The Assassinated Press

Lara Logan! What a Berk! Logan and Bimbo Journalism.
Already Exposed as Careerist Liars and Power Whores, Mainstream Journalism Still Has Its Legs Open for Business.
Male Bimbos Outnumber Female Bimbos except at FOX.

The Assassinated Press

Fuck Suetonius! We need another Hipponax.

The Roman analogy is well-worn butÖ this is one brutal fucking Empire when it comes to killing the truth as well as human beings not to mention the planet itself.

The Executive branch whores. The Judiciary whores. Members of Congress and the Senate spread their shanks for a couple of grand from anybody who can come up with it. The Military whores to its many regular outsourcing Johns. And the Corporations and Banks like Goldman Sachs, Citibank, BP and Massey buy whores even as they employ them like Gen. McChrystal who will soon take a seat on the board of Directors of a dozen major military contractors. So why shouldnít we expect, Lara Logan and other mainstream journalists being career fornicators pimped out by major corporations not to defend the lies that whores tell in the interest of protecting their powerful Johns.

Whatís so rare is the candor revealed in the Hastings piece? Thatís why it resonates. It rings true. Iíve all known drunken macho assholes like McChrystal and his crew and been in the uneasy company of their insecurities and ignorance. Who the fuck do you think joins the military but people uncertain about their manhood either directly or indirectly through their failure to navigate the real world.

As James McMurtry puts it, ďThey can join the Air Force or join the Corps/ If they canít make it here anymore.Ē

And that coupled with the constant bullshit flowing from the press makes Hastings piece like the work of Jeremy Scahill and Mat Taibbi stand out so much thatís its value will be overestimated by those whose still have truck with the truth and utterly quashed by the very moneyed interests that are now in place making a mockery of the First Amendment.

No one respects corporate journalism anymore no matter how pretty the package. Wanting to fuck the male or female bimbo spouting the news is a far cry from believing what they say. Itís a media device for keeping viewership and selling advertising. Joe Alsop was never pretty. In those days the corporate lies came from the heart of darkness, Georgetown, where it was de rigueur that the Ďsmall peopleí were too ignorant to rule themselves. We went from Edmund Burke to more practical methods of control devised on Madison Avenue by men like Edward Bernays.

Thatís why news casts are so rife with advertising techniques of repetition and overt and subliminal agitprop. They would make Paul Linebarger, Edward Bernays, Ivy Lee and Edward Lansdale blush. That Westinghouse, the nuclear weapons people, own NBC utterly thrilled Bernays the man in its perfect symmetry. Bernays did the PR behind the U.S.ís overthrow of Arbenz in Guatemala in 1954 and the demonizing of Arevalo before him.

So weíre beyond asking why so-called journalists like Lara Logan lie to spoon with the powerful. What would the tenor be of a Lara Logan broadcast if she had half her face blown away by an IED of pocked with shrapnel? Wouldn't people become a bit more somber and reflective about war hopefully including Logan?

Empires Have No Truck with First Amendments.

You can have as many First Amenndments as you like but most people are going to choose to satisfy their baser instincts rather than following the noble ones. What Washington insider journalist wants to live like Ralph Nader or William Blum? What journalist could emulate Noam Chomsky? These are rare and marginalized people ďwho simply donít understand how things work.Ē To the vast majority of the Washington journalistic community integrity exists in an alternative universe of losers. No yacht? Loser. No invite to the Bohemian Grove? Loser. No bi-annual asslicking session with Henry Kissinger? Loser. No access to Rahm Emanuelís Ďfuck this fuck thatí sessions? Loser. No golf with Justice Scalia? Loser.

I worked for years among the upper Northwest journalistic crowd. They were my customers. But I was in a position as a bookseller to voice my opinion which I prodded by putting provocative quotes in the window of my store. There was no shortage of the journalistic crowd wanting to come in and straighten me out.

As far as they were concerned I was wrong about virtually everything. I was told there would be no tech bubble. That Saddam Hussein had WMD. That the war in Iraq was not for oil-- or natural gas and water rights either. There would be no real estate crisis. That tiny Nicaragua was a threat to US national security. That the breakup of the former Yugoslavia was not precipitated by the West and that NATO bombing did not accelerate the slaughter. That Latin America was better off under neo-liberal free trade agreements. Because they little more than parroted the corporate line, the mainstream journalistic community was wrong on every front no matter how many lives were lost or history to the contrary.

But thatís what you do to have a big house in Chevy Chase or Fox Hall. You become a whore and a liar in order to send your brats to private schools like Sidwell Friends, Edmund Burke and National Cathedral to in turn become whores and liars. You have au pairs while the real world has baby sitters. Thatís what you do to have a fat stock portfolio and attend lavish dinners with the very people you are supposed to report on. Thatís how you sellout out to travel and own a second home and a boat and a wine cellar.

Baser instincts are satisfied by the Second Amendment at least in its current attenuated form. If its base and reptilian, its popular. And what is the military but the wet dream of the Second Amendment. Better angels? Fuck 'em. That was one of McChrystal's and his people's message.

Does anyone set out to become a prostitute to power? Sure some do. But more likely its circumstances, the system, the way things work that drive them to it coupled with an obvious lack of character. And, of course, the sirens call of your own sphere of power by becoming whatever Logan nominally has become.

Logan the Reptile. Logan is a particularly egregious example, whoring for the military with her cooing hagiographies of svelt generals and colonels in their daddy years and embedding with the troops while bedding at least one married journalist too. Doesnít Logan know that the bible thumpiní wives and mamas of most of the troops disapprove of fornicators? They donít want no fornicatiní bimbo hanging around their boy.

And as Matt Taibbi points out, sheís dangerous because the lives of tens of thousands of people are at stake while Logan gets down on her knees unbuttons the generalís khakis and blows him until he spills his bromides or some such journalistic equivalent. Itís a pity but true. The bj metaphor has more truth to it than an actual Logan interview. Now, thatís rot at the core.