The Assassinated Press


The Assassinated Press

Governor Chris Christie: ďMost Americans out there donít get a pension. Why should teachers and firefighters and police get a pension?Ē

Pierre Joseph-Proudhon: ďMost Americans out there donít own 75% of the countryís wealth. Why should the rich, the top 4%, most of whom have displayed an unquenchable propensity for theft and murder, own 75% of the countryís wealth.Ē

The class war in America is lost. It was lost from the jump, some two hundred years before the Pilgrims hit Plymouth Rock It was good though unnecessarily protracted battle. With such an evil epistemology to work with, the forces of that evil were always going to win out. It was the war the devil came here to win. And he had at his disposal just the institutions and disciplines to do it with even unto the ability to utterly savage and destroy the planet.

Itís the Western Epistemology Blues and its blown back from the shores of Haiti, the jungles of Southeast Asia and the deserts of Iraq to play a dirge in your hometown, sweetheart.

Shits like Chris Christie are just another in a line of fat fucks that know who stole the money and is building a career on getting some of those crumbs. Heís such a caricature, heís hardly worth mentioning. He may be a cartoon but heís also a part of our epistemology which historically he is part of our heritage. When your criminals are cartoons yet wield enormous power and can really leave you destitute and are perfectly willing to do so for their cut from the kleptocracy, the war is lost.

Yet, I don't see New Jersye public servants marching on Wall Street demanding the thieves that caused this crisis sufer along with the rest of us. Historically, there is good reason not to do this. If they become to articulate and vociferous in demands they will be gunned down. But one might suspect that in this climate and with fellow police and fire fighters in the streets Wall Street's junk yard dogs might back off, at least the rank and file. And that's how revolutions start. A student murdered. And a cossack rides out and cuts down the the palace guard who killed the student. That's how you begin to clean the Augean stables of Mammon.

You fight another war. One outside the utterly corrupt and diseased set of sensibilities that arrived here from Europe.

Right now, I imagine most Americans donít know what Iím talking about. But they are rebelling but in ways that will allow them to sustain their addictions like racism, aliteracy and reckless consumption. And like any addict when theyíve bottomed out on their wacky ideas and soporific contradictions of what constitutes patriotism and nationalism, we can talk. Until then, Iím just along for the ride. Iím just along to observe.

Oh, itís fun for me long ago having learned to game the system simply because where their was supposed to be complexity and challenge I rightly saw theft, lying and cheating. Not that I adopted the later but I didnít overcomplicate the former by deluding myself when I saw them confounded with the latter. I mean if you are aware of the socio-pathologies that stoke Wall Street you can do things to minimize its affect on you. Wall Street is manned by avaricious criminals. To take any other approach is delusional. Actually infantile. So if you arenít prepared to throw gun down Vietnamese children, immolate East Timorese union leaders or behead Guatemalan schoolteachers then donít fuck with Wall Street. If you are prepared to participate in the wholesale murder of populations and the planet, then by all means play the market or more accurately let it play you. But then shut the fuck up about al-Qaeda and the Taliban.