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Hey America! When's The Last Time You Had Your Cheney Pulled? A Telegraphed Punch From The Not Too Swift Boat Veterans For Bush(Karl Rove-All Rights Reserved):
Swift Boat Vets Say, "American troops in Vietnam were a lot safer without G.W. Bush in the field."
Karl Rove Denies White House Connection To Swift Boat Vets, Says "Who Gives A Feral Cat's Titty Tumor About Swift Boat Vets."
Swift Boat Veterans For Lies, Self-Medication, Money & Money For Self-Medication:
Vietnam Vet Suckers Enter Ring For Kleptocracy But Get Rabbit Punched By the Fourth Estate:
Like Vietnam, the Iraq War Is A Coloring Book Of Kleptocratic Perfidy And Theft, But America Is Still Eating The Crayons:

The Assassinated Press

Bagmoney, Texas---Well, its the kind of self-serving political bullshit broohaha with big business ringside pouring money into bets on which bogus ideology is going to come out on top. Once again its wholesale slaughter used for political advantage.

It wasn't enough that the Republican Party played the even-a-moron-can-be-chief executive canard ala Ronnie Reagan and George Bush Sr. again with Monkey George. Worse the American electorate almost bought it and Dick Cheney and the PNAC finally had their long anticipated Iraqi oil grift aided by a monumental set of lies about Iraq's involvement in 9/11 and an Americans In Chumpland scenario that makes Jim Cary's Truman look like a FOX man in the street documentary.

As for the moron as President syndrome that seems to have amused and enlightened so many Americans to the political process, blame the asshole hagiographies of Harry Truman and the ease of pop tops.

Then it wasn't enough that John Kerry a guy who had one of those school boy crushes on the Oval Office schemed to use military service as a rallying point for his campaign. You didn't have to attend an Ivy League School to hear conversations about how to use military service as a stepping stone stone to fame and fortune. Anybody with integrity and a real sense of what the war was about stayed away from those users. After all, using death for political advantage seemed unconscionable to some. Not many but some. But not likely a presidential candidate. The sellout is too long and rigorous to have anything but a political and economic whore left at the end.

What Kerry did was come back and do what honest people had done all along. Denounce the war. But those same few with integrity new that Kerry was a self-serving shit and to this day still is. Don't ask him about his war record, you irrelevant simple minded assholes. Ask him where his Subcommittee on Narcotics, Terrorism and International Communications went after the late 80's. And then be prepared to vote Castro.

And it wasn't enough for military bonehead cocksuckers like Larry Thurlow to take their hatred for Kerry's manipulation of the war and every other motherfucker that rightfully opposed the war taking it over the top in the form of self-serving lies. Now, the Washington Post has gotten Thurlow's military records and exposed him as a liar. Christ, who couldn't have predicted that FOIA request? Who didn't know that the so-called Small Boat Veterans For Truth was a Republican backed stooge monkey? Just another dishonorable whore in this jungle of dishonoarble whores. The whole fuckin' bullshit thing is as transparent as a stream of urine in a Da Nang sunset. Even the Washington Post smelled the stink coming off the word 'Truth' in that one! Even the hold my nose in the ring of hell, Post! It must have been so easy to cut Thurlow's balls off some intern wielded the knife while the senior staff shot a couple of rounds at Camp David with Doug Feith and 'Scooter' Libby.

Look, if Vietnam service fucked you up and left you a fat and embittered psychotic, then fine go after Kerry. But fuckin' be honest about what you are and why you're doing it. I've seen more reflective schizophrenics. Nobody with any integrity credits Kerry's baby killing diatribes. We know he and you killed babies. We just discount Kerry because he's as much a whore as you and the people behind Swifties Fuck truth. Cancer-face McCain was a baby killer as God's wrath is upon him. After fuckin' all, you get to do things in combat that only President's get to do in 'real life.' Not being able to come back and flog the wholesale slaughter you were involved in for political and economic gain is downright Un-American.

It must be a rush for a worthless fuck like Thurlow to get all this attention and money, but its now been exposed by the biggest whores on the block, The Washington Post, that the Swifties are playing fast and loose with their own motives. You don't want to take on the Post in that venue, Thurlow et al. The Post is the world's champ of duplicity. They put lying multiplicity on the map. Look at their recent bullshit mea culpas on Iraqi WMD's.

