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Bootlick Christianity.
And In a World of Dicks How Do You Stand Out? The Challenge for Mike Huckabee and Michael Steele

The Assassinated Press

Crooks, Crocks, Deadbeats and Just Plain Ol' Motherfuckers

The Deadbeat Salahis, the AIG Bonus Welchers, FOX News Liars Hawking Gold While Terrifying Their Infantile and Bigoted Audience Into Buying Gold, the Congressional Whores Quitting to Lobby for the Insurance Murderers After Destroying Health Care Reform, the Military Brass Retiring in Record Numbers to Work for the Military Industrial Complex. When the Shit Really Hits the Fan Can You Count On These Assholes To Have Your Back?

In the coming crises can you expect any of the above and the millions of their ilk to have your back? Fuck no!! The crises deniers who create crises are not likely to lend a helping hand when the shit hits the fan as demonstrated by the actions of those above. The best one can hope is that the ones who live by crises also die by crises, that you can grin into the eyes of Jim Inhofe as you both go under in the lake of shit for the last time.

AIG and by extension Wall Street’s computer engineer and mathematical castes are supreme examples of a lack of civic consciousness exacerbated by the abstracted, amoral nature of their occupations. But with the recent debacle, I insist conscious debacle, brought on by computerized mathematical algorithms designed to create null, empty, disconnected, one might say soulless not to mention worthless assets has clearly pointed up the tautological synergy between mathematical modeling and the social sciences especially economics e.g. Wall Street ‘derivatives’ for the hoax they are. Enlightened physics has long pointed up the tautological synergy between the physical world and mathematics, but frankly few are taking heed in that sphere even as the polar ice caps melt.

Fuck Uncle Sam. Just Give Me the Fuckin' Money.

Examples among the military are almost too legion to characterize or more accurately caricature. Take a company called Public Warehousing/Agility fronted by Kuwaitis for a consortium of wealthy behind the scenes American investors many associated with Clinton's McLarty and Associates. When PW/A was accused of fraud on an $8.5 billion dollar contract to supply U.S. troops with among other things food, they sent for the calvary, the American calvary.

Since the allegations emerged in 2005, Public Warehousing's chief executive, Tarek Abbulaziz Sultan al-Essa, has been changing some of the company's top leadership, recruiting former senior American officials.

In June 2006 he hired retired Army Maj. Gen. Dan Mongeon as president of his Defense & Government Services group, which held the U.S. military food and other logistics contracts. Mongeon had been the top operations officer at the Defense Logistics Agency until his retirement in 2005. Public Warehousing officials say Mongeon was not involved in the decision by the agency to renew the company's contract in July of that year.

In July 2008, Mongeon hired retired Army Lt. Gen. Paul Cerjan to oversee the food contract for the troops in Iraq and Kuwait.

In September 2008, the company hired retired Army Lt. Gen. Joseph M. Cosumano Jr. as president of its Taos Industries subsidiary. In July, the company announced that former U.S. ambassador John D. Negroponte, 'The Butcher of Honduras', had joined the board of directors of its Defense and Government Services group.

Negroponte, now vice chairman of McLarty Associates in Washington, said then in a statement that he could "provide useful insights and perspectives to the leadership of Agility as it guides the company to new levels of achievement."

What kind of prick is America breeding? Certainly, it’s less than human in the sense of being humane. Humanism is a dirty word suggesting weakness while raw imperial power reigns. The struggle between sustainable superstition and unsustainable reason has never been more clearly demarcated. Neither approach is ideal but only one points to planetary dissolution.

Unsustainable Reason and Sustainable Superstition

Yet it’s superstition that must bow down. It’s the more evolved and reflective option that must give in. Tens of thousands die as their cultural and economic terrain is made to conform to the only epistemology in history that has pushed the planet over the brink while maintaining it is the sole epistemology that can save it. Now that’s a meta-pathology. And Christianity is just along for the ride, an irrelevant layer of bullshit.

Superstition is too rigorous, too rigorous to make a comeback.

Steal Industry; Kissinger in China

But you don’t need bombs and warplanes to introduce your epistemology to other cultures. There’s just a lot of money for the arms industry in doing it that way. Just as Nixon and Kissinger were failing at ‘the drive ‘em back into the Stone Age’ approach in Vietnam, they were wooing China with promises of investment and ‘free trade.’ The high steel hard hats from upstate New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio were beating the shit out of anti-war demonstrators just weeks before Nixon and Kissinger sold out the American steel industry to the Chinese, the Japanese and other cheap imports.

Mao was the fucking happy agrarian. But Kissinger’s deal was too sweet to pass up and has made Henry a very, very rich man. Deng Xiao Ping said it himself---“To grow rich is glorious.” And what a glorious gob of metastasized adipose is Henry! What a fuckin’ epistemology hath he wrought!

And we have the elite, the kleptocracy victimizing much of the U.S. population today coupling people's bigotry and bias to policy that clearly does not have their self-interest at heart. To what extent did the newly hustled anti-unionism contribute to passing NAFTA and the other so-called free trade agreements? Does the average American think he or she can stand up to a corporate giant if and when push comes to shove and win or is that just script #6 in the Hollywood book of Pollyanna horseshit. Fuck, tradesmen can’t even collect judgments from low level hustlers like the Salahis.

