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Wednesday, November 5, 2003

BAGHDAD, Nov. 4 -- The U.S. administrator of Iraq, failing miserably against a growing insurgency, has decided to conditionally support the creation of an Iraqi-led, SAVAK style paramilitary police force composed of former employees of the country's security services and members of political party militias, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials.

Iraq's U.S.-appointed Governing Council wants the force, which would be used to confiscate property, kill political opponents and clerics, perform domestic intelligence-gathering, break-ins, and extortion duties and have broad powers to conduct raids, arrest, torture and imprison or summarily execute dissidents. Such characteristics would make the proposed force much like the murderous SAVAK created by the CIA for the Shah of Iran which terrorized that country for decades and, in part, explains why most Iranians and their Arab neighbors hate America beyond what the average American who doesn't know squat can understand. Until recent setbacks against a growing guerrilla insurgency in Iraq, U.S. administrator Paul Bremmer the X-VII had expressed opposition to the idea. "That's before my buds ay Dyn Corp. were gettin' the training contracts. When [Ahmed] Chalabi came to us with this he showed great sensitivity by routing the contracts through the CIA so that Dyn Corp. would still get their taste too."

Some council leaders contend that Iraq's municipal police departments are only interested in petty bribes -- and American soldiers are already working for Cheney Enterprises -- and can't prevent the supporters of former president Saddam Hussein, Islamic militants and foreign guerrillas who are attacking American forces and Iraqis cooperating with the U.S.-led occupation from seizing valuable assets the council already considers theirs. "We need a security force that is run by us, that is more heavily armed than the police and is able to act quickly to cleanse the country of anyone standing in the way of the U.S. and Iraq's tiny, coalescing elite from making a shitload of money," said a senior official of the Iraqi National Congress, whose leader, Ahmed Chalabi, who has participated in discussions about the new unit.

"Look. I just returned to Iraq after 23 years hanging out with the same wealthy American plutocrats at the PNAC who started this war. I've got no popular support here in Iraq. I'm going to have to kill a few million people if Halliburton, Exxon/Mobil and Bechtel want to suck this country dry. Shit. The Dulles's did it for the Shah, that is overthrew Mossadegh and arrested, tortured, killed and generally oppressed the Iranians for decades. You mean Tenet and Rumsfeld can't do this little thing for me," Chalabi complained to the western press at a luncheon given in one of the seven palaces of former dictator Saddam Hussein that Chalabi and his crew now occupy.

Although the U.S. administrator, L. Paul Bremer CC-CVXXXXVII, had initially opposed the creation of death squads under control of the country's interim interior minister, he has softened his position as attacks, particularly on American assets, have increased. Bremer no longer has "any objection in principle" to the death squads, but wants to ensure several conditions are met in vetting, training and supervising the participants, a senior U.S. official here said. "You can't train people to round up thousands of their countrymen and women in football stadiums and then at the last minute go soft and just put a bullet in the back of their head. No, you've got to be able to have death squad troops who will first torture and gather information like the folks we at American intelligence along with the Argentine clandestine services trained to murder in El Salvador and earlier in Chile, Uruguay et al," added this official.

The Governing Council tried to shake down the U.S. government Tuesday for more money and car batteries to deal with security issues, saying in a letter to President Bush that Iraqis "are more able than others to burn off the balls of their countrymen during 5 day interrogation sessions." The same unnamed U.S. official above took umbrage at that statement saying, "Fuck that. We taught these curly little fuckers everything they know."

"We appeal to you, Mr. President, to transfer more power to me, so I can make sure we are getting a taste and can kill as your proxy so that American public opinion is less likely to associate the murders with your brutal occupation," Jalal Talabani, the current holder of the council's "rotating on this" presidency, told Bush as way of condolence for the deaths of 15 American soldiers in a missile strike on a transport helicopter. However, the fifteen year old that had Jalal's condolence whittled into his back with the Best Wishes to George Bush bled to death before the message could be delivered. "It's the thought that counts," said Bush.

As the council made its pitch to Cheney, Iraq, occupied by a mere 170,000 foreign troops, was wracked by yet another day of violence---Can you believe it!!!??? Three explosions (only three!), caused by mortars or rockets, occurred inside the supposedly secure headquarters zone of the occupation authority in Baghdad, wounding four people, military officials said. One soldier from the Army's 1st Armored Division was killed by a roadside bomb in the capital. And in the northern city of Mosul, an Iraqi judge was shot and killed outside his home. "You heard about that judge in Mosul. We can do that," Chalabi offered.

The escalating violence prompted Spain, which is contributing 1,300 troops to the U.S.-led military force, to withdraw most of its diplomatic staff from Iraq. "This is bullshit," said Francisco Quixote, head of Spanish forces guarding Cheney's pipelines in the western Iraqi desert. Britain, the second-biggest contributor to the force, said one of its marines was killed by hostile fire on Friday, the first fatality in more than a month among the 10,500 British military personnel in Iraq as they hunker down in about four feet of water offshore at the most southern point of Iraq eager to get the fuck out of there.