Kerry went to Vietnam to put the experience on his presidential resume and the way the medals were flaunted punctuate that. Others went to Vietnam because they were dumb fucks who bought the bullshit of their betters and didn't have the balls to stand up to the powers that be. This "service to our country' and 'duty' horseshit is the biggest personal canard one can imagine. So now they feel taken, poor dummies. Kerry's a little pay back to the kleptocracy that used them as asswipe. How many shots these poor fucks gonna get? The fact that its funded by the same kleptocracy that fucked them in the first place---well thunderation, ain't that what the boneheads are for. They're gettin' there measure of revenge on Kerry, somethin' they sought for years. And Karl Rove's kleptocratic handlers are doing what they are paid to do, enriching their betters up the food chain.

Somebody might point out that McCain never dropped 500 pound bombs on your grandma, motherfucker. If you want to insist there's a qualitative difference between those that have experienced war and those who haven't, then lets carry it to its logical conclusion. THose weren't American women and children under Rolling Thunder. American civilians, women and children, are rarely involved and like in Iraq their usually armed mercs or intelligence working for Corporate security. 88,000 Americans missing in action on foreign soil since World War II to zero foreign MIA's on American soil. With those numbers it stinks like Imperialist Aggression. How would you like a 9/11 in your backfuckin'yard every day for 10 years, 20 years, 25 years, fuckface?

Also, look at your shock troops. How many of those trailer park morons gave a second thought to voting for Jeb Bush, and now after the aptly named Charley, the shitbag can't be found? Its called being used. The rich bastards that put up the money and PR for Swift Boats, vacation with the Post editorial staff. Their kids go to the same prep schools. Their wives co-chair the same charities and art galleries. They live in the same neighborhoods. They laugh at the same chumps.

Now Swifties as Grifties is seen for what it is, a bunch of bitter, loser vets and wannabe vets lying about their true motive for attacking Kerry. Part of that motive involves the limelight and the kind of contact that reeks of money. (And if they had a little intergity, they'd smell their murders, the one's they committed in Vietnam, behind that money.) But no the Thurlows think they're gonna get some, and some might but most won't.

No, the Swifties didn't have the courage of their own conviction. They didn't have confidence in their own 'feelings' about the war to go after an obvious opportunist like Kerry on those grounds. Think morons. Its betrayal to tell the truth. What does the 'truth' then become in your name. A smokescreen for another, weaker lie. That's a loser for you. But the kleptocrats will flourish. With shit like you floating in the bath water, the kleptocrats always flourish, because they always have a snack.

Swifty vets know they are wrong or at least they are too fucked up to be conscious of that fact. Kerry upset them by going public with his testimony against the Vietnam War. Well, you dumb Swifty fucks, how many people from your neighborhood got called to testify--- had that PRIVILEGE[D]. Certainly, not your rank and file. Why Kerry? Because he was part of the club. And the club includes the Bush's and Cheney and DeLay and Frist and Hastert and Libby as well as the Kennedy's and Kerry and Edwards and Waxman and so on. And I can guarantee you one thing. If you are reading this, you ain't in the club, mothafucker.

Certainly, not the club of rich schmucks like Perry backing you now. They were doing the same thing then that they are doing to you now. Putting your ass on the front lines, knowing you're too much of a coward and an opportunist yourself to expose them, even when its obvious they've started fucking you over by not making Thurlow's records disappear before the Post got to them.

No, your bitterness about the anti-war movement is too weak, Schoolgirl Veterans For Truth. Too much of a projection. Its the sour grapes of being exposed without any power to defend yourself. And even here back in the States decades later you can't figure out where the front lines are politically, culturally and economically. You were wrong about Vietnam. It was a kleptocrat's war. And you were an asshole to fall for it.

In the same way you are 'fool for love' about the Iraq war. This war is a coloring book of kleptocratic perfidy and theft. The Swift Boat Veterans For Truth have now demonstrated that they are nothin' but a bunch of opportunist liars; in other words they've joined the club, or think they have. Sooner or later the kleptocracy will disabuse them of this notion.