterprises whose arms co-operation with Iraq seems to have been operated from the US. In addition, Ministries for defense, energy, trade, and agriculture, as well as the foremost U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories at Lawrence Livermore. Los Alamos, and Sandia, are designated as suppliers for the Iraqi arms programs for A, B, and C-weapons as well as for rockets.

When it serves U.S. interests to supply its proxies like Iraq with all kinds of heinous weapons, those proxies are well served. But when they've outlived their usefulness AND they have huge reserves of oil, the evidence must be destroyed.

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