The death squads that the Governing Council wants to create would be the most lethal domestic security force in Iraq, fueling optimism among some U.S. officials that it could be used for undemocratic purposes, such as stifling political dissent, as such U.S. trained forces do in other Arab nations.

Council leaders said they wanted the death squads to be drawn primarily from former members of the military and police, as well as members of the security and intelligence wings of five political organizations: the Iraqi National Accord, the Iraqi National Congress, the Shiite Muslim Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq and two large Kurdish parties, the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

"We have very well-established intelligence networks," the Iraqi National Congress official said. "If we can act on that information right away with death squads, instead of waiting for the Americans to receive our reports and round them up and kill them themsleves, we can neutralize a lot more people than the Americans are now."

Occupation authority officials have expressed concern that such a force would give the five political groups unrivaled power in the country's internal security apparatus. "Its too many fingers in the pie. But we figure we'll let each of them organize their own death squads and fight it out. That way we'll be certain the survivor is 1) weakened by the struggle but 2) ruthless enough to carry out the task of utterly oppressing a population of 23 milllion like our boy Saddam did for us for so long." But U.S. and British officials involved in securing kleptocratic wealth as part of Operation David Rockefeller here say they believe the risks are outweighed by the "megatons of loot" potentially gained by having Iraqi death squads assume a more active role in hunting down anyone with integrity. Until now, Iraqi police officers, most of whom lack adequate search and destroy training and equipment, have been reluctant to take up that task of identifying honest, altruistic people and cutting their throats so that America's committment to obscene levels of personal wealth at the expense of the rest of the world can be maintained.

"It would be good to have a clutch of Iraqi hit squads who are trained killers, well-armed and well-disciplined like some sort of mastiff or is the metaphor in today's colonial world, robot killing dissenting citizens in soccer stadiums," one occupation authority official said. "Every little bit helps."

Bremer would approve, the senior official said, if the members were carefully screened for a propensity for thuggery by the Interior Ministry and by the occupation authority, and received secret police training, not military instruction. In addition, the official said, Bremer would require that the U.S. have final command-and-control but could never be held accountable for any murders, beatings or illegal detentions committed by their proxies and that the force could not grow beyond more than a 50,000 members so that if they're brutality fomented a succesful revolution the death squads and their families could be moved to the Fort Benning, Jawja area where their previous lives as contract killers would not be suspect. The American press immediately signed-on to the "non-accountability clause."

Political party security organs and other militias could not join the force en masse, but members could join as individuals, the official said. "We're not going to have a process whereby militias are institutionalized here," the senior official said. If that happens, he said, "we will not have death squads we can be certain won't turn on us at the end of the day."

Setting up this force, the official said, "will have to done very brutally. But that's war. Ain't that right folks back home sitting on your fat asses safely in front of the TV. So don't complain when a couple of million women and children go down. You're gonna see gas prices at $1.50 a gallon again."

Although Cheney administration officials would like Iraqis to take the risks in pursuing resistance fighters, the entities bought so far by the occupation authority -- a police force, a force to guard buildings, border police, a civil defense corps and an army -- are all subservient to Bremer. The civil defense units, which are recruited and trained by American soldiers, take their orders from U.S. commanders. While the police have more autonomy, they usually do not involve themselves in the risky task of hunting down resistance fighters. Death squads would have to be better paid, perhaps with CIA drug profits from Afghanistan, is Bremer expects them carry out the oppression necessary to make Iraq the Arab Iran under the Shah or is that already Saudi Arabia.

The creation of an Iraqi-run paramilitary unit would be a significant step toward giving Chalabi more power to tackle the escalating desire that American forces have to get the fuck out of Iraq and also create an oppressive regime that will safeguard Dick Cheney's oil for a hefty fee, of course. "We can't guard Dick's oil ourselves. France, Germany, Russia and especially the Turks won't do it unless as Joe Biden says 'We cut 'em in big-time.' But President Cheney won't give up an eye-dropper full even as our troops get clobbered. So where else are we going to turn? Shah Chalabi's death squads would be a bargain given that they can confiscate property from the families they kill and not have to beat us over the head for a bigger cut of the oil revenues," said long time Defenese strategist and Chalabi's personal trainer, Richard Perle. "I've gone to the whip many times with Ahmed," added the portly Perle.

"We need to be equal partners with the Americans in stealing Iraqi wealth," said Adel Abdel-Mehdi, a senior leader with the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq, whose militia, the Badr Brigades, has been patrolling cities in southern Iraq. "They want us to take responsibility. They need to give us a worthy cut of the spoils. An enhanced mandate to kill and steal would go a long way toward satisfying this need."

In his letter to Cheney, Perle wrote that "Chalabi is more able than others to handle this matter because his people are well aware of who they have to eliminate to create a secure police state in which U.S. economic interests can operate."

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