"Suffice it to say that Enlightenment science has given us the means to make this a Christian world."

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New Report Shows Few Left To Resist U.S.'s Imperio-Fascist Takeover of the World:
World Dominance Cabal Can Easily Overrun The Planet, Think Tank Predicts:
Adiodi Follows Up Ted Koppel Interview With PNAC Boss, William Kristol

The Assassinated Press

A new report by a neo-con Washington think tank predicts that the ambitious plan for world domination put forth by The Project For The New American Century will be, in its words, "a cakewalk." After a recent luncheon at the American Enterprise Institute, I had the opportunity to ask the director of the National Association of Zionist Imposters, Hal I. Burton, the reasons for his optimism.

YA: Why so cheery about your prospects for taking over the world, Hal?

HB: Well, we've just run the numbers, Yaso, and it's all good.

YA: How so?

HB: Let me count the ways. First, we got a great jumping off point for world conquest. Iraq is our Poland, but with much greater wealth. There's 36 trillion dollars of oil reserves in Iraq. That's an additional little war chest that even Hitler couldn't dream of.

Then there's the corollary. We can project our power in a way that Hitler could only dream of. At the expense of social programs, we've started to build the military we've always dreamed of with hardly a peep out of the electorate. That's why it was so important for us to 'win' in 2000. The military hardware was in place and Gore would have just brought more of that old style Clinton corruption albeit with a tech industry twist. That kind of corruption has no vision. It's not visionary.

YA: And your baseness is redeemed because you have what you term vision?

HB: Damn straight. You've read the Project For The New American Century blueprint. It covers every part of the world. The Middle East is only the beginning. I got news for our men and women in uniform. Forget about family. We are now on a permanent war footing. We expect light resistance here and there, but its going to take time to subjugate billions of people.

YA: Why begin in the Middle East?

HB: Israel. An expanded Israel. That's why Ted Krippel's on board. And, of course, the oil. That goes without saying. Say, it's sort of gone without saying in the mainstream press. How convenient? Huh?

YA: So where do you expect the most resistance?

HB: Well, as you might have noticed from the papers, we're getting a little 'blow back' from the Islamic world best exemplified by 9/11. But its still scattered resistance, and we at N.A. of Z.I. share that PNAC view that these costs in dead loved ones and limbs, as long as they are borne by generally anonymous Americans, are acceptable. Like Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, we new about 9/11 in advance and even encouraged it.

YA: That's just it. The PNAC has been so forthcoming about its imperialist aspirations yet there is little resistance from the supposedly democracy loving U.S. population?

HB: (Laughter) Yeah. That's why I feel comfortable talking about our involvement in 9/11. People in the U.S. have become accustomed to being controlled by elite forces and they accept their subservient position to us and to our aspirations though they have no idea who we are. We attribute it to the 'pleasure principle'. You hear a lot about democracy and free markets and it's in the 'pleasure principle' that the two precisely converge and technology plays a central role. Video games, popular music, TV evangelism, TV news, easy access to pornography, easy access to religion, have become more than just traditional elements of control through addiction. They're is a real fear among the general population that they may lose these things and these are the things they have come to insist are their 'freedoms' as you might expect from any addict. Now, the fear is hysterical, because we don't provide these addictive substances for free. In fact, we are always seeking ways to increase out put to increase profits and this requires increased efficiency. But it never implies a desire to reduce our customer base. Sure, costs remain high. People are hooked and readily exploitable. But demand is strong.

YA: Well, if the American people have become sort of cultural outcasts, people without anything worth preserving, who is left to resist the kind of economic homogenization your cabal has planned for the world and won't this render such disciplines as anthropology and sociology irrelevant?

HB: Is that such a bad thing? But let me back up here. The U.S. population is part of a grand experiment. And now we can track and watch everything they do. We have Heimat Security. We have Carnivore. We have compliant internet providers. And, finally, we have the Supreme Court to guard against any legal backsliding over the erosion of what few freedoms survive these new technologies. In an authentic culture, not to mention an authentic democracy, this level of control would have never been tolerated. An authentic culture seeks to preserve its core, its integrity. An authentic democracy creates a citizenry that would have risen up long before every bowel movement they have became the business of the secret police. The so-called free market was the catalyst for breaking down and preventing any authentic culture from taking root in American society. That's why a certain commercial sentimentalization so easily suffices. And Oh, did I mention that Heimat Security is a huge growth industry.

YA: OK. So what you're saying is that the jelly donut that is American society doesn't pose a threat to your planned hegemony because they have already been subjugated. So who is going to give you a go?

HB: Well, as our analyses states, essentially no one. The Cheney/ Bush administration is larded with PNAC people and the rest of the posts are filled with people with backgrounds indistinguishable from the 'world domination cabal'. I got a kick out of audaciousness of Ted Krippel's 'interview' with William Kristol. What a set up. The purpose was to dispel the notion that the PNAC infiltration of the Cheney/Bush administraion was a 'conspiracy.' That only sometime after the election was Bush approached by the PNAC people and told of their master plan to rule the world. This may be true about Bush. Bush, shill that he is, may have been informed later. I mean what does it matter? Cheney, the man in charge, was already on the ticket years before the election and with, Don Rumslfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, is one of the main architects of the PNAC project to take over the world's resources , enslave the world's people in one homogeneous culture of video games, Rev. Van Impy, light beer and hip hop and to exact corvee labor from billions world wide. I laughed at how deftly Kristol and Krippel wove their lies. 'Thank you, Mr. Kristol, for your candor'. I about fell out of my chair. We can say anything. Anything and get away with it.

