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Christianity--- Asswipe of Enlightenment Science and Technology

The Assassinated Press

On the one hand you’ve got several million born again, Jesus fartin’ schmucks that comprise the Christian Armed Forces of the United States of America. Overwhelmingly Christian. Overwhelmingly un- or under-educated, unemployed or unemployable.

On the other hand, you’ve got a highly educated elite who with their minions of technocrats control the education and employment faucet as much as they control monetary policy and imperialist foreign policy etc.

The latter are pure products of enlightenment science. That has never been more true than it is today. The fact that mathematicians and computer programmers played a major role in the Wall Street crash demonstrates just how much our current epistemology has become dependent on enlightenment systems of quantification, mathematization and formalization.

And our Christian soldiers are also dependent on enlightenment science and technology. It’s the gadgets that make the Christian army such a successful crusader. It’s simply that Christianity had no direct hand in making the U.S. the most efficient killing ‘machine’ in the history of the world. They just supplied the fodder and sold their soul in the process.

Out of the Trees to La Mettrie

Christianity is just along for the ride. And the bus driver is at heart an atheist that doesn’t see the Chrisitain soldier as anything more than another ‘meat machine’ to borrow a term from Strong A.I. specialist Marvin Minsky.

The proof of this theory is in the incontrovertible fact that enlightenment science and enlightenment science alone is responsible for creating the schism between its atheistic self and Christianity. Gallileo is the most famous exemplar of this. No matter what scientists believed about Christianity over the past 500 years , their fundamental epistemology leaves no room for Christ. Christ is at best a naive onlooker and at worst a nuisance getting in the way of progress.

Without Christ science and technology bloom. With him, it’s constantly wiping away his drool. The irony is that without Christ, our Christian army is a far superior force than if it had clung to vague notions of science and technology prevalent in the bible.

A fuckin’ ram’s horn is ram’s horn and, without a metaphor as attenuated as Dick Cheney’s logic, our Christian army would simply have to trust that it would bring down the walls of the Middle East we want to so fervently loot. I mean if you believe walls can be brought down with ram's horns, strap on your loin cloth and go fuckin' do it. Don't be leaning on my tanks and fighter planes. I'm a goddamned goddless, atheist exploiting motherfucker. I thought I made that clear. If you're going to use my shit you'll stay under my boot heal and like it.

We could try a test. We could give our Christian soldiers a choice. They could either go into battle with their current armaments including rifles, tanks, drones, air strikes, 2000 lb. bombs etc. or we could outfit them with a rag and a rock or a sword and a shield. How many of our Christian soldiers could resist the atheist driven devices they are outfitted with to confront indigenous populations with bible technology? Show of fucking hands, please.

I mean where’s the fuckin’ faith of our Christian armed forces? If they truly had faith, they’d reject the atheist devil’s weapons and rely on biblical tech without flinching.

Enlightenment science and technology has made our Christian soldiers faithless cowards. They are tools of an alien and hostile epistemology that seeks to control them as much as it seeks to control the world’s resources. And it does control them forcing its godless technology on them betting on their desire for self-preservation, read Darwin, over their faith in Jesus Christ to preserve them and keep them from harm.

Thus, by its own actions Christianity demonstrates that it is inferior to enlightenment science and technology. It’s enlightenment’s asswipe where born again, Christian cretins do its dirty work while it laps up all the wealth.

What remains is a feckless Christianity that cannot function without enlightenment technology and its attendant epistemology which is based on a godless set of scientific and mathematical principles. An inferior servant to enlightenment thought and creation that has crushed the inane notion of Christian utility. That shoves notions of love and peace behind lies about equality and democracy. That uses its Christian underclass as a rag to wipe its bum and kill in its name.

But what can our Christian army do? The answer is nothing. It has lost to a superior epistemology, a superior system of belief, one that has both subsumed Christianity and plays it for the fool that it’s is. It has sold its soul to an atheist methodology and become its bloody, little tart.