Do most Americans truly fear what the Canadians and Australians have? Bilmey! Do Americans really love insurance companies and other large corporations? The answer is ‘yes’, as long as in no major way they can perceive are they being fucked over by said corporations. This is certainly an indication of some pathology since corporations control their perceptions. It shouldn't take personal crises for an individual to see through the bullshit.

Christian Mistress of Her Own Twat

Much of the bigotry and bias ironically comes from Christianity and Christians. Christianity has not yet figured out that superstition like their's requires a sustainable epistemology that cannot include computers, broadcasting via radio waves, jet turbines, cell phones, drones, micro-waves etc. You can’t both embrace Christian superstition and enlightenment epistemology. The Muslims are learning this the hard way too.

Sure the superstition is sustainable and few would doubt that if the Catholic Church had successfully suppressed the works of Galileo, Newton, Descartes, Leibniz etc., if the demarcation between belief and scientific fact was not as blurred and transitional as it was then, few technologies would exist that would be a global threat. Threats assuredly would exist. But Apocalyptic? Nay.

Tits & Ass

Forget Newton. Let’s have a close look at Carey Prejean. Certainly at some level Carey has agreed to abide by the repressed Western/American standards of sexuality by taking part in the Miss America Beauty Pageant, the paradigm for repressed titillation. Yet, Carey feels that she can also violate the norms of American repressed sexual behavior by masturbating ON CAMERA for her boyfriend and publicly state she sees no hypocrisy in the two acts and that masturbation is not even sex.

Even the most avid fan of pornography would not argue that recorded sex has cheapened the impact of sexual acts creating an insatiable and burgeoning market. ON CAMERA as a Miss America Beauty Contestant Carey abided by the pageant committees sexual standards. Her bikini though scant showed no twat. Her answers did not contain expletives like ‘shit’ or ‘fuck’ even though she most likely used or heard those words back stage while off camera.

There are two Carey Praejean’s, one in the beauty pageant conforming to all of the rules and one in the masturbation tapes supposedly pleasuring herself for the benefit of a boyfriend conforming to a seemingly different of social norms. The way it’s been handed down, Christ may have allowed both behaviors but a particular sequence for redemption would nominally been required depending on which form your Christian superstition took. But in a world of cameras, the third Carey Praejean, the one without access to beauty pageants and whose private acts remain private for fear of censure with no alternate advantage is hardly possible.

Recording the masturbation ho-downs and the beauty pageant allows both acts to occur simultaneously. All Praejean would have had to do is repent after the ‘sinful acts’ were discovered like a tel-evangelist or congressman and begin anew the long steep climb to legitimacy because her masturbation and beauty pageant participation are one and the same. And the camera and mass communications serve to reinforce this homogeneity.

Preajean didn’t show penitence or remorse. She’s a thoroughly technological Christian. She undrestands the hypocrisy goes deeper than her. She knows men like to look at her and that that has power. She knows the epistemology’s moral imperatives if any remain are so fucked up, unenforceable and inchoate because of technology that like the AIG mathematicians she’s better off stonewalling because that’s how she’s likely to stay on top as she perceives it. She still receives standing ovations among born again Christians and FOX news whether she's contrite or not because she opposes gay marriage a canard the wealthy kleptocracy uses as smoke screen to steal blind the born again taxpayer and in the public techno-arena contriteness is phony bullshit anyway.

Eric Prince, Child Rape Isn't Just For the Priesthood Anymore

It’s like Blackwater/Xe. The executives and employees of Eric Prince's private army can wife swap and fuck under-age boys and girls, but as long as they have the cache of trained killers and aren’t killing white people in Omaha, they are fucking alright. And the killing they do is made to appear in the self-interest of Omaha and the rest of America even as all it does is serve to bolster the canard for the multi-billion dollar U.S. security industry.

From Gruening to Palin. Fuck Me.

What a boon 9/11 has been to that segment of the American economy. After the Gulf of Tonkin and both Iraq wars it must be tempting not to set something up domestically just to lock in billions more for decades to come.

AIG employees are likely to receive their full bonuses out of taxpayer pockets even though they fucked everything up because the money means more than yielding to the moral conundrum of applied (or pure) mathematics as having a moral dimension at all. Besides like Ms. Prejean, their industry may have rules but the onanism of their discipline is beyond rebuke. It’s not a human activity at all just as for Carey masturbation is not sex. “So fucking give me my money,” they cry.

The machine age has bought on a unique amorality. A machine ipso facto cannot be immoral. Yet, the variables I’m feeding into the machine are too complicated to create a viable representation until I feed them into the machine. Ergo, I cannot bear responsibility for any disaster brought about by the result gathered from the machine. None of the fruits of the global debacle are my responsibility. I was just beating my meat.

Then we come to the military brass selling out upon retirement and the whoredom of policy makers and their aides as they routinely become shills for the industries they once pretended to regulate. Of course, you could just say I put in my time and I want my paycheck a mentality which serves as a canard for such behavior. And this would go a long way superficially to explain the lack of morality and ethics in military and public life.

