“To wage by force or guile eternal warre” – Satan in John Milton’s Paradise Lost.
The Great Satan! Satan’s Foreign Policy Now Official US Foreign Policy.

The Assassinated Press

“A decade after the 9/11 attacks, Americans live in an era of endless war.” Headline in Megalamorial Day’s Post.
The Rich Are Different. They’re Sociopaths.

The Assassinated Press

The Washington Post’s headline for today reads: “A decade after the 9/11 attacks, Americans live in an era of endless war”.

Well, that won’t be hard sell with a population accustomed to hearing its historians, politicians, pundits and arms makers constantly making the claim that war unfortunately is a natural state of human existence. “There have always been wars,” our elites cry.

Satan feels the same way. In John Milton’s poem Paradise Lost, Satan tells the rest of the fallen angels that they must “Wage by force or guile eternal warre.”

Sound like the official policy of the Great Satan e.g. the US. Sure the shit does.

Its populare to say war always exists. Yet any cursory look at an atlas of recorded history makes obvious the polar opposite. War is a relative rarity especially before the advent of western colonialism and modern imperialism. But even then many cultures avoided or simply ignored war for much of their history. And some even summarily executed the purveyors of war, false or otherwise. Now, isn’t that an original thought.

Yes, until 500 years ago the world had been a reltively peaceful place.

Sure, there were assholes in some cultures who tried to goad the people to war by creating lies and canards about proposed enemies. Religion played a large and hypocritical role in the perfidy. But with the advent of colonialism and international trade other bullshit reasons had to be concocted to trick a population into the meat maw slaughter of war.

National Security became synonymous with stealing cotton or tea then oil or coltan or water under the canard of protecting a civilian population, nation building, democracy and other pseudo-civic minded frauds.

But in many cases the population saw right through the lying hypocrites. It’s not hard especially in this era of mass communication with high def clear images and wikileaks that belie the hypocritical backdrop for the shit that politicians and pundits smear across the screen as though apes in a cage enamored of their own feces.


Liars are easy to read. You just have to be honest within yourself.

You mean you couldn’t see the lying eyes of Lyndon Johnson and Robert Mcnamara as they shat out their Gulf of Tonkin canard?

Would Watergate never have happened if not for insiders making it practically impossible to ignore even for the Washington Post? You mean you couldn’t read Nixon’s tcicks or Mitchell’s or Agnew’s hyperbolic malice as character traits possessed by charlatans, thieves, murderers and con men?

You mean you couldn’t see that Reagan administration officials were blatantly lying even as the old ‘Dumper’ was winning another one into his nappies? Really? You could’t tell that lying was the norm for George Schultz and Caspar Weinberger; Donald Regan and Bush Sr.; Oliver North and Elliott Abarms; Poindexter and McFarlane? Please.

I could tell that Eisenhower and Acheson were lying about Mossedegh and Iran in 1953. And I was only four. That’s how bad these war mongers are at lying. But with a gullible populace they don’t need to perfect the art of perfidy.

You can’t seriously tell me you didn’t detect that Saddam Hussein was set up in the first Gulf War? First, the US through April Glaspie gave him the okay to invade Kuwait which was diagonally drilling into Iraqi oil fields. Then the US pounced on his ass for ostensibly for invading Kuwait when the real reason was he had nationalized the oil fields.

You mean you couldn’t see the lies in the eyes of that old fat twat Madeleine Albright when her betters saw that Yugoslavia was prime for balkanization and plunder? You think ‘Slick Willie’ didn’t have murder in his eyes whenever he shilled for major international and corporate banks bombing Serbian infrastructure and thereby enslaving that state to the World Bank and IMF in perpetuity. You seriously could not see the lies in the yes of those neo-liberal faggots?

And really? You couldn’t read Cheney and Rumsfeld and lap dog Bushie for liars? Really? Many people did. They were too cowardly to do much about it. But finally here were liars so grotesque that even citizens who live a beer blizzard or torrential cocaine rain could smell a rat. I mean come on. Dead rat is Dick Cheny’s fuckin’ cologne for Christ fuckin’ sake.

You really think Obama and Hillary bombed Libya to protect civilians or increased troop strength in Afghanistan or will pull all American troops out of Iraq or will there be ‘perpetual war’ to maintain the flow of oil in the control of the international corporations that own Obama’s sorry faggoty ass?

And then the lying parade of military brass and intellgence cunts anxious to take their places among private industry as their quid pro quo for selling their soul and slaughtering millions of innocents.

Yes, lying cocksuckers all, these dirty assed pols, the military and the media that parrots them.

But the lying hypocrites that are the most fun to watch and easy to discern are the CEOs hiding behind the corporate logos and Wall Street plaques. The Commedia dell’arte mask reserved for the lying old lech appear to be a natural appendage of their heads having the prototype for all that is banal and evil in the world.

McAllister or Blankfein or Immelt. Fucks like them aren’t as practiced in lying directly to the public as pols are. They have PR firms to create layers of cute, sentimental and phony credibility and they like to skate on that. And then you’re faced with the CEOs murderous visage in front of Congress opposite the little girl dancing in a field of fucking posies and the dislocation is startling. ‘Fuck, your mind goes. That sick fuck from Monsanto would eat that little girl on a spit given half a chance. You don’t even have to be student of human natire to figure that one out.

That’s what makes Congressional hearings so much fun. Suddenly, the façade of happy joyous consumers collapses and for a brief few moments the soulless, joyless slaughter behind consumption is laid bare in the faces of corporate sociopaths who defend every vile murder with the zeal of a child who likes to burn small animals alive.

Tobacco execs, auto industry CEOs, bankers, oil company execs, arms makers, investment bankers, liars and cheats all.

Of course, talk is cheap. And the mere ability to discern a lying elite is not enough. Virtually all kleptocrats are liars fully equipped with lies that will endanger you and your family.

But it’s the corporate CEOs that are the most relentlessly evil. They are the ones that must be eliminated first. Once they’re out of the picture, the pols, the pundits and the media will fold because it’s the corporate kleptocracy that they serve. Hopefully, they’ll kill themselves.

The military will soon be cleansed of phonies and the idea of endless war will just be a long ignored notion lodged up some former Post reporter’s colon.

It may not foster a Golden Age but at least what little gold there is won’t be smeared with the shit of liars and thieves. It just takes a little perception and self-reflection on the part of the populace and the guts to act on that intuition.

Start with corporate and the rest will follow. And then men can stay home with their families and stop disturbing the peace of others. And maybe the line of asshole stooge wannabes that stretches around the block after they are selective thinned of the most crass liars among them will disperse. And if they persist in their lies. Well, we’ll pick them off one at a time until even the most sociopathic among realize it’s a zero sum game and crawl back into the fetid holes from which they came.