YA: Like this interview?

HB: Yeah. Like this interview.

YA: Did you know that conspiracy is most prosecuted crime at the Federal level in this country?

HB: Hell yeah, I know. I helped draft a lot of the legislation.

YA: But you keep hedging. Where's the resistance to your plan to subjugate the world's peoples going to come from?

HB: Damn you are a persistent little fucker. OK. Let's look at some 'people' (sneer).You've got nationalists like Castro. But look at his turf. My personal feeling is we've spent too much capital, political and otherwise going after the likes of Castro or nothings like the Sandinistas. We can take them out anytime. And what's developed now are situations in Venezuela and Brazil where nationalists whose countries actually have considerable wealth are now in power. We're doing the traditional clandestine operation run out of the embassy thing in both countries, but, short of invasion, the PNAC sees the continuation of World Bank, IMF, IDB policies down there as the best weapon against any success that might jeopardize our plans for total control.

Then you have armed insurgencies in places like Colombia, Spain, Peru, Kashmir, the Philippines and throughout the Muslim world. But you can see how relatively weak and scattered they are. If they posed any real threat, that is threat to our dream of world conquest, we couldn't afford to stop and put these Draconian restraints on the lotus eaters in the U.S. Events like 9/11 are not only a pretext for control but they allow us the luxury of strapping tracking bracelets on the habits of every American. In a sense, we've made every American a felon a priori, before the fact. At the appropriate time all we have to do is pull up their felony, or make it up and, bingo, another trouble maker off to Morocco for interrogation. God help ya, if you've got a piece of land that one of the folks we stooge for covets.

YA: What about North Korea?

HB: Well, we discussed quite openly their annihilation, so now they want assurances from us that say we won't do exactly what we said we intend to do. The costs will be high. But not to me personally. In fact, I stand to make a lot of money.

YA: What about large, heavily militarized countries such as China? How can the conquest and subjugation of China be considered "a cakewalk?"

HB: Yaso, you know I'm not at liberty to discuss any particular strategy. But suffice it to say that Enlightenment science has given us the the means to make this a Christian world.

YA: What about the huge protests world wide denouncing your attempts to subjugate their populations? Isn't that a form of significant resistance?

HB: We're taking names and photos, satellite photos included. But no, when the time comes we'll round these folks up and dispose of them. The elites of all these countries have long been in our back pockets via bribes, quid pro quos, arms deals and fraudulent elections. That's what makes these U.N. resolutions on Iraq so interesting. Russia, Germany, France and Belgium resist because in the PNAC report we lay out how we consider the European Union the greatest threat to our plans for world domination because it is the only multi-national bloc that can threaten us economically. We state that we want to isolate Russia too because its raw materials and oil wealth will otherwise make it a player. That's also why we gravitate toward the former eastern bloc countries around the Caspian Sea that are now referred to as the 'gang lands.' We were anxious to get other former Eastern bloc countries into NATO because they are the kind of places that can be still bought cut rate and that like post-War Greece, we can easily devour at the appropriate time and steal their oil rights. France, Germany, Russia et al know that they are far down on the list for subjugation but that we're not going to overlook anybody.

YA: Now, the military plays a big role in your blueprint for world conquest. How do you know they will go along?

HB: Oh, they'll go along or the brass will stop getting those cushy private industry jobs when they retire. The rest are fodder. I'm assuming they understand this when they sign up. They've had the same opportunities as you to learn what a bunch of lying shit fucks people like me are. If they're so stupid as too let self-serving, draft dodging stooges like Rumsfeld and Cheney have control over their lives, it follows that they are exactly the kind of person we want to put in harms way and do our killing for us. They'll never make the effort to understand what is being done to them. We count on them to carry the mental laziness that got them hooked up in the military in the first place to be a permanent facet of their existence so that even in civilain life they will remain unquestioning drones.

We have what we call "four core missions for U.S. military forces."

First, is to defend the Fatherland. This includes helping round up dissidents within the U.S. and general policing actions.

Second, to fight multiple theater wars because we don't wanna wait too long to control everything. This is also why I said earlier in the interview that families should not expect to see their loved ones any time soon, and that includes the guard. U.S. military should be prepared to die of old age in some foreign outpost like their British Imperial counterparts.

Third, perform the "constabulary" duties associated with shaping the security environment in critical regions. Once again, this is a long term commitment. Some service men who are tapped for police functions should be prepared to relocate their families to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran or whatever country we've recently subjugated. We will be the cops of the world and the world will be our police state.

Fourth, We will transform U.S. forces to exploit the "revolution in military affairs." This simply means that the U.S. has now entered an era where it has become a technological Sparta, a country that lives and breaths perpetual war. We're like Milton's Satan "waging, by force or guile, eternal war."

YA: Well, tell me this. How does a Ted Krippel fit into all of this?

HB: Oh, we had Ted out to the Bohemian Groves for a fit. And a bunch of us fit just fine.

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