But what about superstition. We don’t even have to access the Judeo/Christian superstition. Today it’s pretty clear that the U.S. military is a Christian army. Likewise an expressed faith in Christianity or is required for election to most public offices.

Christianity as a superstition could participate in a perfectly sustainable planetary environment and still espouse its more passive and benign message. But confused with enlightenment reason it becomes an irrational beast, an enormous self-indulgent monster. Exposed to enlightenment science and technology, Christianity becomes a catalyst for the unsustainability of the planet. Christianity goes mad. Christians are wacked.

Like its Jezebel, Carey Preajean, its sees itself as personally immune from sin in much the same way as prponents of mathematization, systems of quantification and computer modeling see themselves as immune from responsibility.

There’s nothing unusual in a superstition like Christianity latching on to an epistemology that promises and in many cases delivers a material well-being far beyond what can be created via the superstition. In this sense Christianity is like a cargo cult that has not come to grips with the fact that its material well-being depends on the abandonment of its superstition and that this abandonment would lead to an honest appraisal toward the technology it is so much addicted to. Christian hypocrisy right now is overwhelming in its stench.

Just as a cargo cult cannot create the goods it desires, Christianity lives in the shadow of western scientific and epistemological culture.

Western scientific epistemology and reason as understood within this framework however has demonstrated that it is not sustainable. Whereas superstitions like Christianity cannot both exist within and subservient too this western rational paradigm and maintain a non-pathological stance toward the actual. Hence, the hypocritical stench and constant tele-evangelical sewage trying to be both.

Its like Rick Warren at T.E.D. Warren comes off as a congenial liar and the audience is left scratching their techno-heads as to why this fuck was invited to speak. Its because Warren sells a lot of books. And this elicits a lot of curiosity especially because its clear that he's a simple minded fuck with nothing to say except to powerful people who want to control other people and this he has in common with T.E.D.. Rick's only redeming feature is that he's obviously gay, but he even fucks that up feeling a need to coneal his sexual preferences lest he jeopardize his cash cow. He's not even as savvy as Preajean.

For Christianity its existence is mere delusion. For science any violation of its titular propositions means it ceases to exist. This is why it cannot absorb tenets of religion. ‘Catholic’ may in one sense mean universal but for science the universality of its laws cannot be broached except within the context and methodology of those self-same laws. Because of notions of objectivity, utility etc. there is no outside the box in science except in the public relations sense.

In the U.S. Christianity has become the handmaiden of reason because of its congregations addiction to the material wealth reason and its engines (of war) have created. It can buck and kick about creationism but to discover oil to drive those SUVs to the next ‘Tea Bag Party’ requires that geologists think in terms of hundreds of millions of years not a few thousand or America will take on more than the occasional patina of a Flintstones cartoon.

Politicians and preachers can raise canards, such as racism, immigration and abortion but they’ll have to do it knuckling under to the same reason based technology that has marginalized Christianity. If the choice was clear; if the inchoate pathological culture that produces hypocrites, panderers, hustlers and worse were annulled which do you the think the populace would choose---‘the sustainable superstition of Christianity in its pure form with its negligible contributions to technology’ or ‘unsustainable western scientific reason with its Hi-def, pre-packaged food and central air.’

Our current armed forces are little more than a Christian force in the service of atheistic, ‘objective’ reason and its, and no other epistemology’s, technology. Of course, all the so-called great religions can lay claim to making some contribution to manifest reason some time in the past, but today though no new contributions are contemplated much less forthcoming bogus quantum godheads and Higgs Boson redeemers notwithstanding.

Certainly, the Salahis are operating in this paradigm without any reflection. They’re assholes plain and simple. They have some vague notion of entitlement all too common among people in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Fox News stooges are opportunists. They know they’d be nothing without communications technology yet they use its alternative reality to victimize a whole portion of the population that simply doesn’t concern itself with media manipulation as long as it supports their preexisting bigotries and biases, their only intellectual life .

Certainly, the AIG computer engineers and mathematicians are committed to the core paradoxical tenets at the deepest level of the western world’s dominant paradigm. They were just following orders to create new financial products and the tools they use are fundamentally ‘objective’ and do not bleed out into the arena of morality and ethics even when they do; even when millions of people who know even less about economics than they do about mass communications are left destitute.

‘Give me my money. I put in the hours,’ the AIG wonks say like an assassin telling judge and jury to free up his payment for murdering a bunch of people. ‘After all, did the fucking wetwork. I honored the contract. I put in the hours.’

And speaking of wetwork look and the military brass. All these Christian soldiers are slaves to the product of electrical engineers and an epistemology that is at its core godless by necessity; an intentionality in which god just gets in the fucking way.

Christians are the bootlicks of a godless universe. How’s that for hypocrisy? Yes. Feel free to substitute ‘asslicks.’

Hence, with its enslavement to ‘unsustainable reason’ Christianity itself has become unsustainable. Christianity has become the enemy of global well-being by indenturing itself to the forces destroying the planet.

Just fucking give me my money and watch your own fucking back. Or get Allah to do it.